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Elden Ring | Sellen Questline & Location

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Sorceress Sellen Questline & Location in Elden Ring! See location, scrolls, Primal Glintstone, Sellen not there, Jerren not showing fix, Witchbane Ruins spot &, survive or kill.

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NPC Quest Guide

Sorceress Sellen Location And Rewards

Appeared At The Waypoint Ruins In Limgrave

Map LocationNPC Appearance
First AppearanceWaypoint Ruins in Limgrave
Obtained when killedNone
Notable Rewards・Sorcery: Comet Azur
・Sorcery: Stars Of Ruin
Cooperate With Sellen
・Sorcery: Shard Spiral (Purchased)
・Eccentric Set
・Old Sorcerer's Legwraps
・Glinstone Kris
・Witch's Glinstone Crown
・Azur's Glinstone Set
・Lusat's Set
Go Against Sellen
・Witch's Glinstone Crown
・Sellen's Bell Bearing
・Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone

The Waypoint Ruins In Limgrave Are Marked By The Road Leading To The Basement

The Waypoint Ruins where Sellen is located is marked by the road leading to the basement around the center. If you go ahead, there is a "Mad Pumpkin Head", so by defeating it, Sellen's Quest will start.

Sorceress Sellen Quest Completion Guide

Questline Completion Guide

  1. Defeat The Boss Of The Waypoint Ruins And Talk To Sellen In The Back
  2. Sellenboss
    Defeat The BossTalk To Sellen

    If you defeat the boss "Mad Pumpkin Head" of Limgrave "Waypoint Ruins", you can meet Sorceress Sellen at the back. In the conversation, answer "I want to learn Sorcery" → "It's okay" and form a teacher-apprentice relationship. Now you can buy scrolls and sorcery after the conversation.

  3. Talk To Azur At Mt. Gelmir And Get Sorcery
  4. azur

    Talk to Primeval Sorcerer Azur at Mt. Gelmir on Altus Plateau and get the sorcery "Comet Azur Spell". The road to Azur is the most difficult part and it is complicated. Since the place is itself is hard to traverse, watch the video below for the specific route.

    Also, another method is if you die by being restrained by an enemy who is down from the water wheel of the Academy of Raya Lucaria, you will fly to the vicinity of Mt. Gelmir, but I do not recommend it because you have to defeat two bosses.

    To The Place Where Primeval Sorcerer Azur Is

  5. Return To Sellen And Receive A Request
  6. sellenquest

    After getting Comet Azur, talk to Sellen. Select "Show Azur's magic" and again in conversation, "What is the story?" → "Journey together". In addition, she speaks to "I have a request for you" and receive Sellian Spellbreaker, and in the final conversation she hears Lusat's clue.

  7. To Find Lusat, Head Towards The Church Of The Plague
  8. azur1

    The Church of Plague has nothing to do with the progress of the event, but let's aim for this as a temporary waypoint.

  9. Release Lusat In Sellia's Hidden Cave
  10. ※ The search and report of Master Lusat is optional, and the quest itself can proceed until the end without clearing it. In addition, this report has an impact on the complete survival route.
    ▼ About the complete survival route (Spoilers Ahead)


    Sellia Hideaway continues near the wall from the church toward the arrow side of the image, and when you attack the wall at the location of the map image, the hidden cave appears. It is convenient to have a torch because the cave is dark. There is a wall that hits you when you go straight, but it is a road that you can attack in two places. Receive the Stars of Ruin Sorcery in the depths of the cave and return to Sellen.

    You Don't Have To Defeat The Cave Boss

    If you go all the way to the back, you will be in a battle with the boss "Putrid Crystalians". However, since the room where Lusat is trapped goes by another route, the Sellen quest can proceed without defeating the boss.

    The Shortest Route To Where Lusat Is

  11. Listen To Sellen's Favor After Defeating Radahn
  12. Radahn
    Head to the Waypoint RuinsHear a wish from Sellen

    After defeating Radahn, when you talk to Sellen at the Waypoint Ruins, you are asked to meet the captive half of her body. Defeating Radahn is a condition for proceeding with the quest, so if you haven't advanced the story, proceed.

    Strategy Chart On How To Battle Radahn
    *・Clear Limgrave "Stormveil Castle"
    and Liurnia "Raya Lucaria Academy" and head for Caelid
    Advance the Ranni Event
    Conversation with Sorceress Sellen and exchange information about the Radahn Festival.
    Have the Radahn Festival be held at Redmane Castle
    Battle against Radahn
    Check Out Radahn Details Here
  13. Look For Sellen's Real Body In The Witchbane Ruins
  14. Place of CaptivityTalk to Sellen

    After hearing Sellen's wishes, let's go find the body of Sellen, who is trapped in the Witchbane Ruins. When you talk to Sellen, who is trapped underground, you receive "Sellen's Primal Glinstone".

  15. Make Jerren Move To Witchbane Ruins
  16. Talk To Jerren At Redmane Castle

    Map LocationConversation with Jerren

    From here, it is important to talk to Jerren in the room at the back of the square of Caelid's "Redmane Castle" after defeating Radahn. If you continue the conversation at this place until you hear the line 'If you have a connection, I'll meet you somewhere again. Brave man' the movement condition will be established.

