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Elden Ring | Tanith Questline - Location & Knight

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Tanith Quest Guide For Elden Ring. Guide includes Dancer's Castanets, location where Tanith has gone eating Rykard's face, her Knight's armor, Daughter's quest, ending and rewards!

Table of Contents

Tanith Location & Quest Reward

Initial LocationVolcano Hall at Altus Plateau
Drops Upon DeathArmor: Consort's Set
※ Tanith can be killed after moving to the location of Rykard
Main Quest Reward Weapon: Serpentbone Blade
Weapon: Hoslow's Petal Whip
Armor: Scaled Set
Armor: Hollow Set
Armor: Consort's Set
Talisman: Crepus's Vial
Talisman: Taker's Cameo
Sorcery: Magma Shot
Incantation: Aspect of the Crucible: Breath

The Questline Cannot Proceed If You Defeat Rykard

You will not be able to proceed with the Tanith questline if you already have defeated the boss of the Volcano Hall, Rykard, before completing the quest. Therefore, it is recommended to proceed first with the Tanith questline before defeating Rykard.

Tanith Questline Walkthrough

If You Want To Proceed With The Rya Quest At The Same Time
※ The Rya Quest will become available as the Tanith questline proceeds. If you wish to work on both at the same time, please see the article below for the simultaneous progress chart.
  1. Head To The Volcano Manor At Altus Plateau
  2. Medallion (Left) Location
    Medallion (Right) Location

    Tanith is in the Volcano Manor on the Altus Plateau, so head to the site first. To enter the Altus Plateau, you have to move the Grand Lift of Dectus, so make sure to first obtain the Dectus Medallion (left / right). The route to the Volcano Manor is quite complicated, so please refer to the video below.

    Video On How To Get To Volcano Manor

    Side Story: Pushed Down By Patches On A Cliff Along The Way

    Patches Questline & Location
  3. Talk To Tanith And Select Become A Member Of Volcano Manor
  4. Talk to the NPC (Tanith) near the Site of Grace in Volcano Manor. When you choose the "Become a member of Volcano Manor" option, the questline will proceed and you will be given the key to the Drawing-Room.

  5. Pick Up Letter From Volcano Manor In The Drawing-Room At The Back Left Of The Corridor
  6. Rya Liurna Location

    After receiving the key to the Drawing-Room, open the door at the left end of the back passage and enter the room. Pick up the Letter from Volcano Manor on the table.

    Video On How To Get To The Place Where The Letter Is Located

  7. Defeat Istvan In Limgrave And Report To Tanith
  8. Location In Map
    Examine Red Sign

    After picking up the letter from Volcano Manor, the location of the target, "Istvan, the Old Knight," will appear on the map. Head to your destination while looking at the above image or the in-game map, and examine the red Summon Sign to invade Istvan's world and defeat him. Once defeated, return to Volcano Manor and talk to Tanith near the Site of Grace several times to report your findings.

    Drop Scared Armor Set
    RewardSorcery: Magma Shot
  9. Pick Up Letter From Volcano Manor From The Table In The Same Drawing-Room
  10. Rya Liurna Location

    After reporting to Tanith, return to the room where you picked up the letter earlier and pick up the next "Letter from Volcano Manor" that has fallen.

  11. Defeat Rileigh In Altus Plateau And Report To Tanith
  12. Location In Map
    Examine Red Sign

    After picking up the letter, the location of the next target, "Rileigh the Idle", will appear on the map. Head to the location as you did with Istvan, and after defeating it, return to Volcano Manor and report to Tanith.

    Drop Talisman: Crepus's Vial
    Black-Key Bolt x20
    RewardWeapon: Serpentbone Blade
  13. Obtain The Letter From Patches And Head For The Ruin-strewn Precipice
  14. bloody finger Nerijus map
    Get A Letter From Patches
    Boss Battle Along The Way

    After reporting to Tanith, talk to Patches near the entrance of the Volcano Manor to receive 'Letter To Patches'. Similar to the previous targets, you will have to go to the location of the Great Horned Tragoth as shown in the map above and defeat it. Please refer to the video below for the directions since the path towards the location is complicated and you will find Magma Wyrm Makar, a boss, along the way.

    Route To Ruin-Strewn Precipice

  15. Defeat The Great Horned Tragoth And Report To Patches
  16. Examine Red Summon SignDefeat Great Horned Tragoth

    After defeating the boss Magma Wyrm Makar, examine the Red Summon Sign in the same area and defeat Great Horned Tragoth. Afterwards, return to the Volcano Manor and talk to Patches. Select "The request is done" option to report. After that, rest at a Site of Grace and speak with Patches to receive the Magma Whip Candlestick.

