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Corin Best Build and Team Comp

Corin Best Build and Team Comp

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Best build and team for Corin (Corin Wickes) in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ). See the best W-Engine/weapon, Driver Disc, upgrade priority, promotion & enhancement materials!

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Corin - Tier and Basic Info

Corin Wickes

Rank A Corin - Basic Information

Attack Type/Faction
Signatured W-EngineHousekeeper
How to GetStar-Studded Cast



Tier and Rating

- Attack character that can deal massive damage if you manage to keep attacking consistently
- Able to deal massive damage to Stunned enemies
- However survivability is low and can barely move while attacking
▶Best Character Tier List

User Score

Corin's Strength

Attack Character that can Damage Multiple Enemies

Corin is a powerful Attacker that can deal continuous damage by holding down the attack button. During her extended attacks, she not just deals lots of damage but it can reach multiple enemies at once.

Enhance DMG with Additional Ability

Corin's additional ability buffs damage dealt against Stunned enemies. This is a great match with the basic strategy of Stunning an enemy with a Stun Character then switching to an Attack Character. It takes time for Corin to unleash the attack but it is very powerful.

Corin's Weakness

Cannot Move while Attacking

Corin has very high firepower, but she almost completely stops during her powerful combos. Due to this you are forced to stop attacking or choose to take damage. Also since Corin has low HP compared to others, it will be difficult to keep enduring attacks with her Anti-Interrupt.

Tips!ZZZ has very little healing methods, so long-term combat such as Hollow Zero might be difficult to complete.

Corin - Best Build (W-Engine/Disc Drive)

Recommended Drive Disc

Physical CRIT Build

Drive DiscSet Effect
Fanged MetalFanged Metal x42-Pieces: Increases Physical DMG by 10%.
4-Pieces: Whenever a squad member inflicts Assault on an enemy, the equipper deals 35% additional DMG to the target for 12s.
Woodpecker ElectroWoodpecker Electro x22-Pieces: Increases CRIT Rate by 8%
Recommended Base Stat
[4]CRIT Rate / Crit DMG
[5]Physical DMG / PEN Ratio
[6]ATK / Energy Regen
Recommended Random Stats
CRIT Rate / Crit DMG / ATK (%) / PEN

Recommended W-engine

Steel CushionSteel Cushion Recommend:
- CRIT Rate and Physical Damage always greatly increased
- Effect is enhanced against enemy's back, powerful when enemy is stunned
HousekeeperHousekeeper Recommend:
- Corin's signature W-engine
- Recovering Energy when out of battle
- Maximum effect when using Corin's consecutive attacks
- Advanced Stats increase CRIT Damage
Cannon RotorCannon Rotor Recommend:
- Combine with Advanced Stats to greatly increase CRIT Rate
- Additional Damage upon Crit hit
- Obtain in New Eridu City Fund
Starlight EngineStarlight Engine Recommend:
- W-Engine that greatly increases ATK
- Effect should activate frequently since you will be using assist attacks
[Lunar] Noviluna[Lunar] Noviluna Recommend:
- Comes with CRIT Rate and Energy Regen Buff
- The low basic ATK stat is a disadvantage
▶How to Farm Drive Discs

Corin - Best Team Comp

Shock & Disorder Team


Double Attribute Corin Team

Corin is the main Attacker. All characters can activate their Additional Abilities. Rina can enhance Shock buildup so you can deal damage with Anby and Shock DMG even when the enemy is not stunned.

Use Corin after Enemy is Stunned

Corin doesn't have Anti-interrupt most of the time but can deal high damage when the enemy is stunned, so keep her out of battle and use Anby to stun the enemy first. Once you stun the enemy, use Quick Assist to switch to Corin and deal high damage using the PEN buff.

Low Cost Gacha Stun & Disorder Team


Double Calydon Team

This team has Corin and 2 4-star Calydon Agents. They can all activate their Additional Abilities and can apply the Physical Anomaly Flinch effect so you can Stun the Enemies without a Stun character.

Switch to Lucy after Applying Flinch

Use Piper to stun and apply Flinch, then switch to Lucy to apply Disorder. Only have Corin in battle for longer periods when the enemy is stunned or when you are fighting weaker enemies. Use Perfect Assist and keep switching characters.

