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Nepheli Loux Questline & Location in Elden Ring. See what to do if Nepheli Loux is not showing up, Seluvis Potion effect, puppet, what to do if missing, dead or not at Roundtable Hold!

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NPC Quest Guide

Nepheli Loux Questline Location & Rewards

First AppearanceStormveil Castle
Obtained Upon Killing• Weapon: Stormhawk Axe
• Spirit Ash: Nepheli Loux Puppet
└ After handing over Seluvis's Potion to Nepheli Loux.
(Cannot be killed after heading to Godrick's Throne Room)
Quest Rewards• Talisman: Arsenal Charm
• Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone (Survival Route Only)

Update Added Quests

The March 17 update added a survival route for the questline. Make sure to update your software if you want to proceed with the quest on the survival route.

Nepheli Loux Questline Walkthrough Guide

Questline End Flag
※ When the story progresses to the arrival of Farum Azula (Roundtable Hold is on fire), Nepheli Loux will die and you cannot progress the quest.
  1. 1. Speak With Nepheli Loux At Stormveil Castle
  2. Appearance Of Nepheli LouxDirections From Site Of Grace

    You can find her in a small room south of the Secluded Cell site of grace in Stormveil Castle. By speaking to her twice, you can have her as a Cooperative NPC in the Godrick the Grafted boss fight.

    Talisman Can Be Obtained By Speaking To Her At Stormveil Castle Before Defeating Godrick

    If you spoke with her at Stormveil Castle before defeating Godrick, you can obtain the Arsenal Charm talisman in Roundtable Hold. Keep in mind that this can be overlooked as the quest progresses.

    Arsenal Charm Location & Effects
  3. 2. Speak With Nepheli Loux At Roundtable Hold
  4. After defeating Godrick the Grafted, Nepheli Loux will now appear at Roundtable Hold. After three conversations, she will say "I'm about to go" and the questline will proceed.

    If Nepheli Loux Is Missing Or Not Showing Up

    Nepheli Loux is located in the room in front of the Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold. If she is not present, speak with Gideon Ofnir in the room with the site of grace and check again after the loading.

  5. 3. Speak With Nepheli Loux At The Village Of The Albinaurics
  6. Entrance To Village Of The AlbinauricsDirections From Nearby Site Of Grace

    How To Get To The Village Of The Albinaurics

    Her next appearance will be in the Village of the Albinaurics in Liurnia. The shortest route is from the Folly on the lake, although it can be difficult to find since it is located under a cliff. At the entrance of the village, you will find Nepheli sitting by the fire. Go ahead and speak with her several times.

  7. 4. Defeat The Omenkiller Boss In The Village Of The Albinaurics
  8. After the conversation at the entrance, cross the stone wall and defeat the Omenkiller. Once you have defeated the boss, Nepheli Loux will disappear from the village and will head back to the Roundtable Hold.

    If The Boss Is Already Defeated, Nepheli Can Still Be Found At The Entrance

    Even if the boss has already been defeated, Nepheli Loux will still appear at the entrance. When you speak with her, the questline will proceed without any issues, so it is fine even if the boss is already defeated.

  9. 5. Speak With Nepheli Loux At The Bottom Of The Stairs In Roundtable Hold
  10. 5

    When you return from the Village Of The Albinaurics, you will find her down the stairs near Smithing Master Hewg. She is sitting in front of the Imp Seal Statue, so no need to use a Stonesword Key.

  11. 6. Speak With Gideon Ofnir In His Study
  12. 6

    You will hear a conversation about Nepheli from Gideon in the Roundtable Hold study after speaking with Nepheli Loux at the bottom of the Roundtable Hold stairs. Talk to Nepheli Loux after hearing the conversation and select "I have heard from Gideon."

    Items Are Required To Progress The Questline

    In order to proceed with Nepheli Loux's questline, you will need certain items that are required. Choose carefully as they are involved in obtaining the spirit ash and progressing the questline.

Nepheli Loux Questline Routes

▼Survival [Rewards]
・Obtain Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone x 1
・Gostoc Shop is now available
└ Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone x 1 can be purchased.
Give the Stormhawk King to Nepheli and advance the story until you defeat Morgott.
▼Death [Rewards]
Nepheli Loux Puppet Spirit Ash can be obtained.
Progress Seluvis's questline and have Nepheli drink Seluvis's Potion.

