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How To Beat Perfect Cell
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How To Beat Perfect Cell

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Read this Dragon Ball Z Kakarot (DBZ Kakarot) guide to find out how to beat Perfect Cell. Get tips on dealing with his Clones, Punishing Storm, Sonic Blow, Impact Smash & more.

How To Beat Cell

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How To Beat Imperfect Cell - Tips & Strategy

Cell Battle

You will take on Cell in three different forms a total of 8 times in the Android Saga. Once as Imperfect Cell, Twice as Semi-Perfect Cell, and Four Times as Perfect Cell.

Cell Battle Chart:

BattleFormBattle Character
1stImperfect Piccolo
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Use Rapid Fire Ki Wave

Rapid Fire Ki Wave slows down time for its duration and deals a rather large amount of damage. You can expect to do about 30,000 damage each hit, and it's quite easy to land.

Counterattack After His Beam Attacks


As with other bosses, as soon as they fire off their special attacks, side step and respond with your own. In this case, Special Beam Cannon or Rapid Fire Ki Wave are good options.

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How To Beat Semi-Perfect Cell - Tips & Strategy

Cell Battle

You will take on Semi-Perfect Cell two times. Once as Goku and once as Vegeta.

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Dodge Impact Smash


Dodging this move will be key in ensuring you don't take an excessive amount of damage. Press your dodge button at the timing seen in the above picture.

Watch Out For Sonic Blow + Kamehameha combo


After knocking you down with his Sonic Blow combo, Cell will often fire off a ranged special attack, such as Kamehameha. Even if you get hit with the Sonic Blow, spaming dodge to the side to avoid the connecting special attack! Respond with a ranged attack of your own after dodging successfully.

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How To Beat Perfect Cell - Tips & Strategy

Perfect Cell Battle

You will fight Perfect Cell 5 times. The final time will include several new abilities.

Immediately Defeat The Clones

In the final battle, Cell will summon 3 copies of himself. Using the right control stick, swap targets and defeat them immediately. If you leave them up for too long, you will be overwhelmed.

Get Away During Energy Blast


When Cell fires off his Consecutive Energy Blast, make sure you're far away. Don't attempt any melee attacks at this point and just wait it out.

Move Vertically During Punishing Storm


During Cell's massive Punishing Storm ability, don't be tempted to outrun the explosions to the side. Move vertically in order to avoid them!

Fire Off 2 Masenkos During The Special Kamehameha


When Cell enters his special Kamehameha channel, you'll have a very short window of time to take him out. Without hesitating, fire off 2 Masenkos in a row. This should deplete his bar and allow you to follow up with more damage.

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Cell Abilities

Solar Flare


Cell is able to use Krillin's signature move, Solar Flare. He will glow extremely brightly and stun/disorient those near him. This will leave you vulnerable for follow-up attacks.



Goku's signature move! A beam of energy emitted outward along the red indicator. Dodge as usual.

Guided Kamehameha


A different version of the Kamehameha. Still does basically the same thing, but appears to turn slightly in your direction.

Special Beam Cannon


Piccolo's signature move. Fires out a burst of energy in a narrow line ahead of him.



Jumps behind you and absorbs your vitality, restoring about 50-60,000 HP. So far, we haven't been able to dodge this ability, but it might be possible. (If you were able to dodge it, please let us know how in the comments.)

Sonic Blow (Semi-Perfect Cell)


Cell charges forward and kicks you 3 times. This is often followed up with a long range beam attack.

Impact Smash (Semi-Perfect Cell)


Cell charges his fist and punches forward, dealing damage.

Barrier (Perfect Cell)


Cell creates a massive purple sphere around himself and knocks back opponents. He tends to do this when you get too close to him.

Assault Rush (Perfect Cell)


Similar to Android 17's ability. Pounds out a series of fiery kicks in your direction.

Multi Form (Perfect Cell)


Cell Splits up into 3 clones. Change the target with the right control stick and defeat them as soon as possible.

Clone Ki Projectiles (Perfect Cell)


While Clones are up, they will fire off projectiles frequently. These will obscure your vision and leave you with less room to maneuver.

Clone Ability Copy (Perfect Cell)


While active, Cell's clones will copy some of his abilities. This will result in way more projectiles active on the field.

Special Kamehameha (Perfect Cell)


During the final battle with Perfect Cell, he will trigger a brief animation and begin to channel a Kamehameha. You will get a prompt on your screen to defeat him. Fire off attacks to bring down the health bar as fast as possible.

Punishing Storm (Perfect Cell)


Only in the final battle. Summons a ring of fiery balls that explode in a row like dominoes.

Sonic Beam (Perfect Cell)


Cell splits up into multiple copies and marks the area with red lasers. After a while, he fires beams at these locations.

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