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Read this beginners guide for Ghost Of Tsushima! Find out more info about the game's release, gameplay tips, combat, armor, weapons, customization, combat, resolve, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Game System & Features

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Best Edition To Buy

Recommended! Digital Deluxe Edition

Digital Deluxe Edition

It's recommended for players to purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition as it will give you the most bang for your buck! It offers more rewards than the Special Edition for the same price!

Check Out The Best Edition To Buy Here!

Ghost Of Tsushima Has 5 Editions

Ghost Of Tsushima will have 5 different editions available at launch. Each edition features rewards and goodies, with higher tiered editions offering more rewards to players. The five editions and their prices are listed below.

Ghost Of Tsushima Editions

  • Collector's Edition - $169.99
  • Special Edition - $69.99
  • Digital Deluxe Edition - $69.99
  • Launch Edition - $59.99
  • Standard Edition - $59.99

Release Date - Details & Information

Ghost Of Tsushima Release Details

Ghost of Tsushima
Release DateJuly 17, 2020
Official SiteGhost of Tsushima Official Site
EditionsCollector's Edition
Special Edition
Digital Deluxe Edition
Launch Edition
Standard Edition
Price$169.99 (Collector's Edition)
$69.99 (Special Edition)
$69.99 (Digital Deluxe Edition)
$59.99 (Standard Edition)

The Ghost Of Tsushima is planned to release on July 17, 2020. It is set to be released on the PS4 as it is a Sony exclusive title.

Check Out The Release Details Here!

Will It Release On PS5?

Unconfirmed, But Highly Likely

Ghost Of Tsushima

It's still unconfirmed whether Ghost Of Tsushima will release on the PS5. However it is highly likely that the game will be making its way to the next-gen console. This is because it is a first-party Sony game, and the PS5 is confirmed to be backwards compatible.

Check Out If It Will Release For PS5 Here!

Will There Be DLC?

No Confirmed DLC

It's still unconfirmed as to whether the game will be receiving any DLC post-launch. However, players who pre-ordered the game will receive some downloadable contents in the form of in-game items and cosmetics!

Check Out If There Will Be DLC Here!

Is The Game Open World?

The Island Of Tsushima Is Open World

The Island Of Tsushima Is Open World

Ghost Of Tsushima is an open world game. You will be able to explore the island freely. The game also gives you your own horse and a fast travel system to get around the map faster.

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Uses Visual Cues As Waypoints

Uses Visual Cues As Waypoints

The developers have also worked hard to make the game as immersive as possible. Instead of relying on a hud or minimap, the world will give you visual cues to lead you to your objectives. These include a guiding wind, smokestacks, and even wildlife!

Language Settings - Support & Options

Features 2 VO Languages

Features 2 VO Languages

Ghost Of Tsushima has been confirmed to feature two voiceover languages: English and Japanese. You can switch between the two language settings in your settings menu.

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How Long To Beat The Game?

30 ~ 50 Hours Of Game Time

30 ~ 50 Hours Of Game Time

Depending on the player's play style, the game will take roughly 30 ~ 50 hours to complete. Aside from the main story, there are also side quests and secrets that players can discover and complete before reaching the game's end.

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New Game Plus & Endgame Content

No New Game Plus

New Game Plus

The game does not have a new game plus feature, meaning you cannot restart the game with your late-game equipment. However, there is a possibility that this feature may come in the form of an update in the future, as several games have done so in the past.

New Game Plus Guide

Explore Before Finishing The Game

Before progressing to a certain point in the game, try to complete available side quests and collect rare items and collectibles. They may give you an edge in your upcoming battles and may even net you some sweet Trophies and achievements.

Learn How To Use Guiding Wind Navigation

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The Game's History & Lore

Based Off The Mongol Invasion Of 1274

Based Off Of The Mongol Invasion Of 1274

Ghost Of Tsushima is based off of the historical Mongol invasion on the island of Tsushima. The game takes place after the events of the first invasion. Take control of the young lord Jin Sakai as he exacts his revenge on the Mongol empire.

Check Out The Game's History & Lore Here!

Antagonist Is Based Off Kublai Khan

Antagonist Is Based Off Kublai Khan

The game's main antagonist, Khotun Khan is based off of the real leader of the Mongols, Kublai Khan. Just like his real life counterpart, Khotun Khan uses his knowledge of the Samurai, and the tradition and culture of Japan to defeat his adversaries.

Check Out Khotun Khan's Profile Here!

Difficulty Modes - Levels & Settings

List Of Difficulty Modes

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard

The game features three different difficulty settings. These are pretty straightforward and will dictate how hard the game will be for you. You will set the difficulty before starting, but can change it mid-game if you want a harder or easier experience.