    Jerren Is In The Witchbane Ruins

    Map Location Of The Witchbane RuinsConversation with Jerren

    When you move to the Witchbane Ruins, "Jerren" is in front of Sellen, which has become a shell. When you hear the conversation, you can hear the line "Sellen is still going somewhere" and you can hear the story that you feel threatened to Sellen.

  17. Go Through The Caria Manor To Ranni's Rise
  18. ranni

    In order to prcoeed with the next quest, you will have to go through Caria Manor to an area called the Three Sisters. First of all, let's proceed to the place of "Ranni's Rise" where there is a blessing with reference to the image.

  19. Talk To Sellen In The Back Of The Hidden Basement
  20. The route from Ranni's Rise to the hidden basement. The basement can be found by Jump Attack towards the floor, so please refer to the video.


    ▲ Attack the wall at the back of the basement opens a passage to the hidden room.


    If you go through the basement, you will find Sellen, so if you transplant the Primal Glinstone, the quest will be completed. Here you will be able to buy sorcery again like before.

  21. Help Sellen In The Raya Lucaria Grand Library
  22. jerren5

    Go straight from the blessing of the Raya Lucaria Grand Library, and there are two summon signs in front of the large door on the outside. The red sign is hostile to Sellen route, and the yellow sign is cooperate with Sellen route. "Azur Set" and "Lusat Set" will also be available on the survival of Sellen route, so it is recommended to cooperate on the first go.

    Cooperate And Hostile Rewards

    Sellen Survival RouteItems To Obtain
    ・Glinstone Kris
    ・Eccentric Armor Set
    ・Witch's Glinstone Crown
    ・Sorcery: Shard Spiral (Purchased)
    * If you cooperate, there will be more events to continue.
    ・Witch's Glinstone Crown
    ・Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone
    ・Sellen's Bell Bearing
    * After receiving the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, you can get "Eccentric Armor Set" by killing Jerren.
    ▼ About the complete survival route (Note that there are spoilers at the end)
  23. Obtain Azur's Glinstone Set And Lusat's Set (After Cooperation)
  24. azullusat

    If you helped Sellen to see what's changed, head to Mt. Gelmir where Azul was and the Sellia Hidden Cave where Lusat was, and you'll get a complete set of both.

    Obtained Armor・Azur Armor Set
    ・Lusat Armor Set

How To Make Sellen Survive To The End [Spoilers]

Advance The Quest Without Searching For Lusat


The way to make Sellen completely alive without changing her looks is to not look for Lusat and do not report about his location. Defeating Radahn will advance the quest to the end, if you want to survive completely, leave the search for Lusat. If you don't report it, Sellen will be in the center even after the blessing, and Rennala will be at the edge of the library.

※ Please note that if you do not search or report, you will not be able to obtain the equipment of your master, Lusat. You have to choose between taking the equipment of the masters and taking the form of Sellen.

Dialogue That Talks About The Bodies Of Both Masters


Sellen wanted the bodies of "Azur" and "Lusat", and said, "If the bodies of both masters are aligned, the academy will surely be at its source." but it seems that Sellen also sought the source.

Sellen Changes When You Report The Location Of Both Masters


By reporting the location of the body of "Lusat", Sellen tries to deal with the contradiction of the source, and at the end of the quest, she appears in an endless form.

Sorceries That Can Be Purchased

Sorceries That Can Be Purchased From The Beginning

pebbleGlinstone Pebble71[Necessary Ability]
Intelligence 10/ Faith 0/ Arcane 0
starsGlinstone Stars1411[Necessary Ability]
Intelligence 13/ Faith 0/ Arcane 0
ArcGlinstone Arc101[Necessary Ability]
Intelligence 13/ Faith 0/ Arcane 0
BarrageCrystal Barrage141[Necessary Ability]
Intelligence 23/ Faith 0/ Arcane 0
ScholarScholar's Armament251[Necessary Ability]
Intelligence 12/ Faith 0/ Arcane 0
ShieldScholar's Shield301[Necessary Ability]
Intelligence 12/ Faith 0/ Arcane 0

Sorceries That Can Be Purchased After Passing The Scroll

MagicFPSlotRequirements / Scroll
swiftSwift Glinstone Shard31[Necessary Ability]
Intelligence 12/ Faith 0/ Arcane 0
Academy Scroll
greatGreat Glinstone Shard121[Necessary Ability]
Intelligence 16/ Faith 0/ Arcane 0
Academy Scroll
cometGlinstone Cometshard251[Necessary Ability]
Intelligence 36/ Faith 0/ Arcane 0
Conspectus Scroll
phalanxGlintblade Phalanx201[Necessary Ability]
Intelligence 14/ Faith 0/ Arcane 0
Royal House Scroll
slicerCarian Slicer41[Necessary Ability]
Intelligence 14/ Faith 0/ Arcane 0
Royal House Scroll

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