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All Endings List Guide For Elden Ring. See Ending walkthrough, how to get & unlock, lord of frenzied flame, elden lord, age of the stars, mending rune, requirements & no spoilers.

Table of Contents

Available Endings

Three Endings Are Available

Three different endings are available in Elden Ring. Obtaining each ending grants you an achievement. Unlocking the endings, however, does not result in any in-game rewards.

Features Of Each Ending

Elden LordThe normal ending which is the easiest to obtain
Age Of The StarsTakes the longest time to complete the requirements
Lord Of Frenzied FlameOnce you have completed the conditions, you can no longer get the other endings
▼How to get out of frenzied flame ending once in

Frenzied Flame Ending Is Fixed Upon Completing The Conditions

When you have fulfilled the conditions for the Frenzied Flame ending, the ending will be fixed to the Lord of Frenzied Flame ending. Take note that you won't be able to see other endings.

Elden Lord Conditions

Defeat The Final Boss

After defeating the final boss, simply select the "Mend the Elden Ring" option. Unless you've met the requirements for the Frenzied Flame ending, you can simply continue with the main storyline to obtain it.

Varies Depending On The Mending Rune You Use

Mending RuneHow To Get
Mending Rune of the Death-PrinceObtained in Fia Questline
Mending Rune of the Fell CurseObtained in Dung Eater Questline
Mending Rune of Perfect OrderObtained in Brother Corhyn Questline

If you have a Mending Rune, you can select "Use Mending Rune of ___" after defeating the final boss. Depending on the Mending Rune you use, you'll get a slightly different ending than usual.

Age Of The Stars Conditions

Complete Ranni's Questline

A blue summon sign will appear if you have finished Ranni's questline and defeated the final boss. Summon Ranni using the sign to get the Age of the Stars ending. You can complete Ranni's questline until you defeat the final boss.

Ranni Questline & Location Guide

Lord Of Frenzied Flame Conditions

See The Frenzied Flame Cutscene

After seeing the cutscene at the Frenzied Flame Proscription in Leyndell, Royal Capital / Ashen Capital, defeat the final boss and select "Become the Lord of Frenzied Flame" to get the ending. As long as you haven't beaten the final boss yet, you can still get the 'Lord Of Frenzied Flame' ending.

Door Opens Once You Unequip

You can see the cutscene by opening the sealed door in the Frenzied Flame Proscription. The door will only open once you have removed all of your equipment.

Ending Changes At The Time Of The Cutscene

The ending will be slightly different depending on whether you have viewed the Frenzied Flame cutscene before or after clearing the Mountaintops of the Giants. It is recommended to watch the Frenzied Flame cutscene before clearing the Mountaintops of the Giants because some scenes are cut when you have completed the Mountaintops of the Giants.

Mountaintops of the Giants Guide - Map & How To Unlock

How To Get To The Frenzied Flame Proscription

Leyndell, Royal Capital ~ Cathedral Of The Forsaken

Going From Leyndell, Ashen Capital

After Leyndell has transformed into the Ashen Capital, the route to the Forsaken Depths will change. You can find the entrance when you see a large hole located slightly southwest of the Leyndell, Ashen Capital Site of Grace. The structure of the underground is the same as when it was the Royal Capital.

Cathedral Of The Forsaken ~ Frenzied Flame Proscription

How To Get Out Of Frenzied Flame Ending Once In

Obtain Unalloyed Gold Needle in Millicent's questline.
Defeat Malenia and turn the Unalloyed Gold Needle into Miquella's Needle.
Defeat Dragonlord Placidusax.
Use Miquella's Needle.

① Obtain Unalloyed Gold Needle In Millicent's Questline

Finish Millicent's questline first to obtain the Unalloyed Gold Needle. You can even proceed with Millicent's questline just before defeating the boss.

② Defeat Malenia And Obtain Miquella's Needle

After defeating Malenia at Miquella's Haligtree, a flower will bloom in its place. If you give the Unalloyed Gold Needle to the flower, you can change it into Miquella's Needle, which allows you to undo the Frenzied Flame ending.

Elphael & Miquella’s Haligtree - Location Map & Walkthrough

③ Defeat Dragonlord Placidusax

You can only use Miquella's Needle in the area where you defeated Dragonlord Placidusax. Make sure to unlock the Site of Grace after defeating it since you can only fast travel to the area of the Site of Grace to get there.

④ Use Miquella's Needle

Use Miquella's Needle from the tools section of the inventory. You'll see an option, and if you choose yes, you'll be able to quench the Flame of Frenzy and proceed with other endings.

How To Get All Endings In One Run

  1. Make The Necessary Preparations
  2. Preparation
    ・Fulfill the conditions of the Age of the Stars ending
    ・Fulfill the conditions of the Frenzied Flame ending
    ・Collect the items needed to undo the Frenzied Flame ending
    ・Subscribe to PS Plus or prepare an external storage device (HDD, etc.)

    If you want to see all the endings in one run, you must first satisfy all the conditions for all endings. Excluding the Elden Lord ending, make sure to finish the requirements of the other endings.

    PS PLUS Subscription Or External Storage Is Required

    Elden Ring automatically saves after the ending and goes into New Game+. In order to avoid this, you will need to transfer your save data using PS PLUS cloud or to an external storage.

    Turn Off Auto-Upload When Using PS PLUS

    If you use the PS PLUS online cloud storage, make sure to disable automatic uploads. This can automatically overwrite your save data, so make sure to check your settings first!

  3. Defeat The Elden Beast
  4. Defeat the Elden Beast to proceed with the ending. After defeating it, you'll see a nearby blessing, so interact with it.

  5. Save & Upload Data Before Watching The Ending
  6. Save and exit the game after unlocking the Site of Grace. Afterwards, copy the saved data to your PS PLUS cloud storage or to an external storage device.

    Go To Settings → Application Saved Data Management

    Select "Settings" > "Application Saved Data Management" on the PS Home screen and choose "Saved Data in System Storage." You can choose whether to copy the data to the cloud or to an external storage.

  7. See Frenzied Flame Ending
  8. Proceed to watch the Frenzied Flame ending since all of the conditions are met.

  9. Download Pre-Cleared Data
  10. Once you have seen the Frenzied Flame ending, exit the game and download the pre-cleared save data.

  11. Undo The Frenzied Flame Ending
  12. As long as the conditions for the Frenzied Flame ending are met, the other endings cannot be seen. To get out of it, you will need to defeat Dragonlord Placidusax, so make sure to prepare for it.

    ▲How To Undo The Frenzied Flame Ending
  13. Save & Upload Again
  14. Save and upload as we did in step 3 after undoing the Frenzied Flame ending.

  15. See The Rest Of The Endings
  16. You can now view the remaining endings, which are the Age of the Stars and the Elden Lord endings. You can do this by viewing them one by one and then reloading your uploaded save data.

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