Check Out Difficulty Settings Here!

Does Not Affect Enemy Health

Does Not Affect Enemy Health

Difficulty will not affect the enemy's health, but will alter other conditions. This is to preserve the lethality of Jin's Katana.

Controls & Button Layouts


Ghost of Tsushima has a very simple yet adaptable control scheme, and will allow you to adapt to many combat scenarios. Click on the link below to see the full control key binding & button layouts!

Check Out Controller Config & Button Layout

Combat Mechanics - Confront & Stealth

Two Different Styles Of Gameplay

Two Different Styles Of Gameplay

Players can choose how they approach every encounter by adopting one of two playstyles. They can either carry out objectives as an honorable samurai or as a dishonorable ghost. Both of these styles have their unique gameplay mechanics.

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Playing As The Samurai

Playing As The Samurai

Playing as the Samurai will have you facing your enemies head-on. Partake in tense standoffs, parry and counter incoming attacks, switch up your stance to defeat a variety of enemies, and more!

Click Here For All Samurai Technique List

Playing As The Ghost

Playing As The Ghost

Playing as the Ghost will have Jin take a more unconventional approach to fighting enemies. He will hide in the shadows and use distractions in order to assassinate enemies. Jin can even use the enemy's fear to gain the upper hand.

Click Here For All Ghost Technique List

Face Down Enemies In A Standoff

Face Down Enemies In A Standoff

You may also choose to challenge your enemies to an Standoff duel.Time your attacks as the enemy is about to strike to cut them down in a single blow!

More Tips For Standoff

Switch Between The Two Playstyles

Keep in mind that you will not be locked into a single playstyle while playing the game. You can freely choose to play whichever style you want. If you feel like switching styles for a particular encounter, you will be free to do so.

Resolve Bar & Mechanics

Special Bar Above Your Health

The Resolve Bar

The yellow orbs located above your health bar at the lower left portion of your screen is your character's resolve. Using your resolve will allow you to do a number of things during encounters.

Check Out The Resolve Bar Mechanics Here!

Use Resolve To Deal Massive Damage

Use Your Resolve To Deal Massive Damage

On the other hand, if you are facing a particularly difficult enemy, you can opt to use your resolve to deal devastating damage to an enemy. This is perfect for enemies that seem to have an answer for every one of your attacks!

Use Your Resolve To Heal Yourself

Prolonged encounters with a number of enemies are dangerous. You could sustain lethal damage from the number of enemies attacking you at the same time. You could use your resolve to heal a portion of your health so you can keep the fight going!

Is There A Karma System?

No Karma System

The game will not feature a karma system. The developers have decided to give players a single and coherent story that will not be influenced by your choices and actions.

Check Out If There Will Be A Karma System Here!

PC Release & System Requirements

Will Not Be Released On PC

The game is not set to be released on the PC, and therefore has no system requirements listed.

Check Out If It Will Release For PC Here!

Character Customization

Dress Jin For The Occasion

Dress Jin For The Occasion

Players can outfit Jin with different armor sets and pieces. The armor equipped will also influence how well Jin is able to perform certain playstyles. For example, a heavier armor set will defend him better during head-on encounters, while lighter sets keep him more mobile when sneaking.

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Equip Charms To Alter Abilities

Equip Charms To Alter Abilities

Aside from Jin's armor, you will be able to equip Omamori Charms to Jin. These will alter and enhance his abilities when in and out of combat.

Check Out The Charms & Accessories List Here!

Weapon Customization & Upgrades

Wield The Sakai Steel

Wield The Sakai Storm

The Sakai Steel is the only katana that you will have in-game. It is a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation in the Sakai family. This katana will grow alongside you as you progress through the game and upgrade it.

Check Out The Katana Guide Here!

Ranged Weapons Are Also Available

Ranged Weapons

Aside from your trusty Katana, a variety of ranged weapons will be at your disposal when facing the Mongolian army. Choose from a variety of bows and kunai in order to dispatch your enemies from a distance!

Check Out The Ranged Weapons List Here!

Upgrade Bows At The Bowyer

Upgrade Bows At The Bowyer

Visiting Bowyers will allow you to upgrade your bows for a price. Spending the bamboo and resources you've collected will allow you to upgrade a bow's draw speed, damage, zoom, and more!

Online Coop & Multiplayer Feature

No Online Coop & Multiplayer Mode

Ghost of Tsushima does not have any online co-op and multiplayer as the game is built with single player experience as the sole focus. However, it is still unknown if the game will have online components to accompany the singleplayer adventure.

Check Out Online Features Here!

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