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How To Increase Inter-Knot Level Fast - XP Farming

How To Increase Inter-Knot Level Fast - XP Farming

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ZZZ | How To Increase Inter-Knot Level Fast - XP Farming | Zenless Zone Zero - GameWith

How To Increase Inter-Knot Level in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ). This includes what are Inter-Knot Levels, rewards, how to earn XP, farm XP, and more!

Table of Contents

How to Raise Inter-Knot Levels

  • Progress the Main Story
  • Side Commissions
  • Agent Stories
  • Compendium (Target / Errands)
  • Gather Upgrade Materials
  • Explore the Map
  • Hollow Zero
  • Shiyu Defense
  • Notorious Hunt

The most efficient way to raise your Inter-Knot Level is by collecting enhancement materials. Since it requires Battery Charge to collect materials, it's a good way to consume your Battery Charge as well.

Progress the Main Story

Progress the Main Story

Inter-Knot Credit (EXP) can efficiently be earned by completing various quests, such as Main Story missions and tasks for the first time. However, there is only a finite number of missions so you'll need to progress other challenges as well.

Complete Side Commissions

Clear Side Commissions

Commissions have Inter-Knot Credit as rewards for completing them for the first time. Exploration and Combat Commissions can be done from the HDD system at home, while City Commisions are triggered outside. These do not consume Battery Charge so you should actively complete them.

Combat Commissions

Combat Commissions are Commissions that can be completed by defeating enemies and meeting certain conditions. Once all objectives are achieved, you can obtain the Rank S rewards.

Exploration Commissions

Exploration Commissions are Commissions that can be completed by meeting certain conditions while advancing through the map. Some of them are difficult to understand since they require the use of Devices to complete so it's best to check the Hollow Codex in the Workbench in those cases.

City Commissions

City Commissions are Commissions that occur in the city and are completed without using the HDD. You can track the Commissions you wish to proceed with from the schedule by talking to NPCs with the red exclamation point. You can track the Commissions from the schedule.

Complete Agent Stories

agent story

You can earn Inter-Knot Credit as a reward for completing Agent Stories (Individual character stories) for the first time. This can be done from the bookshelf (archive).

Compendium (Tasks and Errands)

Zenless Zone Zero

There are four types of tasks in your Compendium: Target, Errands, Training, and Challenges, all of which give Inter-Knot Credit for completing them. You are also rewarded various Enhancement Materials so focus on completing the Errands and Challenges when you can.

Collect Upgrade Materials

Zenless Zone Zero Stamina

Every time Battery Charge is consumed, Inter-Knot Credit for the amount used can be obtained. Because of how it consumes Battery Charge, there is a limit to how many times you can take do this. Make sure to spend your Battery Charge on collecting the materials you need.

Battery Charge Recovers Over Time

Battery Charge automatically recovers over time so it's important to consume Battery Charge so it doesn't reach its limit. Battery Charge can also be recovered by using the Ether Battery, Polychromes, or by drinking coffee.

How to Recover Battery Charge

Explore the Map

Zenless Zone Zero Mini Cargo Truck

Locate the Mini Cargo Trucks and and Bangboo you see around town to get Inter-Knot Credit and items. These are also the conditions for Mewmew Stamps so check them out when you see them.

Hollow Zero

Hollow Zero

Hollow Zero is a roguelike challenge where you explore a Hollow. You need to increase your Inter-Knot Level to unlock this feature so progress through the Main Story first. This does not require Battery Charge and you gain experience when you complete each stage for the first time and when you increase your License Level.

Hollow Zero Guide

Shiyu Defense

Shiyu Defense

Shiyu Defense gives you challenging battles that requires players to defeat all enemies within a time limit. No Battery Charge is required for this and experience is gained as a reward for the first time you complete each stage.

Shiyu Defense Guide

Notorious Hunt

Notorious Hunt

Notorious Hunt rewards you up to three times per week and allows you to earn Core Skill Enhancement materials and Inter-Knot Level experience. It does not consume Battery Charge so don't forget to complete it before the weekly reset.

Notorious Hunt Guide

Advantages of Leveling Up

  • Claim Inter-Knot Level Rewards
  • Progress Main Story
  • Increased level cap for Agent and W-Engine
  • Unlocks New Content
  • Reputation Promotion (Reputation Level Up)

Claim Inter-Knot Level Rewards

Zenless Zone Zero Inter-Knot Level

Each time your Inter-Knot Level increases by 1 level, you can obtain rewards. When your level increases, open the Inter-Knot Level tab from the Inter-Knot button at the bottom right of the screen and collect your rewards.

