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Elden Ring | Bernahl Questline & Location For Invasion

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Knight Bernahl Quest is an NPC quest in Elden Ring. Includes Bernahl's location at Volcano Manor, Bernahl's quest invasion location in Farum Azula, Bernahl's letter & Bell Bearing!

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Bernahl's Quest Location & Rewards

Appears On Limgrave's Warmaster's Shack

Map LocationNPC Location
Initial LocationLimgrave Warmaster's Shack
Drops Upon DeathBernahl's Bell Bearing
Devourer's Scepter
Beast Champion Armor
Main Quest RewardDevourer's Scepter
Raging Wolf Series Armor
Beast Champion Armor
Blasphemous Claw

Disappears When You Defeat The Boss Rykard


Bernahl will be gone from the Volcano Manor after reloading once you completed the Volcano Manor quests and defeated Rykard. If you can't find Bernahl in the Volcano Manor, you can still complete this quest event by defeating the Bernahl when he invades in Farum Azula.

Bernahl's Questline Strategy Chart

Questline Strategy Chart

  1. Talk To Bernahl At Warmaster’s Shack
  2. MapNPC

    Before becoming a member of Volcano Manor, go to Bernahl who can be found at Warmaster's Shack, located east of the Site of Grace's Stormhill Shack. You can buy Ashes of War by talking to him. The questline can proceed without problems even if you did not talk to Bernahl in Step 1. If you don't need Ashes of War, you can ignore it.

    ▼ Buy Ashes of War / Skill
  3. Move To Volcano Manor On The Altus Plateau Volcano Manor
  4. Altus Plateau Volcano Manor

    The Volcano Manor is located on a mountain northwest of the Altus Plateau, and you need the Dectus Medallion (left/right) to enter Altus Plateau.

    Video Of How To Get To The Volcano Pavilion (Route To Climb The Volcano By Yourself)

    1Get Dectus Medallion (left/right)
    └ Dectus Medallion (Left), Fort Haight, Limgrave
    └ Dectus Medallion (Right) at Fort Faroth in Caelid
    2Entering Altus Plateau by raising Medallion at Grand Lift of Dectus
    3Go to Volcano Manor at any route
    └ Route to climb the volcano on your own.
    └ Route to receive an invitation from Rya
    └ [Not Recommended] Route going from Raya Lucaria Academy
  5. Talk To Tanith And Select Become A Member Of Volcano Manor
  6. Altus Plateau Volcano Manor

    Talk to NPC (Tanith) near the Site of Grace in Volcano Manor. When you choose become a member of Volcano Manor, the Questline will progress and you will be given a Drawing-Room Key.

  7. Advance The Story To The Volcano Manor Questline And Defeat Rileigh
  8. MapNPC

    ▲ Pick up the Red Letter on the desk when you report Rileigh's defeat to Tanith.

    Once you have become a member of Volcano Manor by talking to Tanith at Volcano Manor, proceed through the Volcano Manor Questline and defeat Rileigh. After defeating Rileigh, return to Volcano Manor and report to Tanith, then talk to Bernahl and select "I know".

    Volcano Manor Questline Simplified Strategy Chart (To Rileigh)

    1Pick up letter at the Drawing-Room in Volcano Manor
    2The Red Letter will instruct you to defeat Istvan in North of the Warmaster's Shack in the Site of Grace in Limgrave.
    3After reporting to Tanith at Volcano Manor, pick up the next letter in the Drawing-Room.
    4The second letter instructs you to defeat Rileigh who is located in Altus Plateau and collect the Erdtree Seal Northeast of the Site of Grace.
    └ the Red Letter is located at the end of the Ravine
    5Report to Tanith at Volcano Manor and pick up the final Red Letter in Drawing-Room
  9. Repeat Conversation → Rest At Site Of Grace Until Letter Is Received
  10. Repeat Convo → Then RestGet A Letter From Bernahl

    After defeating Rileigh, talk to Bernahl at Volcano Manor, then go to Site of Grace to rest, and after receiving a letter from Bernahl, move on to your next destination, Leyndell, Royal Capital.

    Conversation About Obtaining The Letter To Bernahl

    Convo 1"I know" and "I don't know" options
    Convo 2Ashes of War will be available for purchase.
    ※After Istvan is killed, the variety of Ashes of War will increase.
    ▼ Increases the number of Ashes of War/Skill.
    Convo 3You'll get a Letter to Bernahl.
  11. Defeat Vargram And Wilhelm
  12. Altus Plateau Volcano Manor
    Leyndell, Royal Capital GuideRed Summon Sign Location

    ▲Even if Bernahl is defeated during the battle, the questline can still proceed.