    Drops• Rune Arc
    • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
    • Bull-Goat Armor Set
    Rewards After Reporting• Whip: Magma Whip Candlestick
  17. Pick Up The Red Letter In The Drawing-Room Table
  18. Pick up the letter from the table in the guest room at Volcano Manor. The name of this letter is the "Red Letter."

  19. Defeat Juno Hoslow In The Mountaintops Of The Giants
  20. bloody finger Nerijus map
    Location In Map
    Red Summon Sign

    After picking up the Red Letter, the location of the next target "Juno Hoslow, Knight Of Blood" will be displayed on the map of the Mountaintops of the Giants. Similar to the previous targets, head to the location and return to the Volcano Manor after eliminating the target.

    DropHoslow's Petal Whip
    • Hoslow's Armor Set
    Rewards After ReportingTaker's Cameo Talisman
    Mountaintops of the Giants Guide - Map & How To Unlock
  21. Report To Tanith And Select See The Lord
  22. Once you return to the Volcano Manor, speak with Tanith to obtain the reward Taker's Cameo. If you continue with the conversation, you will be prompted with the option "See The Lord" and if you select it, you will be taken into battle with Rykard, Lord Of Blasphemy.

  23. Defeat The Volcano Manor Boss Rykard
  24. Flag For All NPCs In Volcano Manor To Disappear
    ※ If you speak to the NPCs in the Volcano Manor after defeating Rykard, they will disappear from the Volcano Manor. Avoid defeating Rykard if you want to do other NPCs' questlines.

    If you select the "See The Lord" option, you will be taken to the area where Rykard is located in the Volcano Manor. This battle will have two phases in a row, along with the God-Devouring Serpent, so make sure you are well prepared before entering. Once the boss is defeated, all NPCs in Volcano Manor will disappear. So make sure to complete all NPC quests that interest you before proceeding.

  25. Speak With Tanith After Defeating Rykard
  26. After defeating Rykard, return to Tanith and talk to her. After the conversation, Tanith will say "I'm leaving Volcano Manor." After that, when you rest at the Site of Grace and load up, Tanith will be gone. Other NPCs will also disappear from the Volcano Manor after talking and resting at the Site of Grace.

    NPCs And Quest Rewards That Disappear

    NPCQuest Rewards
    Rya • Talisman: Daedicar's Woe
    Patches• Armor: Bull Goat Set
    Weapon: Magma Whip Candlestick
    Bernahl• Weapon: Devourer's Scepter
    • Beast Champion Armor Set
    Diallos• Gesture: My Thanks
  27. Head To The Shaded Castle And Talk To Patches Before The Boss
  28. MapPatches Location

    Enter the Altus Plateau, descend to the bottom of the valley in front of you, and head north to the Shaded Castle. Patches sits in the corridor in front of the boss area of ​​the Shade Castle, and when you talk to him, you will be given a Dancer's Castanets and request you to give it to Tanith.

  29. Speak With Tanith At The Location Where Rykard Used To Be
  30. Tanith will no longer be in the Volcano Manor since she has moved to the boss area where you fought Rykard. If you talk to her and give her the Dancer's Castanets, she will give it back. Take note that you will not receive any particular reward and the Dancer's Castanets will be gone from your inventory.

  31. Return To Rykard's Location And Kill Tanith
  32. There May Be A Continuation Of The Questline
    ※ Questlines may continue from the Dancer's Castanets quests. If you kill Tanith, there is a great chance that the questline will be canceled, hence it is suggested that you do not kill unless you want a reward for defeating her.

    When Tanith is no longer at the area where she's usually found, fast travel back to where you battled Rykard. You will see Tanith in the location of Rycard's corpse. If you want to hear her story, talk with her first, and when you're done, you may attack and kill her.

  33. Pick Up Tanith's Equipment After Battle With Tanith's Knight
  34. Rya Liurna Location

    When Tanith is defeated, Tanith's Knight will invade and battle you. If you defeat Tanith's Knight, you can get the incantation Aspect of the Crucible: Breath. Also, if you check the position of Tanith's corpse, you can find the armor Consort's Set.

    DropIncantation: Aspect of the Crucible: Breath
    From Tanith's Corpse Equipment: Consort's Set
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