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Episode 2 (Saiyan Saga) Walkthrough
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Episode 2 (Saiyan Saga) Walkthrough

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Check this Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (DBZ Kakarot) walkthrough on Saiyan Saga Episode 2. Including story mission guides, gameplay tricks, boss fight in the arc, location, and more!!

Table of Contents

Story Progression Chart

Previous Episode Next Episode
Episode 1 Episode 3

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Follow Raditz! - Walkthrough Chart

Fast Travel To Lucca Village

No Procedure
1 When all the cutscenes end, open the World Map to fast travel to Lucca Village
2 After fast traveling, you'll be in the East Ravine
3 When you regain control, the mission will end

1~3. Simple Fast Travel Mission

Open World Map To Fast Travel

Open World Map To Fast Travel

When you regain control after Raditz takes Gohan, you'll need to follow him to Lucca Village. To do so, open your map and fast travel to the indicated area.

Rumble with Raditz - Walkthrough Chart

Find & Defeat Raditz To Rescue Gohan

No Procedure
1 Fly to the spot where Raditz is
2 After your conversation, you'll have to fight with Raditz again
3 After Raditz stops the fight, fight him again with just Goku
4 When Goku goes down, you'll get a long series of cutscenes
5 In Heaven, answer King Yemma's quiz correctly
6 After the quiz, you'll get King Yemma & Kami's Soul Emblems

2-3. Another Fight With Raditz

Another Fight With Raditz

Work With Piccolo In First Phase

In this first battle phase, you won't fight Raditz alone. Playing as Goku, you'll have Piccolo help you out in this battle.
▼Check Out How To Beat Raditz (1st Phase)!

Fight Solo As Goku In 2nd Phase

In the 2nd phase of the fight, you'll stand off with Raditz alone as Goku. He'll be more aggressive and powered up so be careful!
▼Check Out How To Beat Raditz (2nd Phase)!

6. King Yemma's Quiz

King Yemma

Question 1 Answer - Hell

The first question is "Where was Raditz sent?". The correct answer to this is "Hell".

Question 2 Answer - King Yemma

The 2nd question is "Who is more powerful?". The correct answer to this is "King Yemma".

Question 3 Answer - Everyone

The 3rd question is "Who is judged here after death?". The correct answer will be "Everyone".

Question 4 Answer - Yes

The 4th question is "Is there a way to bring back those who have already died?" The right answer for this question is "Yes".

Question 5 Answer - The 5th

The 5th question is "What question is this?". The correct answer to King Yemma is "The 5th".

Vs. Raditz (1st Phase) - Boss Fight Tips

Raditz Is Now Lv. 6

In this battle, Raditz will be at Level 6. Make sure you're at the appropriate level and have unlocked Super Attack moves to make this fight easier.

Check Out How To Learn Super Attacks Here!

Saturday Crash Move Throws Energy Balls

Saturday Crash Move Throws Energy Balls

When Raditz does his Saturday Crash attack, he will send several large energy balls your way. Watch their trajectory and dodge accordingly to avoid taking hits.

Learn How To Dodge Here!

Still Does Cyclone Monday

Still Does Cyclone Monday

Raditz will still continue to use his sweeping kick move Cyclone Monday. Move vertically to avoid or guard to keep from taking too much damage.

Fight Ends Automatically Again

When Raditz's HP bar reaches green, the fight will be over and you'll continue with the story. You'll get the exp and rewards after.

Vs. Raditz (2nd Phase) - Boss Fight Tips

Move Up & Down During Double Sunday

Stay Under Raditz During Double Sunday

When Raditz does his Double Sunday attack, it's best to quickly phase up and down as he sends large beams from both his hands into a circular outward motion.

Adds Floating Energy Balls In Surge

Adds Floating Energy Balls In Surge

If Raditz is powered up with Surge, his Double Sunday will be more powerful and he'll send out several energy balls to float in the area. Keep your distance or move up and down to avoid his beams.

Tires Out After Surge

Tires Out After Surge

Raditz will activate Surge during this fight, making his attacks much more powerful. He'll do Cyclone Monday and Saturday Crash simultaneously, attacking you aggressively but he'll also tire out after his Surge runs out.

Focus On Dodging & Guarding

Since you're fighting Raditz alone this time, it's best to focus on dodging and guarding his attacks. He'll open up for counters when you successfully dodge or guard using Burst.

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Story Progression Chart

Previous Episode Next Episode
Episode 1 Episode 3
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