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Jar Bairn Questline & Location

Elden Ring | Jar Bairn Questline & Location

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Jar Bairn Quest Guide For Elden Ring. See Jar Bairn walkthrough Potentate quest, tips when stuck or missing, get flowers, Jarburg & Liurna locations, Alexander's Innards & rewards!

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NPC Quest Guide

Jar Bairn - Start Location & Quest Rewards

Appears At Jarburg In Liurnia

Map LocationNPC Appearance
First AppearanceJarburg in Liurnia
Obtained Upon KillingNone
Quest Rewards• Talisman: Companion Jar
• Weapon: Hoslow's Petal Whip
• Helm: Diallos' Mask
• Numen's Rune

NPC Questlines To Advance With This Quest

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You won't be able to get all the rewards for Jar Bairn's questline unless you complete Alexander and Diallos' questlines. Diallos' questline is timed, so try to prioritize his quest first.

Jar Bairn - Walkthrough Chart

Questline End Flag
※Jar Bairn will vanish if you attack it. Once Jar Bairn dissappears, you will no longer be able to continue the questline.
  1. Talk To Jar Bairn At Jarburg In Liurnia
  2. Location Of JarburgLocation Of Jar Bairn

    Jar Bairn can be found in Jarburg, which is located down a cliff south of the Carian Study Hall. Talk to Jar Bairn, who is sitting on the stairs of one of the houses in the village.

    How To Descend The Cliff In Front Of Jarburg

  3. Talk To Him Again After Resting At The Site Of Grace (Repeat Several Times)
  4. Questline End Flag
    ※If you have Alexander's Innards when you speak to Jar Bairn and you choose to give it, the quest will end. Make sure to give it after Diallos' questline is over. (You can obtain the talisman here.).
    1st Time"Pick some flowers in the village" will be mentioned.
    2nd TimeTalk about Alexander
    ※ Option appears when you talk to Alexander once
    ▶Click Here For Alexander Questline Guide
    3rd TimeTalk about poachers
    4th TimeTalk about Diallos
    ※Progress to Diallos' questline until Diallos disappears from Volcano Manor.
    ▶Click Here For Diallos Questline Guide

    Go Speak To Alexander If You Haven't Yet

    Location In LimgraveLocation In Caelid

    If you haven't met Alexender yet, you won't be able to proceed with the second and subsequent dialogues with Jar Bairn in Jarburg. When the Radahn Festival begins, Alexander will move to Redmane Castle in Caelid even if the player hasn't met him yet.

    Do Not Give Alexander's Innards At This Point

    If you have Alexander's Innards in your possession, you will get the option of giving it to Jar Bairn. If you give it to Jar Bairn, you will obtain the talisman. However, you will no longer be able to proceed with Diallos' questline. You can still obtain the talisman later on, so don't give it to Jar Bairn if you still want to do Diallos' questline.

  5. Speak With Diallos At Jarburg
  6. Questline End Flag
    ※If you defeat Rykard before Diallos reaches the Volcano Manor in his questline, then he will disappear and you can no longer continue his questline.
    Location Of DiallosDiallos Is In A Hut

    After hearing about Diallos from Jar Bairn, Diallos will appear in a hut in Jarburg. Talk to him once he appears.

    You Won't Be Able To Proceed With The Questline If You Become Hostile

    If you attack Diallos in the hut, he will turn hostile. By defeating him, you will get his very own equipment. However, it is not recommended since you can still obtain his equipment by proceeding with the questline normally. Take note that you also won't be able to proceed with Jar Bairn's questline if the NPCs became hostile.

  7. Speak With Diallos And Jar Bairn After Fast Travelling
  8. Fast travel to any Site of Grace other than Jarburg to pass some time. When you return to Jarburg, you'll see that Jar Bairn has moved to the side of the road instead of it's usual location, so go ahead and talk to it. Afterwards, go further down the road and talk to Diallos, who is seen lying on the ground. It doesn't matter which option you pick here since Diallos will die after the conversation.

  9. Speak With Jar Bairn, Who Is Eating Diallos' Corpse After Resting At The Site Of Grace
  10. After resting at the Site of Grace, return to the place where Diallos died to find Jar Bairn eating his corpse. Take a rest at the Site of Grace again after talking to Jar Bairn.

  11. Speak With Jar Bairn After Resting At The Site of Grace
  12. After resting at the Site of Grace, you'll find Jar Bairn back to its initial location, so go ahead and speak to it. When it talks about going on a journey, choose the 'Give Alexander's Innards' option to proceed with the questline. You can obtain Alexander's Innards by completing Alexander's questline.

    Alexander Questline - Iron Fist Guide
  13. Obtain Items From Jar Bairn And Diallos' Corpse
  14. Rest at the Site of Grace and return to where Jar Bairn was. From there, you will find the Companion Jar Talisman. In addition, if you return to the location of Diallos' corpse, you can get his equipment and items, so make sure to visit the area.

    Items You Can Obtain

    Jar Bairn's Location• Talisman: Companion Jar
    Diallos' Corpse• Weapon: Hoslow's Petal Whip
    • Helm: Diallos' Mask
    • Numen's Rune

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