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Elden Ring | Ranni Questline & Location

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Ranni Questline & Location in Elden Ring. Includes Ranni's Questline location, ending, how to access when missing or not appearing, rewards, accessing Nokron after Radahn, & more!

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NPC Quest Guide

Ranni Quest Location & Rewards

Located At Ranni's Rise

LocationAbove Ranni's Rise, Three Sisters of Liurnia of the Lakes
RewardsDark Moon Greatsword (Weapon)
• Snow Witch Hat (Armor)
• Great Ghost Glovewort (Material)

Ranni the Witch appears above the Ranni's Rise that is located at the Liurnia. This area will not be unlocked unless you clear the Caria Manor area.

You Can Finish This Quest Without Continuing Renna's Quest

Church of Elleh

At the start of the game, you can meet Renna at the Church of Elleh at nighttime. However, it is not required to meet her in the Church of Elleh to activate Ranni's Questline.

Ranni's Questline Completion Guide

Questline Activation Guide

  1. Clear The Caria Manor First
  2. Ranni Rise Caria Manor map

    Ranni's Rise is located at the end of the Caria Manor and its location will only be available once you clear the Caria Manor and defeat the boss.

    Route Towards The Boss In Caria Manor

  3. Talk To Ranni At The Ranni's Rise
  4. Ranni's RIse tower location

    Talk to Ranni and pick "Serve Ranni The Witch". Head downstairs and talk to Blaidd, Iji and Seluvis. Head up stairs once again and talk to Ranni untol she says " I shall soon enter my slumber.".

    When Ranni Is Gone Check If You Are In A Hostile Mode

    If you are in a Hostile / Battle mode with Iji, Blaidd and Ranni, you will not be able to proceed to the quest. In this case, heading to the Church of Vows to restart will help.

  5. Defeat General Starscourge Radahn To Progress In The Story
  6. Defeat Radahn

    To proceed to the next part of the quest, you must first defeat the Starscourge Radahn, located at the Wailing Dunes.

    Tips To Match Up With Radahn

    Tips To Match Up With Radahn

    Stormveil Castle in Limgrave
    Raya Lucaria Academy in Liurnia
    Complete them and head to Caelid
    1Shack of the Rotting
    Head south and go to the Gael Tunnel
    2Gael Tunnel
    └ You can obtain Smithing Stone [4]
    Boss Battle: Magma Wyrm
    └ Obtain the Dragon Heart and the Katana weapon [Moonveil]
    ※You can collect the Smithing Stone without defeating the boss
    3Fort Gael North
    └ Unlocking the Site of Grace makes it easier to earn runes
    ▶ For detailed instructions, click here
    4Caelid Highway South
    Head east along the highway and examine the monument
    └ Obtain Caelid Map Fragment
    5Sellia, Town of Sorcery
    ・ Unward the three buildings by extinguishing the braziers
    (Utilize the horse's double jump)
    ・Open two treasure chests sealed with wards
    └ Imbued Sword Key, Sorcery: Night Comet
    ・Obtain Stonesword Key
    ・Obtain Golden Seed
    6Sellia Crystal Tunnel
    └ You can obtain Smithing Stone [5] in the tunnel
    Boss Battle: Fallingstar Beast
    └ Obtain Somberstone Miner's Bell Bearing [1]
    ※You can collect the Smithing Stone without defeating the boss
    7Church Of The Plague
    Obtain a Sacred Tear
    8Dragonbarrow West
    Head east along the highway and examine the monument.
    └ Obtain Dragonbarrow Map Fragment
    9Bestial Sanctum
    Boss Battle: Black Blade Kindred
    ※You don't have to defeat it
    Obtain Golden Seed in the sanctum
    10Redmane Castle
    Boss Battle: Crucible Knight & Misbegotten Warrior
    └ Obtain Ruins Greatsword
    ・Talk to Jerren inside the church
    ・Rest at the Site of Grace
    ・Talk to Jerren at the Plaza
    Advance NPC questlines to fight the boss
    Boss Battle: Starscourge Radahn

    If Radahn Doesn't Show, You Can Try The Following

    Map LocationDetails
    talk to blaidd at Ranni's RIse
    ① Talk to Blaidd
    Talk to Blaidd at Ranni's Rise
    talk to blaidd at Siofra River
    ② Talk to Blaidd
    Talk to Blaidd at the shoreline of Siofra River
    talk to Seluvis at Seluvis Rise
    ③ Talk to Seluvis at the top of Seluvis Rise
    talk to Sellen
    ④ Talk to Sorceress Sellen, located at the Limgrave underground. You will need to defeat the boss first in order to visit Sellen.
  7. Collect The Hidden Treasures In Nokron
  8. Collect the hidden treasure in Nokron

    Nokron is located in the Limgrave area, which can easily be easily reached by using the Site of Grace west of Fort Haight. You can check our video below as a reference on how to go to Nokron.

    After obtaining the treasure, you can leave Nokron by using the Site of Grace located beside the stairs.

    Route From West Side Going To Nokron

    Route Towards The Hidden Treasure

  9. Go Back To Ranni's Rise & Give The Treasures To Ranni
  10. Other NPC Questline End Warning
    ※ After receiving the Carian Inverted Statue, and is interrupted by load, Seluvis will die and his quest will be automatically end.
    Ranni's RIse quest

    Hand over the treasure to Ranni. Talk again to Ranni in order to obtain the Carian Inverted Statue. Head over to the Carian Study Hall entrance and interact with the pedestal by putting the statue above.

    Get The Snow Witch Hat Inside The Tower

    Snow Witch Hat location

    You can find the Snow Witch Hat inside a chest, located in the upper part of Ranni's Rise.

