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Gatekeeper Gostoc Quest Guide For Elden Ring. See walkthrough, bell bearing, Gostoc not selling items, stealing runes, should you kill or spare?, how to revive, gone & missing!

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Gostoc Location & Quest Reward

Map Position
NPC Location
Initial LocationMain gate of Stormveil Castle in Limgrave
Drops Upon DeathItem: Gostoc's Bell Bearing
Item: Glass Shard
Item: Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot
(Cannot be killed after moving to Godrick's throne)
Main Quest RewardItem: Grace Mimic

Event Added In March 17 Update

The March 17th update added a continuation of the Gostoc event. If you find anything other than the event chart below, please let us know in the comments section.

Gostoc Questline Walkthrough

Gostoc Event Strategy Chart
( Side Opening)

  1. Talk With Gostoc In The Building Next To The Main Gate Of Stormveil Castle
  2. Gostoc LocationGostoc Dialogue

    Talk to Gostoc located in the building next to the main gate of Stormveil Castle. If you select "I want to use the main gate" as a dialogue option, it will open the main gate. Even if you choose the " Leave (secret side opening route)" first, you can choose the main gate later by talking to him again.

    Recommended To Use The Side Path!

    Secret side opening Route

    If you head toward the castle on the main gate, a large number of enemies are waiting, ready to shoot you at range and you will be in an instant death state in a blink of an eye, so there is little merit to pass it by force. If you can get through the main gate by dodging the range shoot, this route is a shortcut to a short distance before the boss.

  3. When You Enter The Castle, The Full Amount Of The Runes Upon Death Is Not Returned
  4. Number Of Runes After DeathNumber Of Runes Before Death

    Note that in the case of a secret side path opening route, you can only recover 70% of the runes dropped at Instant Deaths between entering Stormveil Castle and destroying Godrick. Normal drop of runes resumes outside of Stormveil Castle.

    Returned When Gostoc Is Killed (Gostoc Stash)

    Killing Gostoc will return the runes that have been dropped so far. This means that every time you die, Gostoc actually steals a portion of your runes. However, take note that even if you kill Gostoc after defeating Godrick, the stolen dropped runes will not be returned.

    If you go through the secret side path, even if you have not selected " Leave (Side Opening)" in the dialogue options with Gostoc, Gostoc's sneaky pickpocketing will still take place.

    If You Equipped Gold Scarab When You Kill Gostoc...?

    Take note that if if you equip Gold Scarab, a talisman which increases the amount of runes you can obtain by 1.2 times, when you proceed to defeat Gostoc to get your runes back, only 1000 runes originally dropped will be doubled by 1.2 times to 1200 runes. Unfortunately, the amount of runes gained did not increase upon his Instant Death.

  5. Defeat The Boss In The Dark Room In The Castle
  6. If you follow the route from the secret side opening, there is a Dark Room you will need to enter. Once inside, the door closes, trapping you in the dark. At this time, Gostoc's menacing laughter is heard. The door will open when the middle boss battle is over.

    From The Side Path To The Dark Room

    Shorcut To The Dark Room

    Start at the Site of Grace from the Stormveil Cliff and go up along the road
    └ Be careful as enemies on the top call their allies with a whistle

    After climbing the stairs, go inside the entrance in front of you and head up the stairs

    Be careful as the enemy hidden in the barrels area will throw a bomb and detonate it
    Climb to the point where you can climb the stairs
    └ Use the locked door on the way later
    Head straight, but make sure to pay attention to the enemies throwing bombs in the back of the aisle
    Break the stacked boxes and head to the top
    Enter the door on the top floor to get to the boss battle
    When you enter the Dark Room, it transforms into a boss encounter.
    └ Take a distance, and then another if you hit it.
    └ If you force yourself to attack, you will be killed quickly by the enemy’s continuous attacks.
    If you can defeat it, you can get a Rusty Key from the corpse in the room and a Curved Sword Talisman from the treasure chest.
  7. Talk To Gostoc In Stormveil Cliffside
  8. Near The TowerTalk To Gostac
    Map Position
    NPC Location

    When you win the battle against the boss when you are trapped in the Dark Room, Gostoc appears in the tower near the Stormveil Cliff at the Site of Grace. When you engage in dialogue, you will receive a Grace Mimic. It will disappear if you change location even once, such as resting on the Site of Grace. You can safely skip this step.

  9. Gostoc Becomes A Merchant
  10. Gostoc will start selling you items once you have returned to the Main Gate after being trapped in the Dark Room. Note that if you defeat Godrick, you will not be able to access Gostoc’s Shop. There is a remedy: if you kill Gostoc after Godrick’s defeat and obtain Gostoc’s Bell Bearing, you can purchase the items that Gostoc was selling.

