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Elden Ring | Rya Questline - Location & Reward

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Rya's Questline - Location & Reward in Elden Ring. Includes questline location map, necklace, scout, snake form, secret room, lux runes, Rykard ending, guide walkthrough & rewards!

Table of Contents

Rya Location & Questline Reward

Map LocationNPC Location
Map Location
NPC Location
Initial Location Liurnia of the Lakes
Drops Upon Death Daedicar's Woe
Main Quest RewardDaedicar's Woe
Zorayas' Letter

Rya Questline Completion Guide

Tap To Move
▼ Volcano Manor Arrival▼ Until The Rileigh Battle▼ Ending Of The Event

Volcano Manor Arrival

Questline End Flag
※ It is possible to go to Volcano Manor without proceeding with Rya's questline, but in that case, BlackGuard Big Boggart Questline will not progress, so we recommend that you advance Questline as follows.
Questline Overview Chart
  1. ▼ Talk with Rya near the Scenic Isle in Liurnia.
  2. ▼ Obtain Necklace from NPC at Boilprawn Shack
  3. ▼ Return to Rya and give her the Necklace
    └ You will receive Volcano Manor Invitation
  4. ▼ Talk with Rya in Altus Plateau and go to Volcano Manor
    └ Rya is at the Dectus Great Lift or in the Erdtree-Gazing Hill
  1. Talk With Rya Near Liurnia Of The Lakes
  2. bloody finger Nerijus map
    Location In The MapSite Of Grace Guide

    From the Site of Grace at the Scenic Isle in Liurnia, proceed as shown in the image above to reach the building with the statue. Rya is next to the statue, so talk to her.

  3. Obtain Necklace From NPC At Boilprawn Shack
  4. Map LocationNPC
    Map Location
    Map Location

    Rya will request you to look for a pair of necklace, so head to Boilprawn Shack. See the above image for location. When you arrive, you'll see an NPC. You can either pay him 1000 Runes or defeat him to get the necklace back.

  5. Return To Rya And Give Her The Necklace
  6. Rya Liurna Location

    After obtaining the necklace, return to the location where you spoke with Rya. After handing over the necklace, Rya will give you Volcano Manor Invitation as a token of appreciation. After this, you'll need to head to Altus Plateau beyond Liurnia, so make sure to collect Dectus Medallion (left/right), which you will need for the trip.

  7. Talk With Rya In Altus Plateau And Go To Volcano Manor
  8. Map Position Of Grand LiftImage Of Dectus Grand Lift
    Map Location
    Map Location
    Map Position Of ErdtreeImage Of Erdtree
    Map Location

    The place where Rya appears changes depending on how you reached Altus Plateau. If you enter through the Grand Lift of Dectus, you will find Rya just by this lift. If you enter from the Ruin-Strewn Precipice Site of Grace, Rya will appear at the Site of Grace Erdtree-Gazing Hill near the Lux Ruins. Talking to her will warp you back to Volcano Manor.

From Arrival At Volcano Manor To The Defeat Of Rileigh

Questline End Flag
※ If you don't talk to Rya at least once after beating the Volcano Manor boss Rykard, then it will become impossible to continue the Rya Questline as a result.
  1. Speak With Tanith And Select Become A Member Of Volcano Manor
  2. Rya Liurna Location

    Talk to the NPC (Tanith) near the Site of Grace in Volcano Manor. When you choose the "Become a member of Volcano Manor" option, the questline will proceed and you will be given the key to the Drawing-Room.

  3. Pick Up Letter From Volcano Manor Between The Hall Of The Left Back Of The Corridor
  4. Rya Liurna Location

    After receiving the key to the Drawing-Room, open the door at the left end of the back passage and enter the room. Pick up the "Volcano Manor Letter" on the table. Also, talk to Rya and exchange greetings.

