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Episode 1 (Saiyan Saga) Walkthrough
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Episode 1 (Saiyan Saga) Walkthrough

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Check this Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (DBZ Kakarot) walkthrough on Saiyan Saga Episode 1. Including story mission guides, gameplay tricks, boss fight in the arc, location, & more!

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Story Progression Chart

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- Episode 2

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Slice of Life - Walkthrough Chart

Gather Ingredients With Gohan

No Procedure
1 Start the game & watch the cutscenes
2 Fight & defeat Piccolo
3 After the cutscenes, you'll regain control as Goku with Gohan
4 After talking with Gohan, pick apples from the tree he indicates
5 When the cutscene is over, go with Gohan to the fishing spot
6 Catch fish with Goku's tail
7 After catching fish, grill the fish on the campfire
8 When the meal is over, you'll receive Goku & Gohan's Soul Emblems and some Gift Items
9 Talk to Gohan to return home and get another cutscene
10 Use the Flying Nimbus to go back to Goku's house
11 Inside the house, talk to Chi-Chi to cook a dish
12 After cooking, look around the house to unlock the Z-Encyclopedia
13 Talk to Gohan then Chi-Chi to trigger cutscenes to end this mission

2. Fight & Defeat Piccolo

Piccolo Fight Is A Tutorial

Piccolo Fight Is A Tutorial

You'll start the fight with a screen instruction you on how to fight. Learn the actions & check the lower-left corner to remind yourself what each button does.
▼Check Out How To Beat Piccolo!

4. Find Apples

Follow Gohan To Find Apples

Follow Gohan To Find Apples

Follow Gohan and he'll lead you to the tree with a glowing gold spot. Jump to get the apples that Chi-Chi needs.

6. Go Tail Fishing

Go Tail Fishing

Wiggle Tail To Lure Fish

If you wiggle your joystick, you'll be able to lure the fish to bite your tail faster!

Time Press To Catch Fish

When the fish latches on to Goku's tail, make sure to time your button press on the bar and the circle to catch it!

Check Out The Fishing Guide Here!

8. Setting Soul Emblems

Place Soul Emblems To Get Better Stats

Place Soul Emblems To Get Better Stats

Placing and activating Soul Emblems will give you status boosts. This will help you greatly in your adventure!

Check Out How To Use Soul Emblems!

11. Cook With Chi-Chi

Cook Dishes To Get Boosts

Cook Dishes To Get Boosts

Cooking and eating dishes will give you status boosts in the game. Gather ingredients around you so you can make more dishes & receive better status boosts!

Check Out How To Cook!

Vs. Piccolo - Boss Fight Tips

Lock On To Keep Track Of Target

Lock On To Keep Track Of Target

There will be a wide area to fight Piccolo so it's best to lock onto him so you know where he is at all times.

Dodge During Demon Slash

Dodge During Demon Slash

When Piccolo does the Demon Slash move, he'll send forward slashes in 3 different directions - vertical, horizontal & diagonal. Dodge to avoid taking damage.

Check Out How To Guard Here!

Guard During Demon Flash Strike

Guard During Demon Flash Strike

When Piccolo does this move, he'll rush towards you. It's best to guard against this move then counter attack to damage him.

Gets Tired After Surge

Gets Tired After Surge

A great opening for attack is after Piccolo depletes his Surge energy as he'll be tired after, allowing you to place some good combos on him.

Keep Attacking & Guarding To Activate Surge

The more you attack, dodge, or guard, the higher your Surge bar will get. Once full, activate it to power up all your attacks for the Surge's duration.

Check Out Our Full Piccolo Boss Guide Here!

A Long Overdue Reunion - Walkthrough Chart

Reunion At Kame House

No Procedure
1 After the movie, fly towards Master Roshi's house
2 When the introductions are done, talk to Krillin - this unlocks Sub Stories
3 Speak with Krillin again to unlock the Training Grounds
4 Head towards the portal to get to the Training Grounds
5 Fight & defeat Krillin
6 When the fight is over, speak with Krillin again to continue the story

2~3. Speak To Krillin

Talking To Krillin Unlocks Sub Stories

Talking To Krillin Unlocks Sub Stories

After speaking with Krillin, you'll be able to unlock the game's sub stories. These are locked under certain characters and give you items, EXP, etc.

