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Best Techniques / Skills To Get Early | Ghost Of Tsushima

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Read this Ghost of Tsushima guide on the best Techniques / Skills to get early in the game. Including best Samurai Techniques, Best Ghost Techniques, Best Stance Techniques, and more!

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Best Samurai Techniques / Skills

Best Samurai Techniques / Skills Chart

▼DeflectionPerfect Healing Parry
Recovers health with perfect parry
Unyielding Spear Parry
Parry unblockable spear attack
Deflect Arrows
Deflect arrows while guarded
▼EvasionShoulder Charge
Sprint to knockback enemies
Sprint Strike
Sprint and slash enemies
Perfect Dodge
Counter red glint attacks
▼MythicDance of Wraith
Sprint to knockback enemies
Heavenly Strike
Sprint and slash enemies
▼ExplorationChoose Own Preference
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Best Deflection Techniques

Perfect Healing Parry

Perfect Healing Parry
EffectPerfect Parries recover a small amount of health

Perfect Healing Parry recovers a small amount of health whenever you make a perfect parry. This helps sustain your HP bar in the thick of battle.

Unyielding Spear Parry

Unyielding Spear Parry
EffectParry unblockable spear attack

This allows you to parry unblockable spear attacks usually marked by blue glints.

Deflect Arrows

Deflect Arrows
EffectParry incoming projectiles while blocking

When guarded, this skill allows you to deflect arrows. This is a great skill to have in order to avoid getting overwhelmed by the enemy force's archers.

Best Evasion Techniques

Shoulder Charge

Shoulder Charge
EffectCharge into enemies while sprinting to knock them backward

Sprinting forward will charge towards an enemy, knocking them back. This gives you space to move or continue attacking.

Sprint Strike

Sprint Strike
EffectSprint toward your enemy and slash them with a quick strike

Sprint Strike allows you to sprint and slash at your enemies. This is a great skill to have when rushing towards enemy archers & taking them down in just a few hits.

Perfect Dodge

Perfect Dodge
EffectDodge at the last possible moment to perform a deadly counterattack

With this Technique, you'll be able to counter attacks with red glints. It's very effective against most enemies and will help you throughout your gameplay.

Best Mythic Techniques

Dance Of Wraith

Dance Of Wraith
EffectUnleash three consecutive unblockable attacks that inflict high damage. Kills may Terrify nearby enemies

Using Dance of Wraith unleashes 3 very powerful unblockable strikes that can easily take down any foes. Kills with this move can Terrify nearby enemies.

Heavenly Strike

Heavenly Strike
EffectA quick unblockable attack that inflicts extra damage against Staggered enemies. Kills may Terrify nearby enemies

The Heavenly Strike kill lets out a single, powerful unblockable attack. It's great to interrupt enemy bosses but it can also miss. It has a chance to Terrify enemies when used to kill.

Best Exploration Techniques

Choose According To Preference

Choose According To Preference

There are several Techniques under Exploration Samurai skills. It's best to choose whichever collectible you want to gather first as each Technique focuses on a specific collectible.

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Best Stance Techniques / Skills

Best Stance Techniques / Skills Chart

▼StoneStone: Momentum
Can use heavy Stone attacks with high speed
▼WaterWater: Surging Strikes
Does five rapid sword strikes
▼WindWind: Spear Defense
Auto-parries spear attacks in Wind Stance
▼MoonMoon: Finishing Strike
Auto-parries spear attacks in Wind Stance
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Unlock 2nd Skill To Increase Stagger

When you unlock the 2nd Technique in each line, this will increase their chances of staggering enemies. It's best to unlock these Techniques if you want to continuously stagger opponents.

Best Stone Stance Techniques

Stone: Momentum

Stone: Momentum
EffectPerform Stone Stance heavy attacks with ferocious speed

Stone: Momentum allows you to deal heavy Stone Stance attacks with high speed. This is great to use when facing duels with other swordsmen.

Best Water Stance Techniques

Water: Surging Strikes

Water: Surging Strikes
EffectDrown your foe with a flood of five rapid strikes

Water: Surging Strikes unleashes five rapid sword strikes. This can easily overwhelm foes in the thick of battle.

Best Wind Stance Techniques

Wind: Spear Defense

Wind: Spear Defense
EffectAutomatically Parry spear attacks during any Wind Stance attack

When you're in the Wind Stance, this Technique automatically parries spear attacks. This is very effective against camps & missions that have many Spearmen enemies.

Best Moon Stance Techniques

Moon: Finishing Strike

The Moon: Finishing Strike Technique lets you deal more melee and Stagger damage with heavy attacks, making it more effective against heavy set or Brute-type enemies.

Best Ghost Techniques / Skills

Best Ghost Techniques / Skills Chart

▼Ghost WeaponsBlack Powder Bomb: Concussive Blast
Knocks enemies down with shockwave
Sticky Bomb: Guarded Throw
Protects damage from your own bomb's explosion
▼Evolving TacticsArchery: Concentration
Slows time when aiming bow
Archery: Mental Fortitude
Reduces Concentration cooldown
Assassination: Chain Assassination
Assassinate nearby targets continuously
Focused Hearing
Detect nearby enemies
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Best Ghost Weapon Techniques

Black Powder Bomb: Concussive Blast

Black Powder Bomb: Concussive Blast
EffectKnocks down enemies struck by the shockwave of a Black Powder Bomb

This Technique can help you take down throes of enemies with its explosion, making it a great skill to use for crowd control.

Sticky Bomb: Guarded Throw

Sticky Bomb: Guarded Throw
EffectYou're no longer adversely affected by a bomb's blast

Protects you from the explosion of a Sticky Bomb. Incredibly useful when surrounded by enemies so you can make space for yourself.

Best Evolving Tactics Techniques

Archery: Concentration

Archery: Concentration
EffectBriefly slow time while aiming to improve accuracy

This Technique allows you to briefly slow down time when you're aiming your bow. This helps you make more accurate shots.

Archery: Mental Fortitude

Archery: Mental Fortitude
EffectReduce Concentration cooldown by 15%

With Archery: Mental Fortitude, the cooldown for Concentration is reduced by 15%. You can use Concentration more often, making it useful when taking down a lot of foes.

Assassination: Chain Assassination

Assassination: Chain Assassination
EffectAssassinate two nearby targets in quick succession

Allows you to stealthily kill enemies in quick succession. Max upgrade allows you to target up to 3 enemies, making it easier to infiltrate camps.

Focused Hearing

Focused Hearing
EffectDetect nearby enemies by sound

Focused Hearing lets you detect nearby enemies, providing their silhouettes so you know their immediate location.

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