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D Hunter Of The Dead Quest in Elden Ring. Guide includes D's Brother questline & Aqueduct location, sword & dagger not appearing or missing, armor drops if Fia is killed & rewards!

Table Of Contents

D Location & Questline Rewards

Appears Near Summonwater Village In Limgrave

Map Location NPC Location

※ After gaining access to the Roundtable Hold, move to the Site of Grace of the Roundtable Hold.

First AppearanceNear Summonwater Village in Limgrave or Roundtable Hold
Obtained When KilledD's Bell Bearing
Armor: Twinned Series
※Cannot be killed after moving to Roundtable Hold
Main Event RewardsWeapon: Inseparable Sword
Armor: Twinned Series
Armor: Fia Series
Sorcery: Fia's Mist

Burning The Erdtree Locks The Questline

Burning the Erdtree in the "Forge of the Giants" at the Site of Grace in Mountaintops of the Giants will kill D. The Questline will be skipped to the progress after D's death, so you will not be stuck, but you will miss the conversation Questline while D is still alive.

Fia Questline First Conversation Also Skips

Since the Fia Questline is closely related to the D Questline, if you burn the Erdtree, you will also skip the early part of the Fia Questline (until D dies). Note that you will not be stuck here either, but you will miss some of Fia's conversations on her Questline.

D Questline Routes Guide

※Questline is somewhat involved in the ending, so if you don't want to be spoiled, we recommend you play it first.

1▼From The Start Of D's Quest Until His Death
2▼From D's death until the end of the quest

From The Start Of D's Quest Until His Death

  1. Get Deathroot and then talk to D
  2. Near Summonwater Village (Roundtable Hold Not Released)
    Limgrave North (Summonwater Village)
    Location Image (Summonwater Village)
    Roundtable Hold (Roundtable Hold Released)
    Sitting in a chair after warping

    With the "Deathroot" in hand, talk to D, show him the "Deathroot" and ask him to introduce you to Gurranq. However, the location of D's appearance changes depending on whether or not Roundtable Hold is accessible or not.

    Defeating Tibia Mariner Is The Quickest Way To Obtain Deathroot

    At the beginning of the game, Deathroot can be obtained by defeating the boss "Tibia Mariner" in Summonwater Village, north of Limgrave. It is a weak boss that can be defeated with initial equipment if you work hard enough, so it is fairly easy to obtain."

  3. Meet Gurranq using Portal (Gateway)
  4. After the conversation with D, the location of the Portal (Gateway) will be marked on the map, so use to warp to the location where Gurranq is. After warping, open the door in front of you to enter the building and talk with Gurranq to obtain items. If you get "Deathroot" in the future, give it to Gurranq and he will exchange it for an item.

  5. Talk to D in Roundtable Hold
  6. After introducing Gurranq, D will move to Roundtable Hold. After you rest at Site of Grace and Roundtable Hold is released, go to Roundtable Hold and talk to D. After that, you can learn Incantation by talking to D.

  7. Get Weathered Dagger by being held by Fia in Roundtable Hold
  8. Next, go talk to Fia at Roundtable Hold. After arriving at Altus Plateau, try to talk to Fia several times and you will be presented with the option of "May I ask a favor?" If you choose yes, you will be given a "Weathered Dagger".

    Baldachin's Blessing Should Be Used After Being Held

    If you are hugged by Fia, you will receive "Baldachin's Blessing", but while you have it, you will have a debuff that reduces your maximum HP. It is recommended to use it and consume it.

  9. Return to D and give him the Weathered Dagger
  10. After receiving the "Weathered Dagger" from Fia, talk to D and give him the Dagger.

  11. Take a break at the Site of Grace, D has died in the back room
  12. After handing over the Dagger, try to refresh the area in the Roundtable Hold by warping in the Site of Grace. Then D will be gone, so proceed to Roundtable Hold, referring to the location in the video above. After you have proceeded, D will be dead and Fia will be gone.

    Twinned Series Can Be Obtained From D's Body

    You can pick up the "Twinned Series" armor from D's body. Be sure to pick it up and keep it, as you will need it later in your Questline progression.