  11. Head To The Lift In The Hall Of The Castle Tower
  12. From the Dark Room, go further inside the castle to the hall in the walled tower. There is a boss in the hall, which you can either defeat or go through to go up the lift at the end of the hall.

    From The Dark Room To The Lift In The Wall Tower Hall

  13. Talk To Gostoc On The Roof Of The Church
  14. Castle RoofTalk To Gostoc
    Map Position
    NPC Location

    After going up the lift in the hall of the walled tower, Gostoc will appear on the roof of the church with Rogier. If you have not talked to him in step 4, you will receive a Grace Mimic, which will disappear once you have stopped to load, for example, to rest at the Site of Grace. You can skip this step.

    May Not Appear If You Did Not Proceed With Step 4

    In some instances, Gostoc only appears on the roof of the church when you weren't able to proceed in Step 4. Because the dialogue is the same, there is a good chance that it will not occur again if the dialogue is held at the Step 4.

  15. Talk With Gostoc Near The Lift Of The Castle Tower
  16. If you go up the Lift in the hall of the walled tower when you are talking in step 4, you will find Gostoc checking corpse not on the roof of the church, but near the Lift on the wall, etc. Talk to him. You can skip this step.

  17. Talk To Gostoc Who Reappeared After Defeating Godrick
  18. Event End Flag
    ※ Note that even if you kill Gostoc after defeating Godrick, the runes that were exploited at the time of death will not be returned
    Defeat GodrickTalk To Gostoc
    Map Position
    NPC Location

    Head to the Stormveil Castle and defeat Godrick at the back before taking a rest at the Site of Grace to talk to Gostoc who stomps on Godrick.

  19. Nepheli Loux Proceeds Kenneth Haight Questline
  20. Event End Flag
    ※ The quest can't proceed if Nepheli Loux is already dead
    Nepheli Loux Questline Strategy Chart
    Talk to him at at Stormveil Castle (* Skippable)
    Talk to Nepheli Loux at the Roundtable Hold
    Talk to Nepheli Loux in Village of the Albinaurics
    Defeat the boss of Village of the Albinaurics, Omenkiller
    Talk to Nepheli Loux under the stairs of the Roundtable Hold
    Talk to Gideon in the study
    Hand over the Old King of Storm Hawk to Nepheli Loux at the Roundtable Hold
    Nepheli Loux Questline & Location

    Kenneth Height Event Strategy Chart

    ※ Kenneth Haight Questline is not required.

    Talk to him on the rubble north of Limgrave's Mistwood Outskirts
    Defeat Chief Knight at Fort Haight
    Return to Kenneth Haight and report back.
    Visit Fort Haight again

    You need to progress through the Questline in Nepheli Loux by the strategy chart. There is no issue if you have previously completed the event progress. Kenneth Height is not required, but if you finish the event, you will move to the throne.

  21. Defeat Morgott The Omen King By Advancing The Story
  22. Sdvance the story and defeat the boss, Morgott the Omen King, in Leyndell, Royal Capital. This is a boss that you will definitely need to fight to progress on the story, so if you haven't done so yet, just continue with the story.

    If you have already advanced the story and defeated it, go to the next chart .

  23. Appears At Stormveil Castle's Godrick's Throne
The ThroneThrone Location
Map Position
NPC Location

After completing all the above conditions and spending some time with Godrick the Grafted at Site of Grace following Godrick's defeat, you will move to Godrick's throne, where Nepheli Loux also appears. Get the Dragon Smithing Stone by talking with Nepheli Loux.

You Can Purchase Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone At Gostoc's Shop


Gostoc, who is now located at the throne, opens a shop which you can purchase Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone for 20,000 Runes.

The Difference Between The Main Gate And The Side Path - Gostoc Questline

Shops Cannot Be Opened From The Main Gate

Enter The Dark RoomShop Does Not Open
Map Position
NPC Location

The condition for the store to be accessible is to be locked in the Dark Room by Gostoc. Therefore, if you take the Main Entrance route straight to Godrick, the store will not be accesible. However, even if you choose the Main Gate route, the store will open as long as you enter the Dark Room.

On The Main Gate Side, The Amount Of Runes Collected At The Time Of Death Does Not Decrease

Gostoc's exploitation occurs when you enter the castle by the secret side path route, so if you take the main gate route, Gostoc will not exploit the runes dropped at Instant Death. Note that even if the main gate is opened, the exploitation will still take place was long as you enter the castle from the secret side path route.

Available Items For Purchase - Gostoc Questline

Sold On Stormveil Castle
Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot Ruin FragmentFurlcalling Finger Remedy
Festering Bloody Finger Stormhawk Feather Caestus
Great Arrow Ballista Bolt Buckler
Bandit Garb Bandit ManchettesBandit Boots
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