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Elden Ring | Radahn Location & Festival Guide

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Guide on how to fight Starscourge Radahn's in Elden Ring. See Radahn's location, Radahn Festival, boss fight, weaknesses, drops, attack patterns, strategy, & how to beat tips!

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Walkthrough - Map Guide & Fastest Order

Starscourge Radahn Location, Drops & Weakness

Starscourge Radahn

Obtainable Runes70,000
Drops・Radahn's Great Rune
・Remembrance of the Starscourge
Obtained Through Remembrance・Starscourge Greatsword
・Starscourge Radahn’s Bow

Spawn Location (Caelid)

Radahn appears in Caelid southeast. In order to fight Radahn, it is necessary to hold the Radahn Festival at the NPC event that originates from Ranni's questline.

Ranni Quest Line & Location Guide

How To Fight Starscourge Radahn

Level up and prepare equipment
Summon allies to disperse targets
Understand how to dodge Radahn attacks
Take note of Radahn's attack pattern based on its HP level

Level Up And Prepare Equipment

▲ Reference stats for Radahn strategy

Radahn's attacks can cause instant death when your character level is low. When your stats are low, you may not be able to tolerate the attacks, so try to challenge at least level 50 or higher.

Rune Farm Guide: Leveling Up Fast

Best To Prepare Equipment With Hemorrhage And Poison Effects

Status conditions such as Hemorrhage, Poison, and Frostbite are highly effective against Radahn. It is recommended to prepare equipment with those status effects before challenging.

Equip Items Mainly For Long Distances

Radahn will target your allies so we recommend to attack at a safe distance and dodge its attack. If you really want to win, you will need to strategize with magic using a respec.

Summon Allies To Disperse Targets

You can summon allies in various parts of the area as bait to distract Radahn. If you summon multiple allies, Radahn's focus will be scattered around different targets and you will have a chance to attack.

Dead Allies Can Be Resummoned Later

Allies who died after being summoned can be summoned again once a certain amount of time has passed. The more allies you have, the more it will easy to attack it even when not engaging directly, so call forth as many as you can.

Know How To Dodge Radahn Attacks

To overcome Radahn's succession of instant death attacks, you must first learn how to evade Radahn's attacks. The assault patterns are outlined in the video linked below, so let's use it in line with the strategy.

▼ Jump To Radahn's Attack Patterns & How To Avoid

Understand Radahn's Behavior Patterns

The behavior pattern of Radahn changes according to its remaining HP. The lower the remaining HP, the more powerful the attacks. Your character will most likely die instantly, so it is necessary to refrain from any direct attacks and change the turn around depending on allies and status conditions.

Behavioral Patterns To Watch Out For

Remaining HP 75%When Lightning is twined to the sword, a shock wave attack is added
Remaining HP 50%Radahn disappears and crashes down in a meteor, gaining 4 Lightning charged-meteorites it can use to launch at any direction

Starscourge Radahn Walkthrough Procedure

Phase 1 Attack Pattern (75% HP And Above)

① Summon Allies While Avoiding Long-Range Arrows With Obstacles

Three arrows will be shot from a considerable distance at the start so to avoid these, make sure to use barriers and dodge them. Meanwhile, gather allies around you.

② Switch To Riding A Horse To Avoid Scattered Arrows

① Later, change to riding your Horse to avoid the scattered arrows that track you for some time. During this time, if you go near Radahn early, it will target you, so approach it with summoned allies.

③ A Long-Distance Charged Arrow Attack Comes After A Rain Of Arrows

After avoiding the scattered arrows from ②, get off the horse and focus on dodging to avoid the long-distance arrow attacks. At this time, there are more attacks that are hard to avoid while riding the Horse, so it's safer to get off the horse at this stage.