    Once in Leyndell, Royal Capital, touch the red Summon Sign at the designated point to enter; fight with Bernahl to fight both Vargram and Wilhelm, and defeat the two targets to obtain the Raging Wolf Series of armor.

    Route From Site Of Grace's Avenue Balcony To Red Summon Sign

    Click Here For The Route To Site Of Grace's Avenue Balcony

    Route To Site Of Grace's Avenue Balcony

  13. Get Sorcery Gelmir's Fury From Bernahl
  14. Sorcery Gelmir

    Return to Volcano Manor and talk to Bernahl to receive the Sorcery "Gelmir's Fury". It is recommended when going to an area where many mob enemies appear, as it is an excellent means of attacking multiple enemies around you at once.

  15. Capture Leyndell, Royal Capital Of Altus Plateau
  16. Leyndell, Royal Capital Of Altus Plateau
    Godfrey BattleMorgott Battle

    ▲After the boss Morgott, obtain the "Rold Medallion" in the Questline progression.

    After getting the Sorcery from Bernahl, you'll have to go to Mountaintops of the Giants to proceed with Bernahl's Questline. To be able to go to Mountaintops of the Giants, you'll have to go through Leyndell, Royal Capital first, so defeat the bosses Godfrey & Margot the Omen King found there. Talk to Melina at the Site of Grace inside the boss room to get the Rold Medallion to proceed to the Mountaintops of the Giants.

    Note That Some Items Will No Longer Be Available

    Leyndell, Royal Capital Of Altus Plateau

    If you beat Farum Azula's Maliketh, the Black Blade, Leyndell, Royal Capital turns into Leyndell, Ashen Capital. There are some items from the Royal Capital that will no longer be obtainable in the Ashen Capital, so you should search for those items well while you can still get them at this stage

    The Shortest Route To The Battle Of Godfrey

    The Shortest Route To The Battle Of Morgott

  17. Defeat Juno Hoslow In The Mountaintops Of The Giants
  18. Mountaintops of the Giants GuideLocation of the Red Summon Sign
    Mountaintops of the Giants
    Red Summon Sign

    While picking up the Red Letter in Volcano Manor, Juno Hoslow’s red Summon Sign will appear northwest of the Mountaintops of the Giants. You can enter the Mountaintops of the Giants by moving the Grand Lift of Rold at the easternmost side of Altus Plateau, so after defeating Juno Hoslow, head back to Volcano Manor and report to Tanith.

    DropHoslow's Petal Whip
    Hoslow Armor Set
    Reward for reportingTaker's Cameo Talisman
  19. Defeat The Hidden Boss Rykard Of Volcano Manor
  20. Rykard Of Volcano Manor

    Report to Juno Hoslow and select "See the Lord" to be transported to the Site of Grace near the location of the boss Rykard.

  21. Talk With Bernahl At Volcano Manor
  22. Bernahl Of Volcano Manor

    After defeating Rykard, talk to Bernahl in Volcano Manor. After the conversation, Bernahl will disappear from Volcano Manor after loading.

    Even If Bernahl Disappears, Ashes Of War Can Still Be Purchased

    Bernahl  Gone In Volcano Manor

    When the boss Rykard is defeated, Bernahl disappears from Volcano Manor, but Ashes of War can be purchased by examining the sword in the place where Bernahl was. If you need Ashes of War, check Bernahl's sword and buy it.

  23. Defeat The Fire Giant Boss In Mountaintops Of The Giants
  24. Map LocationFire Giant Battle
    Map Location
    Fire Giant Battle

    After Bernahl is gone from Volcano Manor, head to the Forge of the Giants, Southwest of the Mountaintops of the Giants. The boss Fire Giant will appear along the way, so defeat him and move to the Site of Grace in the Forge of the Giants.

  25. Defeat The Boss Godskin Duo Of Farum Azula
  26. How To Get To Farum AzulaGodskin Duo Map Location
    Farum Azula
    Godskin Duo

    The area around the Crumbling Farum Azula is where you'll be automatically moved by causing an event with Melina at the Titan's Fire Cauldron after defeating the Fire Giants. Once you arrive at Farum Azula, attack the dungeon and defeat the boss, Godskin Duo.

    Site Of Grace From The Overlooking Tornado To Site Of Grace Before The Boss

    Route From The First Site Of Grace To The Tempest-facing Balcony

    Crumbling Beast Grave To Crumbling Beast Grave Depths

    ▲ Follow the road to find the Site of Grace Crumbling Beast Grave.

