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W-Engine Tier List - Best Weapons

W-Engine Tier List - Best Weapons

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Best W-Engine in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ). Check all W-Engine weapons, effects, tier rankings, rarity, stats, types, elements, recommended characters, evaluation criteria and more.

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Best W-Engine Tier Rank

Strongest W-Engine Ranking Quick Reference Table

Best W-Engine are the 4 SS Tiers

The best W-Engines of ZZZ are "Deep Sea Vistor", "Fusion Compiler", "Hellfire Gears", and "Steel Cushion". However, there are certain W-Engines that work well with each character, so whether you can take advantage of their performance will depend on the characters you use.

Best W-Engine Criteria

SS Rank W-Engine Criteria

Steel CushionSteel CushionSig.Nekomiya ManaNekomata
- CRIT Rate and Physical DMG always increases.
- The additional effects of back attacks are also easy to take advantage of when Stunned.
Hellfire GearsHellfire GearsSig.Koleda BelobogKoleda
- EX Special Attack rotation rate increases with energy recovery.
- Impact increases when using EX Special Attack
- Excellent versatility without attributes or complicated conditions!
Fusion CompilerFusion CompilerSig.Grace HowardGrace
- W-Engine that specializes in increasing Attribute Anomaly firepower.
- Multiplying ATK/PEN Ratio/Proficiency greatly increases firepower.
- Excellent versatility without attributes or complicated conditions!
Deep Sea VisitorDeep Sea VisitorSig.Ellen JoeEllen
- Ice DMG and CRIT Rate are almost always greatly increased.
- The conditions are good and the duration is very long.
- If you are an Ice Attacker, you can use it almost without any conditions.

S Rank W-Engine Evaluation

The BrimstoneThe BrimstoneSig.Soldier 11Soldier 11
- Advanced Stats & various attack conditions greatly increases ATK.
- Highly versatile with no attributes or complicated conditions.
- Although the effect size is large, the problem is that it does not increase the critical hit rate.
The RestrainedThe RestrainedSig.Von LycaonLycaon
- Greatly increases the Stunned performance of Basic Attack.
- Impact of Advanced Stats slightly strengthens skills other than Basic Attack.
- Stun characters with a long combat time can be used for general purposes.
Weeping CradleWeeping CradleSig.Alexandrina SebastianeRina
- Handles energy recovery and overall damage buff.
- The effect is versatile, but the PEN Ratio of Advanced Stats is not good.
- Rina has the PEN Ratio reference buff which is good.
Kaboom the CannonKaboom the CannonSig.Luciana de MontefioLucy
- Can continuously buff ATK for all allies.
- Energy recovery from Advanced Stats is good.
- Lucy with multiple units is easy to maintain.
Roaring RideRoaring RideSig.Piper WheelPiper
- Random enhancement occurs every time EX Special Attack is used.
- Use a high HIT attack, you can aim to activate all three types.
- Rare accumulation efficiency Buff (easy to apply) is good.
Big CylinderBig CylinderSig.Ben BiggerBen
- Enhanced durability with large DEF increase and damage cut.
- Attacking after being attacked, the additional large damage (see Defense) is powerful!
- Any character with DEF reference can use it easily.
Cannon RotorCannon RotorSig.N/A
- CRIT Rate and ATK are always increased.
- It is easy to take advantage of additional critical damage.
- Highly versatile with no attributes or complicated conditions.

A Rank W-Engine Evaluation

Street SuperstarStreet SuperstarSig.N/A
- Ultimate firepower increases according to the number of Chain Attacks.
- During boss stunning, maximum activation is almost guaranteed.
- Be careful that there is almost no growth except for Ultimate.
Slice of TimeSlice of TimeSig.N/A
- A rare W-Engine that handles Decibel recovery.
- The conditions are light, but Advanced Stats are a little difficult to take advantage of.
- It is okay to use it for energy recovery purposes.
Rainforest GourmetRainforest GourmetSig.N/A
- ATK greatly increases with Energy Cost.
- Proficiency of Advanced Stats is also nice.
- Securing the amount of energy recovery is a problem for stable activation.
Starlight EngineStarlight EngineSig.N/A
- ATK significantly increases under light conditions.
- Long lasting and easy to maintain.
- Critical does not grow is a problem.
Steam OvenSteam OvenSig.N/A
- Impact increase according to the energy you have.
- Advanced Stats makes it easy to store energy.
- Buff lasts for 8 seconds after energy consumption, easy to use without worrying.
Electro-Lip GlossElectro-Lip GlossSig.N/A
- ATK/Proficiency/Damage dealt is almost always increases.
- The conditions are only Adding Attribute Anomaly, so light.
- Excellent versatility regardless of character.
Bunny BandBunny BandSig.N/A
- DEF/HP limit/ATK increases evenly.
- Versatile, but each type's effect is normal.
- Highly versatile regardless of reference status.
Spring EmbraceSpring EmbraceSig.N/A
- When being attacked, the energy efficiency increase can be carried over to the next ally.
- Damage reduction is a merit, but Advanced Stats aren't good.
- Currently for Support specialty Agents.
HousekeeperHousekeeperSig.Corin WickesCorin
- With energy recovery and Physical damage increase effect.
- Physical damage increase lasts for a short time, and only usually affects enhanced Basic Attack.
- Recommended for Corin who stays in your team long and has large number of hits.
Drill Rig - Red AxisDrill Rig - Red AxisSig.Anton IvanovAnton
- Electric DMG of Basic & Dash Attack is greatly increased.
- The energy recovery of Advanced Stats is also quite nice.
- Strict conditions and long cooldown period are a problem.
Unfettered Game BallUnfettered Game BallSig.N/A
- Strong overall CRIT Rate Buff that lasts a long time.
- Buff activation is easily done if there is an enemy with an advantageous Attribute Type.
- Energy recovery from Advanced Stats is good.
Six ShooterSix ShooterSig.N/A
- Stunned performance increases depending on the interval of EX Special Attack.
- Buff is maximized after 18 seconds since the last time used.
- Recommended for characters with relatively high Energy Cost.