    Video On How To Get To The Place Where The Letter Is Located

  5. Defeat Istvan In Limgrave And Report To Tanith
  6. Location In Map Examine Red Sign

    After picking up the letter from Volcano Manor, the location of the target, "Istvan, the Old Knight," will appear on the map. Head to your destination while looking at the above image or the in-game map, and examine the red Summon Sign to enter Istvan's world and defeat him. Once defeated, return to Volcano Manor and talk to Tanith near the Site of Grace several times to report your findings.

    Drop Scared Armor Set
    RewardSorcery:Magma Shot
  7. Pick Up A Letter From Volcano Manor From The Same Guest Room Table
  8. Rya Liurna Location

    After reporting to Tanith, return to the room where you picked up the letter earlier and pick up the next "Letter from Volcano Manor" that has fallen. Also, talk to Rya again and ask her about the strange noises you've been hearing lately.

  9. Defeat Rileigh In Altus Plateau And Report To Tanith
  10. Location In Map Examine Red Sign

    After picking up the letter, the location of the next target, "Rileigh the Idle", will appear on the map. Head to the location as you did with Istvan, and after defeating it, return to Volcano Manor and report to Tanith.

    Drop Talisman: Crepus's Vial
    Black-Key Bolt x20
    RewardWeapon: Serpentbone Blade

After Rileigh's Defeat To The End Of The Questline

  1. Conversation With Rya (In The Form Of A Snake) In The Drawing-Room At The Right End Of The Corridor
  2. Rya Liurna Location

    After defeating Rileigh, enter the guest room at the right end of the corridor and talk thrice to Rya, who is now in the form of a snake.

  3. Talk To Tanith About The Appearance Of Zorayas
  4. Rya Liurna Location

    After speaking with Rya in the form of a snake, talk to Tanis and the option "the form of Zorayas" will occur. Select it and proceed with the conversation.

  5. Go To Prison Town Church From The Hidden Passage In The Room At The Front Right Of The Corridor
  6. Enter the room at the front right of the corridor and touch the wall where the corpse is located (near the wall where the painting is displayed), a hidden passage appears. Continue to the back and go down to the basement, where you will find the Site of Grace "Prison Town Church," and further down to the Temple of Eiglay, where the boss "Godskin Noble" appears.

    Easy To Proceed When Illuminated By Torch Or Lanterns

    The torch can be equipped in the right-hand weapon column of the equipment, and can be switched to a torch with the right cross key. Having a torch illuminates a dark place, making it easier to walk through secret passages. Torches can be obtained by purchasing from a merchant.

  7. Defeat The Boss Of Prison Town Church And Obtain The Serpent's Amnion
  8. Once you reach Prison Town Church, go to the right side of the building and go to Temple of Eiglay to defeat the boss Godskin Noble (see video below for details on how to get there). After that, pick up the Serpent's Amniotic Membrane that is found at the back of the boss' room.

    Directions From Site Of Grace At Prison Town Church To Boss

  9. Go Back To Talk Rya And Hand Over The Snake Amnion
  10. After obtaining the Serpent's Amnion, return to Volcano Manor and talk with Rya in the room at the far right end of the corridor. After the conversation, give her the Serpent's Amnion and proceed with the conversation.

  11. Conduct Three Different Conversations With Tanith
  12. First TimeThe option of "Zorayas' Troubles" will pop up
    Second TimeTalk to Tanith after the Site of Grace break and you will get the option "Zorayas' absence"
    Third TimeYou get the Tonic of Forgetfulness
    └ Tonic of Forgetfulness can be passed on to Corhyn

    Available Later Depending On Progress

    If you proceed with the Volcano Manor event until just before the quest against Rykard, even if you talk to Tanith , you will only have the option of looks like a king. In that case, the Tonic of Forgetfulnesswill not be available at this time, but you can get it if you go to the place where you were sitting after Tanith left the Volcano Manor.

    [Extra] What If You Give The Tonic Of Forgetfulness To Corhyn?