    Seluvis Dies After Obtaining The Carian Inverted Statue

    Seluvis Dies After Obtaining The Carian Inverted Statue

    After receiving the Carian Inverted Statue, proceed to Seluvis Rise and interact with his deceased body. You will obtain an armor set called Preceptor's Set and a Seluvis's Bell Bearing. Since this is an irreversible quest, you must finish first Seluvis' Questline before proceeding to Ranni's Quest.

    Seluvis Questline Guide
  11. Talk To The Miniature Ranni Doll
  12. Snow Witch Hat location
    Miniature Doll
    Of Ranni
    Uhl Palace Ruin
    Ranni Minniature location
    Ranni quest ruin location

    Use the Site of Grace above Ranni's Rise and proceed to Ainsel River Main to pick up the Miniature Ranni Doll. Rest on the nearest grace and talk 3x to the Miniature Doll of Ranni.

    Go straight to the Uhl Palace Location and just ignore the enemies that you will encounter along the way.

  13. Go To The Elevator At The Nokstella Eternal City
  14. As you head deep inside the ruins, you will reach the Nokstella, Eternal City. Go to where the elevator is, and also a Site of Grace can be spotted once you arrived in the area. Talk to Miniature Ranni at the Site of Grace as she will tell you a story.

    Route From Nokstella Entrance Going To The Elevator

  15. Go Through The Cave & Defeat the Baleful Shadow
  16. Baleful Shadow

    Go through the sarcophagus beneath the cave that is located nearby to the waterfall. You will also encounter the Baleful Shadow. Defeat the shadow and obtain an "Discarded Palace Key".

    Heading deeper to the ruins will lead you to Lake of Rot. Head one level below to get to a Site of Grace. Unlocking this is recommended.

    Dodge & Counterattacks Are Recommended As You Attack

    The Baleful Shadow will make a strong attack once it held its weapon with both hands. Its attack has a gap interval, thus it will give you ample time to evade it and also counterattack at the right time.

  17. Open The Chest In The Raya Lucaria Grand Library
  18. Once the Discarded Palace Key is obtained, teleport your way straight to the Raya Lucaria Grand Library in the Site of Grace, and there you will find a chest that possesses a Dark Moon Ring. Then proceed to the Lake of Rot.

  19. Go To Lake Of Rot & Go Down To The Grand Cloister
  20. Lake of Rot map lcoation

    Go to the Lake of Rot and cross the lake towards a ruin that serves as a switch. This certain switch will activate the sarcophagus passage towards the Grand Cloister. Crossing the lake will decrease your health, so make sure to bring enough Preserving Boluses.

    Once the switch is activated, you can go straight down towards the Grand Cloister and go near sarcophagus the waterfall.

    Route Towards The Switch

  21. Defeat the Astel Naturalborn of the Void
  22. Astel Naturalborn of the Void

    Upon entering the Grand Clostier area, a battle with a boss named Astel Naturalborn of the Void will automatically start. Defeat the enemy to proceed with the quest.

  23. Go Back To The Moonlight Altar
  24. After defeating Astel Naturalborn of the Void, you may use the elevator and proceed to the Moonlight Altar.

  25. Go To The Cave In Cathedral Of Manus Celes & Interact with Ranni
  26. Manus Celes location

    Go to the Cathedral of Manus Celes, you can ignore the Glintstone Dragon Adula that you will encounter. Find the hole on the floor, go down and follow the path until you reach Ranni's location. You will also need to give Ranni the Dark Moon Ring you obtained in the library.

    Route Going Through Ranni's Location

    Obtain The Dark Moon Greatsword

    Dark Moon Greatsword

    At the end of Ranni's questline, you will obtain a weapon called Dark Moon Greatsword, a Greatsword with a weapon skill of Moonlight Greatsword. You can check the details of the weapon in your inventory.

    Dark Moon Greatsword
  27. After The Quest, Interact With Blue Summoning Sign To Change Ending
  28. After completing the quests, at the ending, a blue summoning sign will appear on the ground, once you interact with the sign, it will completely change the ending of the quest. However, if you did not interact with the blue summoning sign, the ending will not change.

What To Do If Ranni's Not Available

Advance To Starscourge Radahn

Starscourge Radahn

Ranni's quest can also be triggered upon defeating Starscourge Radahn, even if you haven't spoken with Blaidd or Iji. Ranni will appear once you defeated Radahn.

How To Get Radahn's Rain Skill?

Check For The Hostility Status

If Ranni, Iji, and Blaidd are under hostility you will not be able to proceed with the quest. You may be able to restore their hostility by visiting the Church of Vows.

Other Things To Do After Ranni's Quest

You Can Talk To Ranni At Ranni's Rise

Talk to Ranni inside her room

Upon completing Ranni's quest, a Site of Grace will be unlocked at the tower of Ranni's Rise. You can either rest at the site for a while or enjoy a little conversation with the Miniature Ranni doll.

Defeat Blaidd In Front Of Ranni's Tower

Defeat Blaidd

You can fight will Blaidd that can be found at the entrance of Ranni's Rise. Once you defeat Blaidd, you will obtain a complete set of Blaidd's armor.

Talk To Iji & Obtain Iji's Mirrorhelm & Ball Bearing

Talk to Iji and get the Iji's Mirrorhelm and Iji's Bell Bearing

After defeating Blaidd, go to Iji and select the "End of Blaidd". Converse with Iji and rest at the nearest Site of Grace, you will obtain Iji's Mirrorhelm and IJi's Bell Bearing.

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