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Elden Ring | Ainsel River Map & Locations

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Siofra River Walkthrough Guide in Elden Ring. This map covers well depths, main upper level, boss fight locations, downstream merchants & chests, map fragments, rewards, and items!.

Walkthrough - Map Guide & Fastest Order

Map Information

Strategy Chart

Ainsel River Map

The dark areas in the map are sections you cannot access from Ainsel River.
Click on the icon to reveal details.

Interactive Map

ShopGracesNPCGolden Seed
ShopGracesNPCGolden Seed

Getting off the Ainsel River Well

The Ainsel River can be reached from the Ainsel River Well in Liurnia. By moving the Lift on the well and going down, one can reach the Ainsel River.

Route to Ainsel River Main

Ainsel River Main can be reached by using the Portal (Gateway) located at Renna's Rise. To use the Portal (Gateway), proceed first with the Ranni Questline. Nokstella, Eternal City and Lake of Rot can be reached from Ainsel River Main.

Tips! Until the gateway to Ainsel River Main is unlocked, only the Ainsel River area can be explored.
▶ Ranni Questline & Location

You Can Also Go From Deeproot Depths

The sarcophagus in Deeproot Depths can be used to move to Ainsel River Main. However, it is easier to warp from the Ranni Questline if you have already progressed to the Ranni Questline because you need to destroy the ones that appear in order to get to the Ranni Questline.

Ainsel River Map Fragment Locations

Ainsel River Map Fragment Locations
Ainsel River Map Fragment Locations

The Map Fragment of Ainsel River can be obtained from a body in a building in the area past the dynastic ruins of Ur. The path from the well is long and the enemies are strong, so we should proceed while releasing the Site of Grace along the way.

Tips! There is a Merchant just around the corner, so use that as a landmark to find it.

Route From Site Of Grace Ainsel River Well Depths

Merchant Locations And Items for Sale

After descending from the Ainsel River Well and passing through the ruins of the dynasty of Ur, you will find a Merchant in a building in the area. There is also a Map Fragment of Ainsel River at the same location, so we should collect it as well.

Items For Sale

ToolGravity Stone Fan
Gravity Stone Chunk
ItemsLost Ashes of War
Celestial Dew
Perfumer's Cookbook [4]
Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook [16]
ArmorPrisoner Iron Mask
Prisoner Clothing
Prisoner Trousers

Ainsel River Walkthrough Chart

Ainsel River Sluice Gate
Ainsel River Downstream
Route to the Boss Battle

Route To Site Of Grace's Ainsel River Sluice Gate

  1. Start From Site Of Grace Ainsel River Well Depths
  2. Enter The Cave On The Left, Watch For Ants Overhead
  3. Follow The Route Branching To The Right
  4. There Is A Branch Again, Proceed To The Right
  5. Go Right And Aim For The Top Of The Floodgate
  6. Go Straight On The Lock
  7. Site Of Grace Is In The Cave At The End Of The Road

Route To Site Of Grace's Ainsel River Downstream

  1. Start From Site Of Grace's Ainsel River Sluice Gate
  2. Ride The Lift Above The Sluice Gate
  3. Move Along The River On The Right
  4. Enter The Cave At The End
  5. After Leaving The Cave, Go Left Along The Wall
  6. Jump Off The Cliff
  7. Move Straight And Follow The Road
  8. Climb Because There Is A Rocky Place
  9. Site Of Grace Is On Top Of A Rocky Beach

Beware Of Enemies Hurling Rocks

Enemies appear in the ruins and will hurl rocks toward you from a distance. You can avoid rocks by hiding behind walls and pillars, so always watch out for shadows from incoming attacks as you search. They don't have any significant item drops when defeated and do not revive when you take a rest at the Site of Grace, so you can defeat them if they get in the way of your exploration.

▲ By climbing up the fallen pillars, you can reach the point where the attack can reach you.

Route To The Boss Battle

  1. Start from Site of Grace's Ainsel River DownStream
  2. Go Straight Ahead And Enter The Cave
  3. Go Right When You Come To An Open Space
  4. Turn Right At The Next Fork
  5. Arrive At The Boss' Room

How To Defeat The Boss (Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella)

Item Drop Spell: Frozen Lightning Spear

Summon Spirit Ashes And Attack From Behind

Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella mainly attacks from the front, so it is recommended to attack from behind using Spirit Ashes as bait. If you summon Spirit Ashes, which have a high attack performance in battle, they can be targeted for a longer period of time, allowing you to repeatedly attack consistently to beat the enemy.

Spirit Ashes List & Best Spirits

A Long-Range Means Of Attack Is Preferable

▲ The weapon used in the image is Halo Scythe.

Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella's attacks have a long reach, so if you have the means to attack from a distance, you can do damage safely and efficiently. Since the opponent does not have much HP, aim for a quick battle with a series of skill shots.

How To Get Valuable Items From Ainsel River

▼Celestial Dew ▼Immunizing Horn Charm▼Great Ghost Glovewort

Celestial Dew

Celestial Dew
Celestial Dew
Redemption available at Church of Vows
  1. From Site Of Grace Under The Well, Proceed Through The Cave With Ants
  2. Take The First Branch To The Right
  3. Turn Left At The Wide Space Branch
  4. Go Past The Large-bodied Ants To The Far Right
  5. Turn Left After Exiting The Cave
  6. Follow The Narrow Stone Path And Go Down To The Lower Left To Obtain Items From The Body

Immunizing Horn Charm

Immunizing Horn Charm
Horn Charm
Immunity resistance is increased by +90
  1. From Site Of Grace Under The Well, Proceed Through The Cave With Ants
  2. Turn Right At The First Fork
  3. Go Left After The Passage
  4. Proceed To The Back, Passing Over Water
  5. Pass By The Site Of Grace's Ainsel River Downstream And Go To The Back
  6. Obtained From A Corpse In The Open Space Surrounded By A Large Number Of Ants

Great Ghost Glovewort

Great Ghost Glovewort
Great Ghost
You can enhance Spirit Ashes to +10

Obtained From The Coffin Under The Giant Skeleton In The Boss Area

In the area where you fight the Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella, a huge skeleton sits in a building that resembles a chair. A large wheel of lily of the valley in spirit form can be obtained from the coffin in this building.

▲ Click Here For The Route To The Boss Room

List Of Other Available Items

Golden Runes [1]Golden Runes [2]Golden Runes [3]
Golden Runes [10]Smithing Stone [1]Smithing Stone [2]
Smithing Stone [3]Smithing Stone [4]Somber Smithing Stone [3]
Ghost Glovewort [1]Ghost Glovewort [2] Magic
Shield Grease Crystal Dart Shattershard Arrow( feathers)
Throwing DaggerRune ArcFurlcalling Finger Remedy
Grace MimicFormic RockSilver Firefly
Soap Melted Mushroom -
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