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How to Farm Drive Discs - When to Start Farming

How to Farm Drive Discs - When to Start Farming

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ZZZ | How to Farm Drive Discs - When to Start Farming | Zenless Zone Zero - GameWith

Drive Disc Farming guide in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ). Check how to get Drive Disc materials, best set effects, getting high base and random stats.

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When to Start Farming Drive Discs

  • You can farm S-class Drive Discs from Level 35
    └ Routine Cleanup in the early game not recommended
  • Start farming the Best Drive Disks from Level 40
  • Become a Legendary Proxy for maximum efficiency
  • Tuning is always possible as long as you have Master Copies

Farm S-class Drive Discs from Level 35

Zenless Zone Zero S-Class Drive Discs

In Routine Cleanup where Drive Discs can be obtained, S-Rank Drive Discs will drop starting from difficulty level 40. You can dismantle unnecessary Drive Discs and convert them to Master Copies (Tuning material), so start farming when you reach Inter-Knot Level 35.

Routine Cleanup Guide

Routine Cleanup in Early Game Not Recommended

Routine Cleanup requires Battery Charge (Stamina) just like in Combat Simulation. At difficulty level 30, you can only obtain A-Rank and B-Rank Drive Discs, so in the early stages, prioritize Combat Simulation where you can obtain other Enhancement Materials.

Start farming the Best Drive Disks from Level 40

Music Store level

Advanced Tuning will be unlocked when your Inter-Knot Level reaches 40 (Music Store level 3). With Advanced Tuning, you can definitely get S-Rank Drive Discs from Master Copies, which greatly increases the efficiency of farming Drive Discs.

Music Store Guide
Point BangbooTip!At the same time you unlock Advanced Tuning, you will also be able to use the Tuning Calibrator to specify the Base Stats!

Become a Legendary Proxy for Maximum Efficiency

When you reach Inter-Knot Level 50 and Reputation Rank Legendary Proxy, Routine Cleanup difficulty level 60 will be unlocked. The drop rate of S-Rank Drive Discs will be significantly increased, allowing you to farm Drive Discs a lot faster.

Tuning is Always Possible with Master Copies

The Master Copy used for tuning each rarity is independent and cannot be crafted to a higher rarity. Therefore, if you have the blue and red Master Copies obtained from Drive Disc Dismantling, Notorious Hunt, and Expert Challenge, don't hesitate to use them for Beginner and Intermediate Tuning.

Best Way to Farm Drive Discs

  1. Collect Drive Discs in Routine Cleanup
  2. Dismantle unnecessary Drive Discs to get Master Copies
  3. Use Tuning to Get Drive Discs
    └ Specify the track with the desired effect
    └ First get Discs for Partitions 1 to 3
    └ Use Tuning Calibrator for Partitions 4 to 6
  4. Check the obtained Drive Disc
  5. Enhance it if you have a good Drive Disc
  6. Dismantle unnecessary Drive Discs and repeat Tuning
Collect Disks in Routine Cleanup
 Zenless Zone Zero S-Class Drive

Consume Battery Charge in Routine Cleanup to get Drive Discs. S-Rank Drive Discs will drop when defeating enemies of level 40 or above, so you may be able to use them as is.

Dismantle Unnecessary Drive Disc to get Master Copies

Dismantle unnecessary Drive Discs and convert them to Master Copies. You can create a new Drive Disc by taking Master Copies to the Music Store.

Music Store Guide
Also Available in Weekly Boss/Expert Challenge

In addition to Dismantling the Disks you own, Master Copies can also be obtained by completing Weekly Boss (Notorious Hunt) and Expert Challenges. You can only receive rewards for Notorious Hunt up to three times a week, so be sure to complete that as much as possible.

Use Tuning to get Drive Discs
Zenless Zone Zero Drive Disc

Once you have enough Master Copies, go to the Music Store and tune them. Tuning is possible once for every 5 Master Copies of each color.

Specify the Track With the Desired Effect
Specify the Track

When Tuning Discs, you can select which effect the Drive Disc will have. The type of Drive Disc you want will depend on the character, so be sure to specify the effect.

First get Discs for Partitions 1-3
Zenless Zone Zero Partition

Drive Discs have 6 Partitions (slots), and you can specify which one to make when tuning. Partitions 1 to 3 have fixed Base Stats and are easy to farm, so it is recommended to start with those.

Point BangbooTip!You can designate which Partition you want for free when you reach Music Store level 2!
Use Tuning Calibrator for Partitions 4-6
Main stats

The Base Stats for Partitions 4 to 6 are random, but if you use the Tuning Calibrator you can specify the stats before tuning them. In particular, it would be a good idea to give priority to Partition 5, which has many types of Base Stats.

