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Elden Ring | Rogier Questline & Location

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Sorcerer Rogier Questline Guide For Elden Ring. See Rogier Quest locations, Rogier's Rapier, Rogier's Letter, armor set, Margot fight, summon, sleeping or dead, not talking & more!

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NPC Quest Guide

Sorcerer Rogier - Start Location & Quest Rewards

First AppearanceBefore defeating Godrick the Grafted
└ Church in Stormveil Castle
After defeating Godrick the Grafted
└ Terrance on the second floor of Roundtable Hold
Obtained Upon KillingNone
Quest Rewards• Weapon: Rogier's Rapier +8
• Armor: Spellblade Armor Set
• Rogier's Letter (Only if D's quest is in progress)
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Walkthrough Chart - Before Moving To Roundtable Hold

※ All of these steps can be skipped

  1. Proceed To The Rampart Tower Site Of Grace In Stormveil Castle
  2. MapLocation

    To start Rogier's questline, you will need to progress in Stormveil Castle in order to meet him. Defeat Margit, The Fell Omen at the entrance of the castle and proceed to the Rampart Tower Site of Grace (the second one you find).

    Stormveil Castle - Location & How To Get There
  3. Enter The Church Through The Roof
  4. From Site Of Grace To StairsFrom Stairs To Chruch

    Once you go outside of the Rampart Tower, head left and go down the stairs. You'll see three hawks on the wall, so defeat them instead of ignoring them to make it safer to move around.

  5. Talk To Rogier In The Church
  6. You'll find Sorcerer Rogier once you enter the church. If you choose the "I'm here to defeat Godrick" dialogue option, he will sell you three Ashes of War.

    Talking To Him In The Castle Is Not Mandatory

    You can still obtain Rogier's Rapier +8 by talking to him at Roundtable Hold after defeating Godrick. Therefore, there is no need to talk to him in Stormveil Castle. The reason for talking to Rogier at Stormveil Castle is to get the Ashes Of War before defeating Godrick.

  7. Complete Stormveil Castle
  8. After defeating Godrick the Grafted, Rogier will appear at the Roundtable Hold. Proceed to the castle to continue with Sorcerer Rogier's questline.

    Godrick the Grafted - How To Beat

Walkthrough Chart - After Moving To Roundtable Hold

Questline End Flag
※If you go to Farum Azula from the Forge of the Giants, without talking to Rogier at least once or clearing the Stormveil Castle, Rogier will suddenly appear at the Roundtable Hold in a coma. Because of this, you will not see D's letter or changes in Ranni's event. So make sure to talk to Rogier or clear Stormveil Castle before arriving at Farum Azula.

Changes Based On Actions Taken Prior To Serving Ranni

All of Rogier's quests end with his death. The outcome will change if you have progressed D's questline or if you have obtained the Black Knifeprint before you have served Ranni in her questline.

Actions Before Serving Ranni

▼Do Nothing [ Change Details ]
[ Reward ]
Spellblade Armor Set
▼Progressing D's Questline [ Change Details ]
Additional Item When Rogier Dies
[ Reward ]
Spellblade Armor Set
Rogier's Letter
▼Show Black Knifeprint [ Change Details ]
Quests leading up to serving Ranni will change
[ Reward ]
Spellblade Armor Set
※ No different from when you do nothing

D's And Ranni's Questline Can Proceed

You will need to advance D's questline to obtain Rogier's Letter as well as Ranni's questline to obtain the Black Knifeprint at the same time. You can do both quests at the same time if you progress them before talking to Sorcerer Rogier.

Walkthrough Chart For Normal Route

  1. Talk To Sorcerer Rogier At Roundtable Hold
  2. Choice'I have defeated Godrick'

    Go to Roundtable Hold and turn right without jumping down to the first floor. You'll find Rogier leaning against the wall. Talk to him and he will give you Rogier's Rapier +8. You can also purchase the Ashes of War sold at Stormveil Castle from here.

  3. Progress The Questline Of Ranni The Witch
  4. Questline Branching Flag
    If you proceed with Ranni's questline and select 'Serve Ranni,' you will not see the change in Rogier's questline if you have not obtained the Black Knifeprint in advance. To see the change, get the item required and show it to Rogier before serving Ranni.
    Caria Manor LocationRanni's Rise Location

    Although it seems unrelated, the next step is to proceed with Ranni's questline. After meeting Ranni at the Church of Elleh, head north to Liurnia.

    Flag For Ranni To Fall Asleep

    You will be unable to leave the tower once Ranni's questline begins. Continue talking to her until Ranni says that she needs to sleep. Afterwards, you are free to exit the tower.