    From Crumbling Beast Grave Depths To Rooftops Overlooking Tornadoes

  27. Defeat Bernahl Who Invaded In Farum Azula
  28. Bernahl Who Invaded In Farum Azula
    Boss Battle ~ Beside the Great BridgeBeside the Great Bridge - Active Point

    There is a room where you can climb the stairs from the Site of Grace beside the Great Bridge of Farum Azula and proceed to the left. Bernahl appears in front of the room with the Old Lord’s Talisman and when you defeat him, you will be able to obtain his Armor Set and the Devourer's Scepter.

    Site Of Grace Beside The Great Bridge To Bernahl's Break-in Point

    Route From Boss Battle To Site Of Grace Beside The Great Bridge

    From Dragon Temple Altar To Dragon Temple Rooftop

    Dragon Temple Rooftop To Beside The Great Bridge

    What To Do When Bernahl Doesn't Invade

    You Will Be Able To Invade After Updating The Game


    Previously, there was a problem that Bernahl would not invade after defeating the boss "Maliketh, the Black Blade" in Farum Azula, but this was fixed in the 3/17 update, and the strategy team has confirmed that Bernahl will invade even after Maliketh is defeated. If Bernahl does not invade after Maliketh is defeated, make sure to update the game.

    If Bernahl Returns To His World, Rest At Site Of Grace


    If you go back near the ladder after Bernahl's invasion, Bernahl will go back to his original world and disappear. If Bernahl goes back to his original world, rest at the Site of Grace once to get him to appear at the same place.

Ashes Of War (Skill) Available From Bernahl

Initial Sale

NameRequied Ability/ Acquisition
Stamp (Upward Cut)
(Upward Cut)
[Available Weapons]
Sword / Ax / Hammer
* Excluding small / medium-sized swords
[Skill Effect]
Brace armament and step into a low stance that prevents recoil from most enemy attacks.Follow up with a strong attack for an upward strike.
[Available Weapons]
Can be used with all melee weapons
[Skill Effect]
Push an enemy back with a high kick. Effective against enemies who are guarding, and can break a foe's stance.
[Available Weapons]
Can be used with all melee weapons
[Skill Effect]
Assume an anchored stance to brace for incoming attacks, briefly boosting poise. Damage taken while using this skill is reduced.
War Cry
War Cry
[Available Weapons]
Can be used with melee weapons
* Excluding daggers / swords / whips
[Skill Effect]
Give a war cry to rally the spirit and increase attack power.While active, strong attacks change to charging attacks.
Spinning Slash
Spinning Slash
[Available Weapons]
Can be used with swords / axes / long-handled weapons
* Excluding oversized weapons
[Skill Effect]
Skill favored by dexterous warriors. Slash foes as your body spins. Additional input allows for a follow-up attack.
Impaling Thrust
Impaling Thrust
[Available Weapons]
Can be used with piercing weapons
* Excluding oversized weapons
[Skill Effect]
Skill that lets piercing armaments overcome enemy shields. Build power, then lunge forward for a long thrust that pierces an enemy's guard.
[Available Weapons]
Can be used with all melee weapons
[Skill Effect]
The maneuver of those who fight with agility and disturbance. Move quickly in steps. When the target is fixed, it wraps around.
Storm Blade
Storm Blade
[Available Weapons]
Can be used with a sword
* Excluding oversized / double-edged swords
[Skill Effect]
Lost skill of Stormveil. Surround armament with shearing storm winds that can be fired forward. Can be fired in rapid succession.
[Available Weapons]
Can be used with daggers / curved swords / swords / fists / claws / small shields / medium shields
[Skill Effect]
Use this skill in time with a foe's melee attack to deflect it and break that foe's stance. This provides an opening to perform a critical hit.
No Skill
No Skills
[Available Weapons]
Can be used with Shields / Torches
[Skill Effect]
This weapon has no maneuver. If the other weapon has combat maneuvers, it will always be used
Best Ashes Of War & Skills

Ashes Of War Added After Defeating Old Knight Istvan

NameRequired Ability/How to Get
[Available Weapons]
Can be used with large / oversized swords / axes / mallets
[Skill Effect]
A lava is formed on the ground where the weapon is struck, and it is blown up with pulling out.
Assassin's Gambit
[Available Weapons]
Can be used with small / medium-sized straight swords / swords
[Skill Effect]
The appearance of the user becomes invinsible and silences footsteps.
All Skills List (Ashes Of War)

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