④ Attack Behind When You Are Not The Target

Attack from behind when Radahn's target is directed to a summoned ally. If you do not take advantage of this chance to attack, your summoned allies will die before you can cut Radahn's HP into half, and it will be almost impossible to play, so be careful. Depending on the target of Radahn, there is also a driving element of luck.

Phase 2 Attack Pattern (75% HP)

① Avoid Meteorites Attack On Horse

If Radahn's sword is charged with Lightning, it is proof that Radahn's HP has dropped below 75%. Attacks up to 50% HP remain generally the same, but since the attack patterns will increase, let's switch smoothly between riding a Horse and evading on foot.

Phase 3 Attack Pattern (HP 50%)

① Avoid Meteorite Attacks By Riding A Horse

When Radahn's HP drops below 50%, he disappears from the area and come falling back in a meteorite. Make sure to look up in the sky and check the direction of the meteor then switch back to riding a Horse to run sideways against the meteorite.

② Summon Allies As You Roam Around

Depending on the battle style, it is often the case that allies can be revived again after a meteorite attack. After avoiding meteorites, summon your allies and go around.

③ Take Time To Escape While Allies Gets Attacked

When HP drops below 50%, instant death attacks are frequently performed, so it is important to go around without being attacked by even one shot. Especially when fighting in close proximity, the risk of being hit is high, so concentrate on avoiding it and have your allies cut it.

[Extra] Rock Sling

Drink a Flask of Wondrous Physick that was mixed with Cerulean Hidden Tear, and quickly cut with Rock Sling. This is a tactic to reduce chances of getting hit in both ranged and melee battles.

How To Obtain The Required Equipment

Cerulean Hidden TearSet the consumption of FP to 0 for a certain period of time
How To Get: Defeat the "Ulcerated Tree Spirit" in Altus Plateau
Meteorite Staff
How To Get: At the southwest building window of Caelid "Street of Sages Ruins"
Rock Sling How To Get: At the underground treasure chest in Caelid "Street of Sages Ruins"

Starscourge Radahn's Attack Patterns & How To Avoid

Long-Range Bow

How To AvoidOn Foot

There are two ways to avoid long-distance arrow attacks. Depending on the situation, you can press the dodge button at the right time, or use obstacles for cover to avoid getting hit.

Rain Arrows

How To AvoidHorse

Since the attacks don't track faster than the speed of a Horse, you can dodge them by riding a Horse.

Diffusion Bow

How To AvoidBy Horse or Foot

A move that unexpectedly doesn't hit its target. Rather than purposefully avoiding these attacks, just hope that you don't get hit as you run and dodge. If get hit by it, the damage is minimal, so stay calm and prepare for the next attack.


How To AvoidBy Horse or Foot

If you are using a Horse, keep a distance and move out of range, and if you are on foot, avoid it in a timely manner. You can dodge its attacks by avoiding its movements when you're by its feet, and if you are close enough, aim to attack aggressively.

Lightning Slash Wave (HP75%)

How To AvoidHorse

This attack shoots slashing waves radially from the ground. Since it doesn't target as its up in the air, you can avoid getting hit by jumping with your Horse.

Lightning Discharge Shock Wave (HP75%)

How To AvoidBy Horse or Foot

Since the range of this move is wide, it's best to move around at the far back end to avoid it. Even if you get hit, the damage is relatively low, so it's not highly dangerous.

Lightning Bullets (HP75%)

How To AvoidBy Horse or Foot

Press Dodge just before the lightning strikes. When riding a Horse, simply dash sideways against the bullet.

Meteorites (HP50%)

How To AvoidBy Horse or Foot

Ride your Horse and dash sideways against the meteorite. If you have trouble finding meteorites, hope that you don't get hit and dash with all your might to avoid them.

Flying Rock Sling (HP50%)

How To AvoidOn Foot

Four glowing rocks floating in the air appear around Radahn, and after a while, they are launched directly at you. If you get hit, you will die instantly, so be careful and do not to take your eyes off Radahn while these rocks are still around its body.

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