B Rank W-Engine Evaluation

Demara Battery Mark IIDemara Battery Mark IISig.Anby DemaraAnby
- Always increase of Electric DMG and Impact.
- Energy acquisition efficiency buff with light conditions is good.
- Although the firepower is reduced, it can be used other than Electric Attribute.
Precious Fossilized CorePrecious Fossilized CoreSig.N/A
- Stunned performance increase against enemies whose HP has not decreased.
- Stunned → Powerful if you can defeat it at once.
- Slightly difficult to use against high durable bosses.
Original TransmorpherOriginal TransmorpherSig.N/A
- HP limit increases significantly.
- Impact increase will also increase Stun performance.
- When using as an Equipment for Ben, only strengthens own Shield durability.
Weeping GeminiWeeping GeminiSig.N/A
- Greatly increases Proficiency for each Attribute Anomaly granted to yourself or an ally.
- The effect amount is very large, and maximum activation is easy to aim for.
- The problem is that it can be canceled by a returned Stunned or Stun.
The VaultThe VaultSig.Nicole DemaraNicole
- Skills rotating rate is greatly increased with energy recovery buff and additional recovery!
- The overall damage buff is also powerful, but the duration is short.
- Nicole can use this effectively, since remains offensive even after being switched.
Starlight Engine ReplicaStarlight Engine ReplicaSig.Billy KidBilly
- Physical damage increase after an attack that is from 6m or more.
- After the effect is activated, it is okay to approach and attack.
- Be careful as there will be distance attenuation if you continue to use long-range attacks.
Bashful DemonBashful DemonSig.SoukakuSoukaku
- Increase your own firepower with ATK and Ice DMG Buff.
- Also after EX Special Attack, up to 4 levels of ATK Buff.
- For sub-attackers, currently limited to Soukaku.
[Lunar] Noviluna[Lunar] NovilunaSig.N/A
- Attached with the effect of CRIT Rate Buff and energy recovery.
- Most recommended among 3-star W-Engines.
- Low Base ATK is not good.
[Reverb] Mark II[Reverb] Mark IISig.N/A
- Disorder is easier to target with overall Mastery/Proficiency increase.
- Energy Regen for Advanced Stats is good.
- Low basic stats are also a problem, but a start for Early Game.
[Vortex] Arrow[Vortex] ArrowSig.N/A
- Impact/Daze on main enemy is almost always increased.
- Stunned performance is very high.
- Low base ATK and low firepower
[Magnetic Storm] Alpha[Magnetic Storm] AlphaSig.N/A
- Comes with rare accumulation efficiency Buff (easier to apply).
- Powerful but has a long cooldown period.
- Low Base ATK is a problem, but it is a start for Early game.
[Identity] Base[Identity] BaseSig.N/A
- High magnification defense buff is good.
- Most recommended among 3-star W-Engines.
- Low Basic DEF is a bottleneck, but a start for Early Game.

C Rank W-Engine Evaluation

[Lunar] Pleniluna[Lunar] PlenilunaSig.N/A
- ATK and damage dealt from various attacks increases.
- Inflicted Damage increase does not apply to Special/Ultimate etc.
- Switching is recommended, Base ATK is also low.
[Lunar] Decrescent[Lunar] DecrescentSig.N/A
- ATK and damage dealt from various attacks increases.
- Although the duration is short, the effects are easy to take advantage of.
- Switching is recommended, Low Base ATK is not good.
[Reverb] Mark I[Reverb] Mark ISig.N/A
- Stunned frequency increases with overall Impact Buff.
- The cooldown period is long and breaks occur.
- Switching is recommended, Low basic status is not good.
[Reverb] Mark III[Reverb] Mark IIISig.N/A
- W-Engine with entire ATK Buff.
- The cooldown period is long and the activation conditions are somewhat hard.
- Switching is recommended, Low basic status is not good.
[Vortex] Revolver[Vortex] RevolverSig.N/A
- EX Special Attack's Daze increase.
- Switching is recommended when low Base ATK and low firepower.
[Vortex] Hatchet[Vortex] HatchetSig.N/A
- Impact and energy recovery are increased at the same time is good.
- Almost automatic activation, but the problem is the cooldown period.
- Switching is recommended when low Base ATK and low firepower.
[Magnetic Storm] Bravo[Magnetic Storm] BravoSig.N/A
- Greatly expand the Proficiency.
- Attribute Anomaly's firepower increases the most for 3.
- Base ATK is low, but a start for Early Game.
[Magnetic Storm] Charlie[Magnetic Storm] CharlieSig.N/A
- Increase firepower/applied frequency with PEN Ratio increase and energy recovery.
- Low Base ATK is a problem, but it is a start for Early game.
[Identity] Inflection[Identity] InflectionSig.N/A
- Substantially increases durability by applying damage debuffs to enemies.
- Advanced Stats DEF is also good.
- Switching is recommended, Low basic DEF is not good.

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