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Bolt of Gransax Build Guide - Recommended Stats

Elden Ring | Bolt of Gransax Build Guide - Recommended Stats

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This is an article for Bolt of Gransax Build Guide - Recommended Stats in Elden Ring. Includes weapon details, recommended class, stats, equipment, tips, and more!

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Bolt of Gransax Articles
Bolt of Gransax Build How To Get Bolt of Gransax
Best Build & Stats For Each Class

Bolt of Gransax Details

Use Skill From A Distance

This build utilizes Ancient Lightning Spear, a skill that hurls a single poweful projectile to the enemy from a distance. This is great for players who are not good with melee combat.

Poweful Charged Skill

Ancient Lightning Spear can be enhanced even further when charged. The attack power increases for about 1.375x compared to usual. In addition, the effects of Godfrey Icon can further increase its attack power making it a deadly skill against any enemy from far.

Increase Damage With Talisman & Crystal Tear

Ancient Lightning Spear has a lightning attribute which can be enhanced even further by using various talismans & crystal tears. When the items mentioned below are used, the damage output would significantly increase.

Talisman & Crystal Tear Multiplier

Talisman Lightning Scorpion Charm: 1.2x
Shard of Alexander: 1.15x
Ritual Sword Talisman: 1.1x
Godfrey Icon: 1.15x
Crystal Tear Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear: 1.2x

Weapon Information

Bolt of Gransax
Type: Affinity:
Spear Pierce
Attack Guarded Damage Negation
Physical: 98 Physical: 60.0
Magic: 0 Magic: 31.0
Fire: 0 Fire: 31.0
Lightning: 63 Lightning: 47.0
Holy: 0 Holy: 31.0
Critical: 100 Guard Boost: 40
Str 20 D
Dex 40 D
Passive Effects
Bolt of Gransax - How To Get & Stats

Scaling At +10

Affinity Attack Attribute Stats Scaling
Standard 240 Lightning 154 Str D
Dex C

Weapon Skill

Skill Name FP Cost
Ancient Lightning Spear 25
Imbue the armament with the ancient dragons' red lightning, then throw it as a spear. Can be charged to increase its power.

How & Where To Get

Obtain it from the Great Spear stuck near the Erdtree Sanctuary in Altus Plateau.
※ Not available in Leyndell, Ashen Capital

Recommended Class & Stats

Samurai Class

Recommended Class
Lv Vi Mi En St De In Fa Ar
9 12 11 13 12 15 9 8 8

^ Preferential | Optional | Unnecessary

Dexterity is the most important stat in this build as it affects the damage output of Bolt of Gransax. Although Warrior has the highest initial value for Dexterity, the initial value for Intelligence & Arcane is also high which is considered as a waste since this build does not need those stats. That is why the recommended class for this build is Samurai.

Stat Points Allocation

At Level 50

Stat Point Enhancement
Vigor 30 ・Raise to 30 to increase HP & durability
Mind 11 ・Initial value
Endurance 13 ・Initial value
Strength 12 ・Initial value
・You can use Guardian's Swordspear by two-hand wield
Dexterity 38 ・Raise to increase weapon attack power
Intelligence 9 ・Initial value
Faith 8 ・Initial value
Arcane 8 ・Initial value

At this point, it is difficult to obtain the Bolt of Gransax. Use the starting weapon, Uchigatana, for the meantime. But it is recommended to obtain the Guardian's Swordspear in the early game.

At Level 120

Stat Point Enhancement
Vigor 40 ・Raise to increase HP & durability
Mind 21 Ancient Lightning Spear can be used for 5 times
Endurance 21 ・Equipable Items At Med. Load:
Bolt of Gransax
Guardian's Swordspear
Brass Shield
Okina Mask + Land of Reeds armor set
・4 dedicated talismans
Strength 20 ・You can use Bolt of Gransax by right-hand wield
Dexterity 70 ・Raise to increase weapon attack power and skill
Intelligence 9 ・Initial value
Faith 8 ・Initial value
Arcane 8 ・Initial value

Raise Mind & Strength once you obtain the Bolt of Gransax. In addition, raise Endurance so you will only have medium load even if you equip the Guardian's Swordspear and use it as right-hand armament 2.

Recommended Equipment

Recommended Weapon

Bolt of GransaxBolt of Gransax 【Right-hand wield】
※ Main weapon
・Fight from a safe distance using Ancient Lightning Spear
・Damage output increases when using charged skill
・Easily increase charged skill damage with Lightning Scorpion Charm
Improved motion speed from 1.04 Update
GuardianGuardian's Swordspear 【Right-hand wield】
※ Dex A scaling
・Weapon skill can be replaced with other skills like Ice Spear
・Easy-to-use attack motion
・Troublesome to obtain since it is a rare drop
Brass ShieldBrass Shield 【Shield】
・Physical guarded damage negation 100%
・Similar guard strength as large shield when upgraded at max
・Since it is a medium, it does not add much weight

Recommended Armor

Okina MaskOkina Mask
※ Best
・Increases Dexterity by 3 but decreases focus by 18%
Imp Head (Long-Tongued)Imp Head (Long-Tongued) 【Head】
・Increase Dexterity by 2
ConsortConsort's Mask 【Head】
・Increase Dexterity by 1

Recommended Talisman

Name Effect
Lightning Scorpion CharmLightning Scorpion Charm ・Increases lightning damage by 12% but decreases guarded damage negation
Shard of AlexanderShard of Alexander ・Increases attack power of skills by 15%
Ritual Sword TalismanRitual Sword Talisman ・Increases attack power for about 10% when HP is at maximum
Godfrey IconGodfrey Icon ・Increases charged spells & skills attack damage for about 15%
Dragoncrest Greatshield TalismanDragoncrest Greatshield Talisman ・Greatly increases physical damage negation by 20

Lightning Scorpion Charm Replacement

Although Lightning Scorpion Charm is great, it reduces physical damage negation and pairing it with Okina Mask + Land of Reeds armor set makes it less than 10. If there is a situation where you cannot spam Ancient Lightning Spear from a safe distance, it is recommended to use Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman instead to increase durability.

Recommended Crystal Tear

Lightning-Shrouding Cracked TearLightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear ・Increases lightning damage for 1.2x
・Duration of 3 minutes

Does Not Work With Spiked Cracked Tear

The Spiked Cracked Tear has the effect of enhancing charged attack but it is not effective for Ancient Lightning Spear.

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