From D's Death Until The End Of The Quest

  1. Head Tto Siofra Aqueduct Via Nokron
  2. ▲How to get to Nokron from above

    From here, you will pass through the underground area "Nokron, Eternal City", which you will be able to pass through only after defeating the area boss Radahn in Caelid. If you haven't reached this area yet, proceed with this questline first.

    Walkthrough Chart To Radahn Boss
    Stormveil Castle in Limgrave
    Raya Lucaria Academy in Liurnia
    Complete them and head to Caelid
    1Shack of the Rotting
    Head south and go to the Gael Tunnel
    2Gael Tunnel
    └ You can obtain Smithing Stone [4]
    Boss Battle: Magma Wyrm
    └ Obtain the Dragon Heart and the Katana weapon [Moonveil]
    ※You can collect the Smithing Stone without defeating the boss
    3Fort Gael North
    └ Unlocking the Site of Grace makes it easier to earn runes
    ▶ For detailed instructions, click here
    4Caelid Highway South
    Head east along the highway and examine the monument
    └ Obtain Caelid Map Fragment
    5Sellia, Town of Sorcery
    ・ Unward the three buildings by extinguishing the braziers
    (Utilize the horse's double jump)
    ・Open two treasure chests sealed with wards
    └ Imbued Sword Key, Sorcery: Night Comet
    ・Obtain Stonesword Key
    ・Obtain Golden Seed
    6Sellia Crystal Tunnel
    └ You can obtain Smithing Stone [5] in the tunnel
    Boss Battle: Fallingstar Beast
    └ Obtain Somberstone Miner's Bell Bearing [1]
    ※You can collect the Smithing Stone without defeating the boss
    7Church Of The Plague
    Obtain a Sacred Tear
    8Dragonbarrow West
    Head east along the highway and examine the monument.
    └ Obtain Dragonbarrow Map Fragment
    9Bestial Sanctum
    Boss Battle: Black Blade Kindred
    ※You don't have to defeat it
    Obtain Golden Seed in the sanctum
    10Redmane Castle
    Boss Battle: Crucible Knight & Misbegotten Warrior
    └ Obtain Ruins Greatsword
    ・Talk to Jerren inside the church
    ・Rest at the Site of Grace
    ・Talk to Jerren at the Plaza
    Advance NPC questlines to fight the boss
    Boss Battle: Starscourge Radahn

    If The Radahn Festival Does Not Start, Try The Following

    ① Talk to Blaidd
    Speak with him at Ranni's Rise in Three Sisters at Liurnia.
    ② Talk to Blaidd
    Speak with him at Siofra River Bank.
    ③ Talk to Seluvis
    Speak with him at Seluvis's Rise in Three Sisters.
    ④ Talk to Sellen
    Speak with her at Waypoint Ruins Cellar in Limgrave. You will need to defeat the boss in front of you.

    Route From Ground ~ Nokron ~ Siofra Aqueduct

  3. Give The Twinned Armor Set To D's Twin Brother
  4. Event Flag Note
    ※Note that even you can still continue the quest until step 10 if you skip this part. But also note that steps 11 and after will not occur and you will not be able to obtain the D weapon as a reward

    When you proceed through Siofra Aqueduct, you will find D's brother nodding off in front of the boss area. If you have the Twinned series in your possession go talk to D's Twin Brother and you will have the option to give the armor to him, which will be a key to proceed to Questline.

    If you forgot to pick up the Twinned series when D died, return to the Roundtable Hold to get it.

    Route From Site Of Grace At Siofra Aqueduct To D's Twin Brother

    Armor Cannot Be Given If Altered

    Note that if you have adjusted the outfit in Tailoring Tools and changed it to a light outfit, you will not be able to give the Twinned series to D's twin brother. You can revert the altered armor in any Site Of Grace by using Runes.

  5. Warp Into The Sarcophagus After Defeating The Boss At The Aqueduct
  6. After giving the Twinned series to D's brother, follow the path to the boss battle. After defeating the boss, rest at the nearby Site of Grace and go to the back of the waterfall to find a sarcophagus, which you can examine to warp to the next area.

  7. Proceed To The Bottom Of Deeproot Depths
  8. ▲Route from the start to the boss area

    Once you warp into the Deeproot Depths, go deeper and deeper until you reach the boss area. Since the route in this area is complicated, you can refer to the video above as you proceed.