    Ranni Questline & Location Guide

    Steps To Activate Ranni's Quest

    Clear Caria Manor in the north of Liurnia
    └ To complete the game, you will have to defeat Royal Knight Loretta
    Visit Ranni's Rise
    └ Ignore the dragons along the way
    Talk to Ranni and select 'Serve Ranni'
    Talk to the three people who serve Ranni
    Return to Ranni and she will tell you to go to sleep
    └ Fast travel is now available during this time
  5. Speak To Rogier After Ranni's Questline
  6. Questline Branching Flag
    If you choose the option 'Talk' here, you won't be able to speak to Rogier anymore, and you won't be able to hear about D. To obtain Rogier's Letter, proceed with D's questline first before talking to him.

    When you return from Ranni's Rise, you'll see Rogier slouching a bit. If you speak to him in this state, he will tell you that he is feeling very drowsy.

  7. Make It Nighttime At The Site Of Grace And Talk To Rogier
  8. If Rogier tells you that he is feeling drowsy, rest at the Site of Grace. When you return to him, you'll see that he has fallen asleep.

  9. Make It Daytime AtThe Site Of Grace And Talk To Rogier
  10. After checking on Rogier, who has fallen asleep, change the time to morning. Afterwards, fast travel to another location and return to the Roundtable Hold. Once you return to his location, you'll find that he has dropped the following items.

    Dropped Items• Spellblade Armor Set
    • Rogier's Bell Bearing
    Rogier's Rapier +8
    └ Only if you have not told him about defeating Godrick

Walkthrough Chart For Showing Black Knifeprint To Rogier

  1. Clear The Black Knife Catacombs
  2. To change Ranni's questline, you will have to clear the Black Knife Catacombs in Liurnia. In addition, by defeating a hidden boss, you can obtain the Black Knifeprint.

  3. Give Rogier The Black Knifeprint Temporarily
  4. Choice'Give the Black Knifeprint'

    After obtaining the Black Knifeprint, a dialogue option will appear when talking to Rogier. If you give the Black Knifeprint to Rogier at this point, he will return it to you after reloading. After speaking to Rogier again, head to Ranni's location.

  5. Speak With Ranni
  6. Choice'You must be Ranni the Witch, behind the Night of the Black Knives'

    If ① you showed the Black Knifeprint to Rogier and ② it is before you serve Ranni, a new dialogue about the Black Knifeprint will appear. After selecting the new dialogue about the Black Knifeprint, your conversation with Ranni will not continue, so return to Rogier.

  7. Report To Sorcerer Rogier
  8. Choice'Ranni cast off her cursemark'

    If you are unable to proceed with Ranni's dialogue, talk to Rogier and choose the 'Ranni cast off her cursemark' dialogue option. He will then suggest that you become Ranni's vassal.

  9. Serve Ranni And Proceed With The Normal Route
  10. Choice'I wish to serve you'

    Once Rogier tells you to serve Ranni, return to her location. Speak with her and choose the 'I wish to serve you' option. Afterwards, continue with the normal route.

    ▲ How to proceed with the questline after serving Ranni

Walkthrough Chart For Progresing D's Questline

  1. Hear About D From Rogier
  2. Choice'About D (2 Times)'

    In addition to reporting to Rogier that you have defeated Godrick, ask him about D. If he doesn't mention D, proceed with D's questline first until he moves to Roundtable Hold.

  3. Advance D's Questline And Listen To Rogier's Story
  4. Location Of Tibia MarinerLocation of Gurranq
    Choice'About Rogier'

    In order to proceed with Rogier's questline, you will need to advance D's questline until you hear about D from Rogier. The steps for progressing D's questline is as follows.

    Steps To Advance D's Questline

    Obtain Deathroot
    └ You will need to defeat Tibia Mariner
    └ You'll need a total of 2
    Give the Deathroot to D
    Head to the Bestial Sanctum to see Gurranq
    └ It is recommended to warp from the Third Church of Marika
    Return to Roundtable Hold after giving the Deathroot to Gurranq
    Speak with D and ask him about Rogier

    By proceeding with D's questline and listening to D's story about Rogier, a quest flag will activate for the appearance of Rogier's Letter when he dies. Afterwards, proceed with Rogier's questline by serving Ranni or by showing him the Black Knifeprint.

    ▲Walkthrough For Normal Route
    ▲Walkthrough For Black Knifeprint Route

    If You Cannot Find Rogier

    If You Cannot Find Rogier At The Stormveil Castle

    Rogier is currently at the church in Stormveil Castle. Proceed to the second Site of Grace (Rampart Tower) and meet him at the church in the castle.

    If Rogier Is Not At Roundtable Hold

    Rogier will appear at the Roundtable Hold after defeating Godrick the Grafted in Stormveil Castle. Afterwards, look for him at the terrace in Roundtable Hold.

    Ashes Of War Available For Purchase

    Ash Of WarFP CostSlotsRequired Weapon
    Glintstone Pebble8(-/4)1 Usable on swords as well as polearms capable of thrusting (colossal weapons excepted)
    1500 Runes
    Carian Greatsword16(-/-)1 Usable on swords (colossal weapons excepted).
    2500 Runes
    Spinning Weapon12(-/-)1 Usable on small and medium swords, axes, and hammers, as well as polearms and staves (great spears excepted).
    1000 Runes
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