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Best Armor - Best Build & Best Charms Guide | Ghost Of Tsushima

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Read this Ghost Of Tsushima guide on best armor and best charms for best builds in the game. Including best armor sets & accessories for archery, assassination, exploration & more.

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Best All Purpose Armor

Best All Purpose Build Chart

 Best All Purpose Build
Armor Details
Ghost Armor - Reduces enemy detection speed
- Reduces number of kills to enter Ghost Stance
- Kills have a higher chance to Terrify enemies
Charms Details
Charm Of Amaterasu - Killing enemies restores a Moderate amount of health.
Charm Of Mizu-No-Kami - Parries, Perfect Parries, and Perfect Dodges are easier to perform.
Charm Of Inari's Might - Increases health and Melee damage by a Major amount.*
Charm Of Silence - Reduces enemy detection speed by 15% and increases Resolve gains by a Major amount.*
Charm Of Resistance III - Reduces all damage by a Major amount.
Free Slot - Free slot, equip any charm that fits your playstyle.

*Stats when Fully Upgraded

Versatile Hybrid Build For Frontal / Stealth Combat

This build focuses on maximizing the combat potential from both head-on melee & stealth ambushing tactics. The increased Fear factor from the Ghost Armor will neutralize enemies even without direct combat, and allows you to strike fear into the heart of your enemy (literally) with the shortened Ghost Stance charges.

Free Minor Charm Slot For Tinkering

This build only requires 5 Minor Charm slots. You may equip any charm that you see fit on the last Minor Charm slot to customize the build to your liking, such as upgrading Ghost Weapons or Bows for ranged combat, or further enhancing your defense.

Best Armor & Charms For Archery

Best Archery Build Chart

Best Archery Build Chart
Armor Details
Tadayori's Armor - Increases nocking & reloading speed
- Increases Concentration duration
- Headshots restore Concentration
Charms Details
Charm Of Precision - Increases arrow damage
Charm Of Izanagi - Headshots have 40% chance of returning used arrow
Charm Of Efficiency - Increases nocking & reload speed by 15%
Charm Of Azumi-No-Isora - Arrows are silent on impact
Yuriko's Keepsake - Arrows have 15% chance to poison
Charm Of Swift Return - 25% chance of recovering missed standard arrows

Tadayori's Armor Focuses On Archery

Tadayori's Armor focuses on skills that enhance Jin's archer capabilities. You have increased speed in nocking & reloading, increased Concentration duration, & headshots can restore Concentration.

Charms Enhance Archer Skills

The combination of charms listed above enhance and emphasize the strength of archery skills. They help in resource maintenance, increase arrow damage, and can also debuff enemies with poison.

Best Armor & charms For Camp Clearing

Best Camp Clearing Build Chart

Best Camp Clearing  Build Chart
Armor Details
Sakai Clan Armor - Increases in Melee damage
- Increases Health
- Increases Standoff streak. Winning Standoff increases chance to Terrify enemies
Charms Details
Charm Of Ikazuchi-No-Kami - 25% more Terrify
Charm Of Amaterasu - Heals a moderate amount of health upon killing an enemy
Charm Of Well-Being I - Additional health when healing
Charm Of Resolve I - Increases resolve gains

Higher Chance To Terrify Enemies

This build focuses on increasing the chance of Terrifying enemies, allowing you to create space for yourself while clearing out any Mongol camps.

Sustain Health In Battle

With the armor and charms in this build, you can happily sustain your HP. It increases your overall HP and the HP you regain while healing during battle.

Best Armor & Charms For Stealth & Assassination

Best Stealth & Assassination Build Chart

Best Stealth & Assassination Build Chart
Armor Details
Ronin Attire - Reduces enemy detection speed
- Increases melee damage
- Slower enemy detection when coming out of grass
Ghost Armor - Reduces enemy detection speed
- Reduces number of kills to enter Ghost Stance
- Kills have a higher chance to Terrify enemies
Charms Details
Charm Of Silence - Reduces enemy detection speed by 15%
- Increases Resolve gains by a massive amount
Charm Of Hidden Sight - Enemies stop hunting you 40% faster
Charm Of Tsukuyomi - Assassinated enemies drop additional ammo or supplies
Charm Of Nigihayahi-No-Mikoto - Deal Moderate bonus damage while at full health
Charm Of Toxic Demise - Wind Chimes release poison vapor that kill enemies when picked up
Charm Of Advantage - Ghost Weapons deal 20% more damage

Focused On Stealthy Kills

This build supports powerful damage and stealthy killing of enemies. It's a great combination to use if you prefer assassination over head-on combat.

Best Armor & Charms For Material Gathering

Best Material Gathering Build Chart

Best Material Gathering Build Build Chart
Armor Details
Traveler's Attire - Track artifacts with Guiding Wind
- Traveling clears more fog of war on map
- Indicates when there's a nearby Artifact
Charms Details
Charm Of Inari - Increases resources picked up when collected
Charm Of Silence - Reduces enemy detection speed
- Increases Resolve gains
Charm Of Hidden Sight - Enemies stop hunting you 40% faster

Build For Collecting Resources

This build focuses on being able to collect materials & collectibles without having to deal with enemies detecting you when you're exploring or material gathering.

What Are Best Builds?

Loadouts That Complement Playstyle

Complement Your Playstyle With Loadouts

Your loadout will complement your chosen plays style when approaching encounters in the game. Depending on what you have equipped, you will either succeed or fail your objectives. Take the time to adjust your loadout as you see fit!

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Customize Armor Sets With Dye

Customize Armor Sets

You can choose to dye your armor different colors through the use of flowers you pick up in the game. You can personalize Jin Sakai's outward appearance through the use of dyes.

Check Out Flower Dye Guide!

Equip Charms To Enhance Abilities

Equip Charms To Alter Abilities

Omamori Charms are accessories that you can equip which will enhance your abilities in and out of battle. These charms are divided into different categories, such as defensive, stealth, and utility!

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Increase Charm Slots Via Shrines

You can increase the number of charm slots you can have by visiting and exploring shrines in the game, whether Inari or Shinto.These are scattered across Tsushima.

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