    Take The Medicine To Change The Dialogue Flow To Advance The Story

    If you have the Tonic Of Forgetfulness from the Volcano Manor event, you can offer it to Corhyn when talking to him on the Mountaintops of the Giants.

    Don't Expect Much As There Will Be No Change In The Rewards

    Even if you give Corhyn the Tonic Of Forgetfulness, the event will proceed and the rewards you will get will not change. The only difference is that depending on your Questline progress, you not being able learn Incantations from Corhyn anymore may happen earlier on.

    Furthermore, even if you give the Tonic Of Forgetfulness to Corhyn, you may later give it to the intended recipient, Rya. It's good to enjoy to how the story develops as you progress.

  13. Go Back To The Boss Room In The Prison Town Church And Go To Rya's Place
  14. Route Branch
    ※ * Be careful while entering the chamber; if you are overtaken by the enemy, you may be slain along with Rya. Even after arriving at the room, watch your back. If enemies are chasing after you, go to the back of the room to disperse them.

    Once you've received the Tonic of Forgetfulness from Tanith, return to the Temple of Eiglay and visit Rya for a conversation. The road to where Rya is is complicated, so please refer to the video below.

    How To Get To Rya's Location

    Route Branch
    ※ If you speak to the NPCs in the Volcano Manor after defeating Rykard, they will disappear from the Volcano Manor. Avoid defeating Rykard and stop advancing Rya's questline if you want to do other NPCs' questlines.
    When Using The North Lift Of Temple Of Eiglay

    If you have activated the lift on the north side of theTemple Of Eiglay, you can reach Rya in less time.

    The Ending Depends On Whether Or Not The Tonic Of Forgetfulness Is Handed Over

    When talking with Rya, there are two options: to provide or not the Tonic of Forgetfulness. Depending on your selected option, the rewards you earn after killing the boss of the Volcano Manor and the conclusion of Rya will differ. The rewards are the same, but there is a difference in whether you can obtain a letter, so if you are interested in the contents of the letter, do not provide it.

    Reward If Handed OverWeapon: Daedicar's Woe
    Reward If Not Handed OverWeapon: Daedicar's Woe
    Item: Zorayas' Letter
  15. Return To Volcano Manor And Pick Up The Red Letter From The Drawing-Room Table
  16. After advancing the Rya-related Questline to this point, return to Volcano Manor and go to the Drawing-Room at the far left end of the corridor to pick up the letter that has fallen down. The name of the letter this time is Red Letter.

  17. Defeat Juno Hoslow In The Mountaintops Of The Giants
  18. Location In MapExamine Red Sign

    After picking up the letter, go to the location of the next target. Juno Hoslow, Knight of the Blood Tide, will appear on the Mountaintops of the Giants map. Head to the site as you did before and return to Volcano Manor after defeating him.

    DropWeapon: Hoslow's Petal Whip
    Equipment: Hoslow Armor Set
    Reward Talisman: Taker's Cameo
    Mountaintops of the Giants Guide - Map & How To Unlock
  19. Report To Tanith And Select Looks Like A King
  20. Rya Liurna Location

    Once you return to the Volcano Manor, speak with Tanith to obtain the reward Taker's Cameo. If you continue with the conversation, you will be prompted with the option "See The Lord" and if you select it, you will be taken into battle with Rykard, Lord Of Blasphemy.

  21. Battle Rykard The Boss Of Volcano Manor
  22. Route Branch
    ※ Talking to other NPC in the Volcano Manor might be impossible as they may dissapear after defeating the boss Rykard. If you want to be able to do other NPC events, don't defeat Rykard right away.
    Rya Liurna Location

    If you select the "See The Lord" option, you will be taken to the area where Rykard is located in the Volcano Manor. This battle will have two phases in a row, along with the God-Devouring Serpent, so make sure you are well prepared before entering. Once the boss is defeated, all NPCs in Volcano Manor will disappear. So make sure to complete all NPC quests that interest you before proceeding.

