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All Ghost Weapons & Evolving Tactics List

All Ghost Weapons & Evolving Tactics List | Ghost Of Tsushima

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All Ghost Weapons & Evolving Tactics List | Ghost Of Tsushima - GameWith
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Learn all Ghost Weapons List & Evolving Tactics techniques in Ghost of Tsushima. Includes info on kunai, black powder bomb, smoke bomb, sticky bomb, wind chime, best ghost weapons.

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Technique / Skill Related Article

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Ghost Weapons Unlock Priority

Ghost Weapons Are Unlocked Per Legend Rank Increase

Legend Rank

After the Kunai, your first Ghost Weapon, the remaining 4 Ghost Weapons can be unlocked in any order you wish. Try choosing one that suits your main playstyle.

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Ghost Weapons Unlock Priority Recommendation

PriorityGhost Weapons
HighSticky Bomb
MiddleBlack Powder Bomb
Smoke Bomb
LowWind Chime

Sticky Bomb Recommended For Unlocking After Kunai

Sticky Bombs deal a moderate damage and stagger damage in area of effect, and work similarly to Black Powder Bomb. However, the Sticky Bomb does not require manual aiming being a Quick Throw Weapon and will stick to targets, removing the risk of missing.

Wind Chime Should Be Last Choice

Wind Chimes are purely made for stealth play and diversion. It will not deal any kind of damage, and will not be useful after entering combat. Compared to other weapons in terms of versatility, we recommend the Wind Chime to be the last item to be unlocked.

All Ghost Weapon & Techniques Skill Tree

*Level up Legend of Ghost to unlock new weapons.


A small blade that can be quickly thrown at nearby enemies, Staggering them.
R2+D-pad left to equip Kunai
L Stick + R1 to throw
Hidden Blade
Throw 1 additional Kunai.Middle
Serrated Blades Kunai inflict twice as much damage.Middle

Kunai can be deployed quickly, having additional projectile and damage increase can be very useful. If you do not have any particular Ghost Weapon you wish to upgrade, consider investing in this weapon first.

Black Powder Bomb

Black Powder Bomb
Thrown explosive that damages and Staggers enemies caught in the blast.
L2+D-pad left to select Throw
L2 + ○ to equip
L2+R2 to throw
Concussive Blast Knocks down enemies struck by the shockwave of a Black Powder Bomb.High
Explosive ShrapnelAdds shrapnel to the Black Powder Bomb, increasing its damage and blast radius.Middle

"Concussive Blast" can knock down the enemy, opening a group of enemies up for free hits. This may come in handy when facing hordes of enemies at once.

Smoke Bomb

Smoke Bomb
Unleash a dense cloud of smoke at your feet, causing enemies to lose sight of you.
R2+D-pad down to equip Smoke Bombs
R1 to throw
Blinding DustSmoke Bombs temporarily blind enemies caught in their blast. Smoke also lasts longer before disappearing.Low
Healing IncenseSmoke Bomb fumes restore some of your health.Low

If used solely for escape, non-upgraded Smoke Bomb will be viable to do the trick. Consider upgrading them when you are playing on higher difficulty or are stuck in the latter part of the game.

Sticky Bomb

Sticky Bomb
Throw a pitch-covered bomb that will stick to your enemy.
R2+D-pad up to equip Sticky Bombs
L Stick+R1 to throw
Guarded ThrowYou're no longer adversely affected by a bomb's blast.Middle
Explosive PowderA direct hit with the Sticky Bomb kills the target, causes a bigger blast radius, and inflicts more damage on enemies caught in the blast.High

"Explosive Powder" will increase the area of effect and damage dealt. This will also assure a one-hit kill to one of the enemy stuck with the bomb, and can be great way to remove tough enemies from the fight.

Wind Chime

Wind Chime
Throw a small bell to draw an enemy's attention.
L2+D-pad left to select Throw
L2+□ to equip Wind Chime
L2+R2 to throw
FirecrackerThrow a Firecracker to draw multiple enemies to a location.
L2+D-pad left to select Throw
L2+△ to equip Firecrackers
L2+R2 to throw

Upgrading to the Firecracker can lure multiple enemies at the same time, but its use are limited. You may, however, combo this weapon with Sticky Bomb or Explosive Arrow to clear groups of enemies with devestating effect.

All Evolving Tactic Techniques Skill Tree

*Continue your story to unlock new techniques.

Recover Health

Regain a Moderate amount of health at the cost of Resolve
D-pad down to initiate
Costs 1 Resolve
Iron WillSave yourself from defeat when wounded.
D-pad down to initiate
Costs 1 Resolve

Not very useful as it seems, as your HP will still be a hit away from death even after getting back up. This game does not penalize the player for dying, so you may wish to restart the battle after respawn should you fall rather than clinging on to your current play.


Challenge enemies to a one-on-one showdown.
D-pad up to initiate
Hold △, then release △ when the enemy attacks
Grants 3 Resolve on success
Standoff StreakAfter a successful Standoff, one enemy will rush in and open themselves to a killing blow.
Wait until the enemy attacks
Press △ or □ as they are swinging
Grants extra Resolve on success.
Improved Standoff StreakAfter a successful Standoff, two enemies will rush in and open themselves to a killing blow.
Wait until the enemy attacks
Press △ or □ as they are swinging
Grants extra Resolve on success.

Standoff is a great way of starting off a fight with Resolve, being able to kill extra enemy while getting additional Resolve is also a great investment. If you have few spare Technique Points, consider maxing this skill.


Harness the Way of the Bow.
Hold L2 to aim
R2 to fire
ConcentrationBriefly slow time while aiming to improve accuracy.
R3 while aiming
Mental Fortitude Reduce Concentration cooldown by 15%.Middle
Improved Mental Fortitude Reduce Concentration cooldown by 30%.Middle

Concentration makes the bow very versatile in almost any situation. Although it has a cool down time, you may wish to invest in this skill if you're an avid sniper. This skill also works hand in hand when used with Tadayori's Armor.

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Kill unaware enemies with a quiet and brutal stealth attack.
□ near or above unaware enemy
Safe LandingRoll just before landing to avoid damage from all but the highest of falls.
○ right before landing
Chain AssassinationAssassinate two nearby targets in quick succession.
△ to initiate
Improved Chain AssassinationAssassinate up to three nearby targets in quick succession.
△ to initiate

"Safe Landing" is a great skill to have early on in the game, and will be useful even for exploring. Chain Assassination is also a good skill to invest, but Improved Chain Assassination may be left for later occasion, as it is quite rare to see 3 enemies huddled up in a single spot.

Focused Hearing

Detect nearby enemies by sound.
Press Touch Pad to focus
Far HearingDetect more distant enemies by listening with a deeper focus.Middle
Stealth Hearing Move faster while using Focused Hearing.Low
Killer's InstinctNotice a flashing aura around Assassination targets when their allies will be alerted by their death.Low

"Far Hearing" is great skill to have when tacking higher difficulty or later game where large groups of enemies reside in a position. Other skills should be left for later, when you have extra Technique Points.

Shoji Assassination

Assassinate an enemy behind a shoji door.
□ near an unaware enemy

Shoji Assassination is a passive skill that cannot be upgraded.

Ghost Stance

Approach enemy leaders while in stealth to Slaughter them and enter the Ghost Stance.

Ghost Stance will be unlocked automatically during the Act 2.The Ghost Of Yarikawa story quest, and cannot be upgraded further.

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