BangbooTipsYou can also check the content unlocked at each level on the Inter-Knot Level screen.

Main Story Progression

Main Story Progression

There are some parts where a certain Inter-Knot Level is required to progress in the Main Story. If you can't progress the Main Story, check the requirements and raise your Inter-Knot Level.

Increased Level Cap for Agent and W-Engine

Zenless Zone Zero Level Cap

When your Inter-Knot Level reaches 10, the level cap for Agents and W-Engines increases from 10 to 20. These level caps also increase with Reputation Promotions, but achieving that also requires a certain Inter-Knot Level.

Unlocks New Content

Zenless Zone Zero Opening Content

From Level 10, 'Combat Simulations' and 'Hollow Zero' are unlocked. As your Inter-Knot Level continues to rise, various other content will be unlocked accordingly.

Reputation Promotion (Reputation Rank-Up)

Zenless Zone Zero Reputation

You can check your Reputation from your Personal Homepage under Your Info, and Promotions require meeting several conditions including the Inter-Knot Level. Once these conditions are met, be sure to proceed with the Promotion.

How To Raise Reputation Rank

Routine Cleanup Drops High Rarity Discs

When your Inter-Knot Level reaches 35, Routine Cleanup will start rewarding you with S-Rank Drive Discs. Do note that S-Rank discs do not drop if your level is below 35.

Routine Cleanup Guide

New Features Unlocked

Combat Simulation Difficulty Levels

Combat Simulation Difficulty Levels

More Combat Simulation difficulty levels are unlocked as your Inter-Knot Level increases. The higher the difficulty level, the more efficiently you can collect materials so be sure to go around the stages with the highest difficulty level possible.

Hollow Zero Stages

StageHow to Unlock
Qualification Assessment- Proceed through Chapter 1 intermission
Old Capital Metro - Inter-Knot Level 21 or higher
- Reputation “Certified Proxy” achieved
- Clear Qualification Assessment: Frontline
Construction Ruins- Complete Chapter 2
- Clear Old Capital Metro: Edge
- Clear all Old Capital Metro Commissions
Abandoned Skyscraper- Complete Chapter 3
- Clear Construction Ruins: Frontline
- Clear all Construction Ruins Commissions
Withering Garden- Inter-Knot Level 45 or higher
- Clear Clear Old Capital Metro: Core
- Clear Construction Ruins: Core
- Clear Abandoned Skyscraper: Core
- Clear the commission “Enchanting and Stunning, Withering Away”

You need to raise your Inter-Knot Level to unlock Hollow Zero stages. Since the requirements include completing the previous stage, subsequent stages cannot be unlocked without raising the Inter-Knot Level.

Features Unlocked & Required Levels

Featured UnlockedRequired Level
Combat Simulation10 and up
Hollow Zero10 and up
Expert Challenge20 and up
Shiyu Defense20 and up
Rally Commissions20 and up
Routine Cleanup20 and up
Notorious Hunt20 and up

Your Inter-Knot Level is not the only condition required to unlock these features. Basically, by progressing through the Main Story, you will be able to unlock the contents listed above.

What to Do When You're Stuck

  1. Proceed with the Tutorial
  2. Clear 4 Commissions up to "The Proxy and the Hare"
  3. Proceed through the story until Events are unlocked
Proceed With the Tutorial

Once you're done choosing the main character's gender, it's a straight path until Inter-Knot Level 8. If you're unsure what to do, then follow the instructions at the top left of the screen

The Main Character's Gender Selection is Irreversible

There is currently no way to change the gender of the main character later. This is a Point of No Return, so choose between Belle and Wise carefully.

Main Character Gender Difference
Clear 4 Commissions up to "The Proxy and the Hare"
Zenless Zone Zero The Proxy and the Hare Image

There are four Commissions that must be completed to reach Inter-Knot Level 8: "The Hare and the Proxy", "The Ultimate Collectibles", "Logistics Disaster", and "The Proxy and the Hare".

It's Easier if you Enhance your Character

Even if you're rerolling the game, you can progress battles faster by leveling up 3 agents to level 10 during the tutorial.

Proceed Through the Story Until Events Are Unlocked
Zenless Zone Zero Story

After clearing "The Proxy and the Hare", follow the instructions at the top left of the screen and proceed to the point where you can take a picture of the cat "Inky". This will unlock Events and you will also obtain some rewards.

How to Enter Redemption Code
Zenless Zone Zero Redemption Code

Navigate to Menu → Others → Exchange Code to proceed to the screen where you can input the Redeem code. Enter the Redeem code here to obtain items such as Polychromes, which can be exchanged for Master Tapes.

Redemption Code List

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