  9. Speak To Fia After Defeating The Boss & Have Her Hold You
  10. When you advance to the boss area in the back, a series of boss battles will begin. Defeat the boss and you will get the sorcery "Fia's Mist". Talk to Fia and choose "No, I want to be held" to proceed through the questline.

  11. Clear the Divine Tower in Liurnia and obtain the Cursemark of Death
  12. After selecting "No, I want to be held," Fia will remark, "We must look for another existing mark." This refers to the Cursemark of Death, which can be obtained by clearing the Divine Tower of Liurnia at the end of the Carian Study Hall in Liurnia and heading to the top floor.

    Pick Up Hidden Treasure In Nokron First

    ▲Route from the first Site of Grace to the Hidden Treasure

    Give the hidden treasure obtained from Nokron to Ranni and speak to her again to receive the Carian Inverted Statue, which is a key item to access the Divine Tower of Liurnia. After receiving the statue, head to the Divine Tower of Liurnia from Carian Study Hall.

  13. Return to Fia & Give Her The Cursemark Of Death
  14. Once you have obtained the Cursemark of Death, head back to Across the Roots and give it to Fia. To fast travel underground, open the map and press R3 (right stick pressed). You will be given the Radiant Baldachin's Blessing after the conversation that follows.

  15. Speak With Her Until She Says "This Is Goodbye"
  16. If you talk to her long enough, she will eventually say, "This is goodbye, my dear." Rest at the Site of Grace after she says those words.
  17. Rest At The Site of Grace & Return To Fia
  18. You'll find Fia sleeping in the same spot after resting at a Site of Grace. If you approach Fia while she is sleeping, you will be given the option to touch her, and if you select 'yes,' a battle with the Lichdragon Fortissax boss will begin.

  19. Defeat Tthe Boss To Obtain The Mending Rune Of The Death-Prince
  20. After defeating Lichdragon Fortissax, return to Fia and obtain the Mending Rune Of The Death-Prince.

    You Get A Slightly Distinctive Ending

    After defeating the final boss, the player can use the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince to Restore the Elden Ring by touching the broken Marika with the rune in their possession. The trophy (achievement) is the same as the normal ending, but the content is slightly different, so go restore the Elden Ring before resting at a Site of Grace if you want to see it.

  21. You'll Find Fia Killed By D's Twin Brother After Resting At The Site Of Grace
  22. After obtaining the "Mending Rune of the Death-Prince," take a break at the Site of Grace. After the break, look at the place where Fia is and you will see D's brother appears and Fia is killed. From Fia's corpse, you can pick up the "Fia's Armor" set.

  23. Obtain D's Armor Set Near Fia After Resting To The Site Of Grace
  24. Then, after talking to D's brother, you can either rest again at the Site of Grace or kill D's brother to get D's equipment. Not only the "Twinned Series" armor that you temporarily got during Questline, but also the Inseparable Sword weapon.

How To Kill D's Twin Brother

Armor Set Obtained In The End Of Questline Regardless If D's Brother Is Killed Or Not

When you reach the end of D's Questline, D's brother appears at the place where Fia is. If you load the questline, D's brother will disappear, but you can kill him by attacking him. The items you receive will not change if you kill him or if he disappears by loading.

D's Brother Becomes Hostile If D Is Killed By The Player

Before the end of the D Questline, D's brother is cowering in the Siofra Aqueduct and cannot be killed by attacking him due to a barrier. However, if you have killed D by your own hands before the end of the Questline, you will be able to kill his brother in the Siofra Aqueduct after handing him D's equipment.

D Can Be Killed Before Accessing Roundtable Hold

D cannot be killed when in Roundtable Hold. Therefore, the only way to kill D is to go to the Summonwater Village area in Limgrave before coming to Roundtable Hold (before accessing Roundtable Hold) and kill D at this time.

Incantation Available For Purchase

IncantationFPSlotStas Required
Litany of Proper DeathLitany of Proper Death171[Stats Required]
17 INT / 17 FAI / 0 ARC
Purchased from D, Hunter of the Dead
OrderOrder's Blade221[Stats Required]
13 INT / 13 FAI / 0 ARC
Purchased from D, Hunter of the Dead

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