Give The Stormhawk King To Nepheli (Survival Route)

  1. 1. Give The Stormhawk King To Nepheli Loux
  2. 1
    How To Get To Warp PointRoute To Stormhawk King

    How To Obtain The Stormhawk King

    Head to the Four Belfries in Liurnia.
    Use the Imbued Sword Key to warp to the Chapel Of Anticipation on the Imp Seal Statue next to the 'Precipice of Anticipation' message.
    Defeat the Grafted Scion boss at the warp destination.
    └ The boss who appears in the tutorial.
    Proceed to the second floor from the right side of the building at the start of the gameplay.
    └ You can find the Stormhawk King outdoors, while the Stormhawk Deenh spirit ash can be found in a treasure chest indoors on the second floor.

    After obtaining the Stormhawk King, give it to Nepheli Loux at the bottom of the stairs in Roundtable Hold. A Finger Maiden can be found on the first floor, where the Stormhawk King was, and her blood can be dyed in the Varre questline.

  3. 2. If There Is No Option To Give The Stormhawk King
  4. Roderika Questline Is Required To Give The Stormhawk King

    Speak with Roderika and Smithing Master Hewg at Roundtable Hold.
    If you load, Roderika will become a Spirit Tuner.
    You can now give the Stormhawk King to Nepheli Loux.

    In order to give the Stormhawk King to Nepheli Loux, it is necessary to progress Roderika's Questline at the Roundtable Hold. If you are unable to give it to her, please refer to the above chart to proceed with the quest.

  5. 3. Progress Kenneth Haight's Questline
  6. MapDirections (Site of Grace)
    Kenneth Haight Quest Walkthrough Chart
    Speak with him at a pile of rubble north of the Mistwood Outskirts in Limgrave.
    Defeat the Knight at Fort Haight.
    Report back to Kenneth Haight.
    Visit Fort Haight once more.

    Proceed with the Kenneth Haight quest and hear from him that he is looking for a new king. Although it seems to be irrelevant, he will be involved with Nepheli Loux in the future. If you have already completed his questline, proceed to next step .

    Kenneth Haight Is Not Related To Nepheli's Appearance At The Throne Room

    Regardless of your progression in the Kenneth Haight questline (dead or alive), Nepheli Loux will be moved to Godrick's Throne Room. Although, this is not related to the appearance of Nepheli at the throne room, those who want to move Kenneth Haight to the throne should finish his questline.

  7. 4. Progress The Story And Defeat Morgott The Omen King
  8. Advance the storyline and defeat Morgott, The Omen King boss in Leyndell, Royal Capital. You will need to defeat this boss to progress the storyline, so go ahead and defeat him if you haven't yet. Proceed to the next step if you have already progressed through the story and defeated the boss.

    Walkthrough - Map Guide & Fastest Order
  9. 5. Nepheli Loux Appears On The Throne Room When You Pass Time At A Site Of Grace
  10. Throne RoomLocation

    If you have fulfilled all the conditions above and passed the time at Godrick the Grafted site of grace (after defeating Godrick in Stormveil Castle), Nepheli Loux will appear at Godrick's Throne Room. By talking to her, you will receive the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

    If you completed Kenneth Haight's questline, he will also appear on the throne room. You can talk to him, but there will be no reward.

    If Gostoc Is Alive, His Shop Will Be Available


    If the player has not killed Gostoc, he will also move to the throne room. He'll open his shop and sell a single Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone worth 20,000 runes.

    If You Do Not Move To Godrick's Throne Room

    According to reports, they appeared in the throne room after the conditions were fulfilled by speaking with Nepheli Loux, Kenneth Haight, and Gostoc, and by passing time at the Site of Grace after defeating Godrick.

  11. 6. Summon Nepheli Loux In Hoarah Loux Battle.
  12. When Nepheli Loux is at Godrick's Throne Room, she can be summoned as a cooperative NPC in the fight against Hoarah Loux in Leyndell, Ashen Capital. After the battle, there is no particular conversation.