  23. Talk To Tanith After The Defeating The Boss
  24. Rya Liurna Location

    After defeating Rykard, return to the Volcano Manor and talk toTanith. Tanith will say I'm leaving Volcano Manor. Afterwards, rest at a Site of Grace and load. Both of them will be gone from the Volcano Manor. After talking to the other NPCs, rest at a Site of Grace and they will also disappear from the Volcano Manor.

    NPC And Questline Reward That Disappears

    NPCMain Questline Reward
    RyaRyaTalisman: Daedicar's Woe
    Patches Patches Equipment: Bull-Goat Set
    Weapon: Magma Whip Candlestick
    BernahlBernahlWeapon: Devourer's Scepter
    Equipment: Beast Champion Set
    DiallosDiallos Gesture: Thank you
  25. Obtain The Daedicar's Woe From Rya
  26. Route Branch
    ※The story ending depends on whether or not the Tonic of Forgetfulness was given to Rya. Also, reward items you can obtain are slightly different.

    If You Give The Tonic Of Forgetfulness

    After all NPCs in Volcano Manor are gone, go to the Drawing-Room at the left end of the corridor in Volcano Manor to find Rya. After the conversation, take a break at the Site of Grace and return to the same place to find Daedicar's Woe. You cannot pick up the letter.

    Available Talisman: Daedicar's Woe
    Click To See Video

    If You Did Not Give The Tonic Of Forgetfulness

    After Tanith disappears from his position, Rya returns to the place where he made the choice whether or not to give her the Tonic Of Forgetfulness. After talking with her, you will be given the choice to give the potion again, but you will fast-travel back to the Site of Grace without giving the potion. When you visit again, you will find the Talisman Daedicar's Woe and Zoraya's Letter at the place where Rya was.

    AvailableTalisman: Daedicar's Woe
    Item: Letter of Zorayas
    Click To See Video

Tanith Guide After The Rya Event

Route Branch
※ Here, Rya's Questline ends but Tanith's Questline remains. If you are interested, click the link and check it out.

Patch & Tanith Event

  1. Head To Shaded Castle And Talk To Patches In Front Of The Boss
  2. Shaded Castle Location
    Patches Area Location

    Enter the Altus Plateau and descend to the bottom of the valley in front of you. Head north to the Shaded Castle where you can see Patches sitting in front of the Shaded Castle's boss area. When you talk to him, you will be given a Dancer's Castanets and he will request that you bring it to Tanith.

  3. Return To Rykard's Boss Location And Assassinate Tanith
  4. Rya Liurna Location

    Once Tanith disappears from the location, fast travel back to the location where you fought Rykard. Tanith will be near Rykard's corpse. If you want, talk to him and when you are done, you can attack and defeat him.

    It is not known if there will be a continuation of the event, so if you know it, please leave us a comment!!

  5. Kill Tanith
  6. There May Be A Continuation Of The Event
    ※ Events may continue from the Dancer's Castanets quests. If you kill Tanith, there is a great chance that the event will be canceled, hence it is suggested that you do not kill unless you want a reward for defeating him.
    Rya Liurna Location

    When you can't find Tanith in his usual place, fast travel back to where you had the Rykard Battle. You'll find Tanith near Rykard's corpse. Talk if you want to hear the rest of the story or proceed with attacking and defeating Tanith.

  7. Pick Up Tanith's Equipment After Fighting With Tanith's Knight
  8. Rya Liurna Location

    Tanith will no longer be at Volcano Manor and will have moved to the area where you had the boss fight with Rykard. If you talk to him, you'll be able to hand over the Dancer's Castanets, but there's no particular reward for doing so and the Dancer's Castanets will disappear from your inventory

    DropIncantation: Aspect of the Crucible: Breath
    From Tanith's Corpse Equipment: Consort's Set

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