How to Use Tuning Calibrator
Check the Obtained Drive Disc

Check the Partition and Base Stats of the Drive Disc you obtained, as well as the effect and number of random stats.

Enhance it if You Have a Good Drive Disc

If you have the Partition and good effects you want, go ahead and enhance it. A random status slot will be unlocked (or randomly enhanced if it is already full) for every 3 stages it is enhanced.

Dismantle Unnecessary Drive Discs and Repeat Tuning

Dismantle unnecessary items, such as Drive Discs that did not get good random stats when enhancing them, and go back to Tuning again. Using the Filter and Select all function will allow you to quickly dismantle unnecessary Drive Discs.

How to Select Tracks (Set Effect)

  • The Basic Strategy is to have a 4-Piece and 2-Piece Set
  • Select Equipment by Character's Attribute or Specialty
    └ Consider Specialty for 4-Piece Set

The Basic Strategy is to have a 4-Piece and 2-Piece Set

Set effect

Each track has a 4-Piece and 2-Piece Set Effect. Even if you have 6 of the same tracks, it will still have the same effect as having 4 pieces, so it is best to combine 2 types of tracks.

Select Equipment by Character's Attribute or Specialty

Each character has a Drive Disk that best suits them. For example, Anby works well with Thunder Metal which has Electric Attribute enhancement and also Shockstar Disco that has Impact enhancement. Prioritize the tracks that match their Attribute and Specialty.

Do not Specify Attribute for 4-Piece Effect

Tracks that do not specify Attributes can be used for characters with any Attribute, so they are more versatile than those that specify Attributes. Therefore, if you are creating a 4-Piece Set for the first time, we recommend tracks that do not specify Attributes.

Characters and Best Drive Disk List

How to choose Best Drive Disc Stats

  • Farm Base Stats for Partitions 4-6
  • For random stats, focus on the number of initial stats it has
    └ Even better if it has the stats your want
  • For Attackers, CRIT stats are recommended
  • HP and DEF are important for support roles
    └You should prioritize farming for Attackers first

Farm Base Stats for Partitions 4-6

Drive Discs for Partitions 4 to 6 come with 6 or 9 kinds of Base Stats. Base Stats have higher values than random stats, so if the base stats are the effects that you want, that one is a keeper.

Base Stat List for Each Part

Parts (Number of Types) Base Stat
(fixed to 1 type)
- HP (numeric value)
(fixed to 1 type)
- ATK (numeric value)
(fixed to 1 type)
- DEF (numeric value)
(6 types)
- HP (%)
- ATK (%)
- DEF (%)
- CRIT Rate
- Crit DMG
- Anomaly Proficiency
(9 types)
- HP (%)
- ATK (%)
- DEF (%)
- PEN Ratio
- Attribute damage bonus
(Physical, Fire, Ice, Electric or Ether)
(6 types)
- HP (%)
- ATK (%)
- DEF (%)
- Anomaly Mastery
- Impact
- Energy Regen

The Number of Random Stats it has is Important

One effect will be added as a random stat for every three levels of enhancement, but if there are already four effects at this time, one will be randomly enhanced instead. Therefore, the more stats you have in the initial state, the more times it can be enhanced.

Point BangbooTip!The same effect cannot be applied twice to the same Drive Disc. It also will not be the same as its Base Stat, HP, ATK, and DEF effect, but the numeric value and % buffs are considered to be different (can be on the same Disk)

Random Stats List

Random Status
(Common to All Parts/10 Types)
- HP (numeric value)
- ATK (numeric value)
- DEF (numeric value)
- HP (%)
- ATK (%)
- DEF (%)
-CRIT Rate
- Crit DMG
- Anomaly Proficiency

CRIT stats are best for Attackers

Zenless Zone Zero Drive Disc

For Attack and Stun characters who spend a long time in battle and needs to deal damage, we recommend increasing their firepower with CRIT Rate and Crit DMG. Other options include ATK, Anomaly Proficiency, and Penetration, which will also help increase firepower.

HP and DEF are Important for Support Roles

Support and Defense Characters who are in charge of their allies' buffs and defense, have a lower priority when selecting Drive Discs compared to Attackers. However, if you increase your durability with HP and DEF, it will help with survivability.

Point BangbooTip!If you have Attackers with the same Attribute, it will be efficient if they equip the remaining Drive Discs you got during the farming process!

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