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Read this Ghost of Tsushima guide and locations list & map on all Mongol camps / territory. Including Izuhara, Toyotama, Kamiagata Mongol camps / territory, and how to liberate camps!

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Izuhara Mongol Camp / Territory Locations

All Izuhara Mongol Camp / Territory Map Location

All Izuhara Mongol Camps Map Location
1 Furuta Village
North point of Izuhara, west of Komoda
2 Takeshi Farmstead
North point of Izuhara, east of Furuta Village
3 Kechi Fishing Village
North of Traveler's Rest Inn and Old Trading Post
4 Traveler's Rest Inn
Directly south of Kechi Fishing Village
5 Shipyard
Western edge of Izuhara, to the west of Yagata Farmstead
6 Yagata Farmstead
In between Shipyard and Old Trading Post
7 Old Trading Post
In the middle of Yagata Farmstead and Ogawa Dojo
8 Ogawa Dojo
South of Traveler's Rest Inn
9 Yoichi's Crossroads
East of Ogawa Dojo
10 Komatsu Forge
East edge of Izuhara, north of Fallen Outpost
11 Golden Temple
South of Ogawa Dojo
12 Kuta Farmstead
East of the Golden Temple
13 Fallen Outpost
South of Komatsu Forge
14 Rushing Water Crossing
East of Fallen Outpost, west of Kuta River Bridge
15 Kuta River Bridge
South of Kuta Farmstead
16 Ohama Fishing Village
South-west edge of Izuhara, north-west of Tsutsu
17 Stone Arch Crossing
North of the Logging Base
18 Logging Camp
South of Kuta River Bridge, above Salt Wind Estate
19 Salt Wind Estate
South of the Logging Camp
20 Beachside Camp
Southwestern edge of Izuhara, north of Aoi Village
21 Logging Base
North-west of Tangled Crossroads
22 Tangled Crossroads
Right above Azamo Bay
23 Aoi Village
South edge of Izuhara, south of Beachside Camp
24 Azamo Bay
Southern most point of Izuhara

Toyotama Mongol Camp / Territory Locations

All Toyotama Mongol Camp / Territory Map Location

All Toyotama Mongol Camps Map Location
1 Mountainside Ruins (Leader in camp)
North area of Toyotama, west of Castle Shimura
2 Castle Shimura (Leader in camp)
North point of Toyotama, east of Mountainside Ruins
3 Riverside Farm (Leader in camp)
North-most point of Toyotama, north-east of Kishibe Village
4 Secluded Lighthouse (Leader in camp)
North-east edge of Toyotama, south-east of Kishibe Village
5 Kishibe Village (Leader in camp)
Northwest Toyotama, west of Riverside Farm and north of Okada Farmstead
6 Koshimizu Farmstead
South-west of the Secluded Lighthouse, north-east of Hissing Creek Crossing
7 Forest Edge's Camp (Leader in camp)
Southwest of Okada Farmstead, right on top of Otsuna marker
8 Okada Farmstead (Leader in camp)
South of Liberate Kishibe Village and north of Otsuna
9 Hissing Creek Crossing (Leader in camp)
Southeast of Okada Farmstead, southwest of Kushi
10 Lonely Forest Clearing
South of Hissing Creek Crossking, to the west of Yarikawa
11Fort Imai
Western Toyotama, south-west of Lonely Forest Clearing
12 Moss Light Inn
North of Umugi, south of Liberate Fort Imai
13 Ijima Farmstead
Central-south of Toyotama, to the east of Moss Light Inn
14 Dark Water Encampment
Southeast of Lonely Forest Clearing
15 Rebel's Retreat (Leader in camp)
North of Stonemire Lookout, north-west of Numata Settlement
16 Stonemire Lookout (Leader in camp)
South-middle of Dark Water Encampment, Rebel's Retreat, and Numata Settlement
17 Numata Setlement (Leader in camp)
Eastern edge of Toyotama, middle-east of Rebel's Retreat and Stonemire Lookout

Kamiagata Mongol Camp / Territory Locations

All Kamiagata Mongol Camp / Territory Map Location

All Kamiagata Mongol Camps Map Location
1 Kill General Dogshin (Leader in camp)
Northern most point of Kamiagata, north of Jogaku
2 Mountain Pass
Southeast of Kill General Dogshin. East of Jogaku
3 Izumi Village
South-east of Mountain Pass, North of Derelict Mine
4 Silk Farm
North-west of Kamiagata, north-west of Jago
5 Kawachi Whaling Village (Leader in camp)
East of Silk Farm, south-west of Jogaku
6 Frozen Forest Crossroads
In between Kawachi Whaling Village & High Point Guard Post
7 High Point Guard Post (Leader in camp)
South of Jogaku. In between Frozen Forest Crossroads & Icy Forest Crossroads
8 Icy Forest Crosscroads (Leader in camp)
Northern most point of Kamiagata, north of Jogaku
9Morimae Brewery
North-eastern edge of Kamiagata, to the east of Icy Forest Crossroads
9 Derelict Mine (Leader in camp)
West of Kill General Bartu, south-east of Silk Farm
10 Kill General Bartu (Leader in camp)
Central Kamiagata, south of Frozen Forest Crossroads & High Point Guard Post
11 Kill General Dogshin (Leader in camp)
Northern most point of Kamiagata, north of Jogaku
12 Frozen Overlook (Leader in camp)
Western Kamiagata, south-west of Derelict Mine
13 White Falls Village
Southern Kamiagata, south-west of Bitter Hills Garrison
14 Bitter Hills Garrison
Central Kamiagata, south-west of Kin
15 Twilight's Edge Overlook
East Kamiagata, south of Morimae Brewery

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