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All Stances List - How To Swap & Explained

All Stances List - How To Swap & Explained | Ghost Of Tsushima

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All Stances List - How To Swap & Explained | Ghost Of Tsushima - GameWith
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Read this guide / tips on how to get new stances in Ghost of Tsushima. Find out how to get points, how to swap / change, skill tree (Stone, Water, Wind & Moon, Ghost), explained!

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Technique / Skill Related Article

Stances Types & Techniques List

Stone Stance

How To Swap: r2batsu
Effective against Swordsmen. Heavy Attacks deal extra Stagger damage.
Swordbreaker: sankakusankakusankaku
Piercing Strike: Hold sankaku
Change Stances: Hold r2

Stone Stance Techniques / Skills

Hold sankaku, then tap sankaku
Batter your foe with two piercing strikes.
Strength of Mountains
Increase Stagger damage against Swordsmen from all Stone Stance attacks.
Full Puncture
Hold sankaku, then tap sankakusankaku
Deliver three piercing strikes.
Perform Stone Stance heavy attacks with ferocious speed.

Being Jin's default stance that he uses from the beginning of the game, this stance is very effective against Swordsmen. It is highly recommended to use it during duels as well.

Water Stance

How To Swap: r2maru
Effective against Shieldmen. Heavy Attacks deal extra Stagger damage.
Shieldbreaker: sankakusankakusankaku
Flurry Strike: Hold sankaku, then tap sankakusankaku
Change Stances: Hold r2

Water Stance Techniques / Skills

Flowing Strikes
Hold sankaku, then tap sankakusankakusankaku
Unleash a torrent of four rapid strikes
Strength of Tides
Increase Stagger damage against Shieldmen from all Water Stance attacks.
Surging Strikes
Hold sankaku, then tap sankakusankakusankakusankaku
Drown your foe with a flood of five rapid strikes.
Inflict increasing damage with each attack in your Flurry Strike.

The first new stance Jin can learn after earning 3 stance slots. This single handed stance unleashes quick, flexible attacks, made to counter shield bearers. Also effective against spearmen and brutes holding shields.

Wind Stance

How To Swap: r2sankaku
Effective against Spearmen. Heavy Attacks deal extra Stagger damage.
Spearbreaker: sankakusankakusankaku
Typhoon Kick: Hold sankaku
Change Stances: Hold r2

Wind Stance Techniques / Skills

Strengthened Typhoon Kick
Typhoon Kicks launch you enemy farther back and deal extra Stagger damage.
Strength of Gales
Increase Stagger damage against Spearmen from all Wind Stance attacks.
Spear Defense
Automatically Parry spear attacks during any Wind Stance attack.
Typhoon Kick Finisher
Enemies thrown by a Typhoon Kick are knocked down.

Wind Stance is the second stance that Jin can learn by collecting 8 stance slots. This stance focuses on its reach and forward momentum, and are made to counter spear wielders. Also uses a series of kicks to knockback enemies and lead them falling from cliffs or into open flames.

Moon Stance

How To Swap: r2shikaku
Effective against Brutes. Heavy attacks deal extra Stagger damage.
Heavy Strike: sankakusankakusankaku
Spinning Strike: Hold sankaku
Change Stances: Hold r2

Moon Stance Techniques / Skills

Hold sankaku, then tap sankaku
Assail your foes with two fast spinning strikes.
Strength of the Heavens
Increase Stagger damage against Brutes from all Moon Stance attacks.
Finishing Strike
The third Moon Stance heavy attack deals extra Melee damage and Stagger damage.
Hold sankaku, then tap sankakusankaku
Three fast spinning strikes.

The third stance that Jin learns after collecting 12 stance slots, the Moon Stance is a powerful staggering stance, meant to take down the toughest of brutes the Mongolian invaders can throw at you.

Ghost Stance

Ghost Stance

A temporary powerful stance of vengeance that will dispatch any enemies in sight. This stance will be deadly against all enemy types, but will require a charge of your Ghost Meter to use temporarily. The Ghost Meter can be charged by Slaughtering (assassinating) Mongol Leaders or killing enough enemies without taking any damage. This stance will automatically be available upon progressing your story.

How Do You Learn Stances?

Kill Or Observe Mongol Leaders

Kill Or Observe Mongol Leaders

Jin will be able to learn new Stances by killing or observing Mongol Leaders, often found in base or in war parties around Tsushima. Once learning a new Stance, a new Stance skill tree will be unlocked to invest your Technique Points to learn new moves.

Learn More On Combat Mechanics

Observe First, Then Kill Captain For Extra Progression

You may earn up to 2 Stance Slots per Captain by first observing the target while hidden, then proceeding to kill them to make the best of your kills and unlock your stances faster.

More On Observing Leaders & Location

Collect Stance Slots To Learn New Stance

In order to learn a new stance, you will need to fill up the required slots by killing or observing Mongol Leaders. These required slots differentiates with each stance.

Required Slots Per Stance

StanceRequired Slots

What Are Stances?

Technique Made To Counter Specific Enemies

Technique Made To Counter Specific Enemies

Stances are different attack patterns that Jin can learn throughout his journey, and can be swapped on the fly during battle. Each Stance has its own strength against specific enemy archetypes, and learning which technique to use can vastly change the odds to your favor.

4 Different Stances: Stone, Water, Wind & Moon

4 Different Stances: Stone, Water, Wind & Moon

Throughout your journey, you will be able to learn 4 different types of stance; Stone, Water, Wind & Moon. These stances each have a unique attack combo and strength against certain enemies.

Hot Swap Stances During Combat

You can change stances on the fly even during the heat of the battle. Time stops momentarily once your press R2, allowing you to select the stance that you want. Remember that you need to swap to the proper stances frequently in order to survive the encounters in Ghost of Tsushima.

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