    ▲The Survival Route Is Up To This Point

Giving Seluvis's Potion (Death Route)

Questline End Flag
Nepheli Loux will stop moving once you hand over Seluvis's Potion. You won't be able to speak to her after that, and by loading, you'll be moved to Seluvis's basement.

How To Get Seluvis's Potion

1Clear Caria Manor in Liurnia.
2Proceed until Ranni sleeps during Ranni's Questline.
3Seluvis will give you Seluvis's Potion.
└ He is located in Seluvis's Rise, which is right next to Ranni's Rise.
4Give Nephili Loux Seluvis's Potion.
She will become a puppet.
5Complete Ranni's Questline.
6You can find Nepheli Loux Puppet on the second floor of Caria Manor.
Seluvis Questline

Nepheli will be treated as dead if you use Seluvis' Potion on her. Instead, you'll get the Nepheli Loux Puppet spirit ash. You must complete Ranni's Questline to obtain the spirit ash, which may take some time.

Characters You Can Use Seluvis's Potion On

NameExclusive Rewards
Nepheli Loux [ Reward ] Spirit Ashes: Nepheli Loux Puppet
The Nepheli Loux questline will end after her death.
Gideon Ofnir [ Reward ] No special compensation
If both Nepheli Loux and Dung Eater are alive, you will be able to proceed with the Seluvis and Nepheli Loux questline.
Dung Eater [ Reward ] Spirit Ashes: Dung Eater Puppet
The Dung Eater dies and you won't be able to proceed with his questline.

How To Get To Seluvis's Basement


Head for the building northeast of Ranni's Rise. At first glance, you won't be able to see anything there. However, if you hit the floor with a jumping attack, a stairway to the basement will appear. A hidden passageway will also appear if you attack the front of the room.

Route To Nepheli Loux Puppet

The starting point is at Ranni's Rise. From the Site of Grace, head east and jump down from the ramparts. You will soon hear someone screaming along the way. Proceed and fall through the hole to find a Nepheli Loux Puppet falling down.

What To Do If Nepheli Is Missing? - Nepheli Loux Questline

※ If Stormhawk Axe x 2 falls at the place where Nepheli Loux appears, then she has already died.

Check Her Possible Locations

Nepheli Loux Locations
Quest Progress
Small room at Stormveil Castle
Before defeating Godrick the Grafted.
Roundtable Hood: In front of Gideon Ofnir's study
Speak to her at Roundtable Hold after defeating Godrick the Grafted.
Entrance to the Village of the Albinaurics
Conversation In Roundtable Hold ~ Conversation at the entrance of the Village of the Albinaurics after you have defeated the boss there.
Roundtable Hood: At the bottom of the stairs near Smithing Master Hewg
After the conversation in the Village of the Albinaurics ~ Survival Route / Death Route
Godrick's Throne Room in Stormveil Castle
After selecting the survival route and advancing the story to the defeat of Morgott, the Omen King.

First, let's try to check all the locations where Nepheli Loux appears. If you see the Stormhawk Axe, it means that she has already died and you cannot proceed with the questline anymore.

If Nepheli Is Not At Roundtable Hold (In Front Of The Study) When She Should Be There

If Nepheli Loux is not at Roundtable Hold after defeating Godrick, speak with Gideon Ofnir at the Roundtable Hold Site of Grace. After the conversation and loading once, Gideon will move to his study and Nepheli Loux will appear in front of it.

If Nepheli Loux Does Not Move To The Throne Room

Speak With The NPCs Who Came To The Throne Room And Rest At A Site Of Grace

After fulfilling the above conditions, speak with the NPCs in the throne room. Afterwards, pass the time at Godrick the Grafted Site of Grace. If you have not finished the Kenneth Haight questline, you do not have to talk to him to have Nepheli Loux move to the throne room.

There Are Reports Of Other Solutions As Well

Method 1Unleash the power of Godrick's Great Rune.
Method 2Use Spirit Ash: Stormhawk Deenh
Method 3Speak with Gideon Ofnir after the conditions are fulfilled.

There are reports that when the above methods were done, Nepheli Loux moved to the throne room. Please try the above if she still didn't move to the throne room after passing the time at the Site of Grace.

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