Check Out All Sub Story List!

Power Up & Unlock Moves In Training Grounds

In the Training Grounds, you'll face off with other characters. Winning will allow you to unlock new Super Attacks or level up those you already have.

Check Out All Skills & Moves!

5. Fight & Defeat Krillin

Fight & Defeat Krillin

Krillin is a fast attacker and will do a lot of Kamehamehas. He'll also do Burst attacks, knocking you back and far away. Focus on guarding and dodging to defeat him!
▼Check Out How To Beat Krillin!

Vs. Krillin - Boss Fight Tips

Dodge To Side To Avoid Kamehameha

Dodge To Side To Avoid Kamehameha

Krillin attacks pretty fast and he'll do a quick Kamehameha before you know it. Immediately dodge left or right to avoid this attack and keep from taking heavy damage.

Flashes Red Before Attacking

Flashes Red Before Attacking

In this fight, watch Krillin closely. When he flashes red, he'll start a series of combos so be prepared to dodge or guard. You can easily counter his moves if you watch him closely.

Use Burst To Send Enemies Flying

Use Burst To Send Enemies Flying

When you've successfully guarded a move press the square button to use "Burst". This will knock back enemies and allow you to cancel their actions.

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Intergalactic Invader - Walkthrough Chart

Search For The Strong Ki

No Procedure
1 When the scenes end, you'll regain control as Piccolo
2 Follow your mini map to find the powerful Ki
3 When you reach the spot, you'll encounter Raditz
4 Fight & Defeat Raditz (as Piccolo)
5 After Raditz disrupts the fight, you'll get another series of cutscenes
6 Fight & Defeat Raditz (as Goku)
7 When the fight is over, Raditz will take Gohan
8 After Bulma gives you the Vitadrink, you'll unlock Support Characters & the open world

1 & 8. Explore Open World

Explore Open World

Search Ki To Find Enemies

In this part of the game, you'll learn how to search for Ki in the area. Doing so will allow you to find enemies that you can challenge.

Travel Through Airways To Collect Z Orbs

In the open world, you'll be able to find wind tunnels called "airways". These are special tunnels that can boost your collection of Z Orbs.

Check Out How To Use Airways Here!

Unlocking Support Characters

After speaking with Bulma, you'll unlock the open world of the game. This includes support characters that will travel alongside you & aid you in your journey!

Check Out How To Use Support Characters!

4 & 6. Battle With Raditz

Fight As Goku & Piccolo

Fight As Goku & Piccolo

You'll face off with Raditz twice in this episode - once as Piccolo & once as Goku. He generally has the same moves in both fights.
▼Check Out How To Beat Raditz!

Vs. Raditz - Boss Fight Tips

Move Vertically To Avoid Cyclone Monday

Move Vertically To Avoid Cyclone Monday

Raditz will do a sweeping spinning move that will move horizontally. The best way to avoid this is to move up or down fast.

Guard To Avoid Raditz's Combos

Guard To Avoid Raditz

Raditz will rush towards you and attack you with punch and kick combos. Guard then Burst to knock him out of the way.

Check Out How To Dodge & Guard Here!

Raditz Flashes Red Before Attacking

Raditz Flashes Red Before Attacking

In close quarter combat, it's easier to see when Raditz will make a combo - he'll flash red for a second. When he does, get ready to guard or dodge.

Raditz Automatically Stops Fight

Raditz Automatically Stops Fight

When you've done enough damage to Raditz or depleted his HP bar, he'll automatically stop the fight. You'll get a series of cutscenes and continue with the story.

Story Progression Chart

Previous Episode Next Episode
- Episode 2
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