Recommended Bangboo

- Activate Additional Ability with 2 Victoria Housekeeping Co. Faction
- Greatly recovers energy for allies!
- Easy to use regardless of the situation
- Activate Additional Ability with 2 Physical Attributes
- Added Attribute Anomaly and high firepower
- The problem is that Active Skill has a chance to miss
- Additional Ability automatically activated with 1 Attack
- Simple Physical Damage Bangboo
- Activate Additional Ability with 1 Support
- Helps restore energy
- Chain Attack cannot be used

Recommended Characters

LycaonLycaon Recommend:
- Additional Ability activates when another character in your squad shares the same Faction
- Corin will be useful with high Daze abilities
RinaRina Recommend:
- Additional Ability activates when another character in your squad shares the same Faction
- Long duration PEN buffs are powerful
- Many choices for the 3rd character that has Electric Attribute
PiperPiper Recommend:
- Additional Ability activates when another character in your squad shares the same Attribute
- Use Flinch effect to Stun enemies
- You can use both Disorder and Stun effects
▶Best Team Comps

Corin - Skill Upgrade Priorities and Effect

Skill Upgrade Priorities

Basic Attack
Special Attack
Chain Attack
Core Skill

Skill Effect

Basic Attack: Wipeout

Press to activate: Unleashes up to 5 slashes, dealing Physical DMG. Repeatedly press or hold the button during the 3rd and 5th hits to extend the chainsaw slash attack.

*Some information has been referenced from HoYoWiki.

Best Mindscape Cinema for Corin

Effect and Recommended Mindscape Cinema

C1Open Trauma
When Corin's Chain Attack or Ultimate hits an enemy, her DMG against the target increases by 12% for 15s.
C2Atomic Smash
When Corin's EX Special Attack, Chain Attack or Ultimate hits an enemy, the target's Physical RES is reduced by 0.5%, stacking up to 20 times and lasting 5s. The duration of each stack is calculated separately.
C3Amateur Maid
Basic Attack, Dodge, Assist, Special Attack, and Chain Attack Lv. +2
C4Battlefield Retainer
When Corin uses a Quick Assist, Defensive Assist, or Chain Attack, she recovers 7.2 Energy. This effect can trigger once every 16s.
C5Special Ops Maid
Basic Attack, Dodge, Assist, Special Attack, and Chain Attack Lv. +2
C6Accumulated Release
When Corin's extended slash hits an enemy, she obtains a stack of Charge (max 40 stacks).
During a Dodge Counter, Special Attack, EX Special Attack, Quick Assist, or Assist Follow-Up, when her chainsaw detonation hits an enemy, consumes all stacks of Charge. Each stack coonsumed causes the attack to deal an additional 3% of ATK as DMG.

Corin - Strategy and Combo

Switch in after Enemy is Stunned

Corin's main focus is high damage attacks that stop her movements, and her additional ability deals extra damage to Stunned enemies so the basic strategy is to switch to her using a Chain Attack after the enemy is Stunned. Leave the Stun and Attribute Anomaly to your allies and once the enemy is stunned, switch in to deal massive damage.

Hold Button to Extend Attacks

In addition to Basic Attacks, Corin can extend most of her attacks like Special Attacks and Ultimate by holding down the button. The damage will increase significantly, so extend attacks to maximize damage.

Tips!The extension of Basic Attack is only for the 3rd and 5th hits, but it will be extended automatically even if you just press the button repeatedly.

Corin - Promotion/Skill Enhancement Materials

All Required Materials

Required Denny

DennyDenny ×1205000

Materials for Promotion

Lv.20Basic Offense Certification SealBasic Offense Certification Seal ×4
DennyDenny ×24000
Lv.30Advanced Offense Certification SealAdvanced Offense Certification Seal ×12
DennyDenny ×56000
Lv.40Advanced Offense Certification SealAdvanced Offense Certification Seal ×20
DennyDenny ×120000
Lv.50PioneerPioneer's Certification Seal ×10
DennyDenny ×200000
Lv.60PioneerPioneer's Certification Seal ×20
DennyDenny ×400000

Materials for Skill Enhancement

Materials for Core Skill Enhancement

DennyDenny ×5000
Higher Dimensional Data: Crimson AweHDD: Crimson Awe×2
DennyDenny ×12000
Higher Dimensional Data: Crimson AweHDD: Crimson Awe×4
DennyDenny ×28000
Finale Dance ShoesFinale Dance Shoes×2
Higher Dimensional Data: Crimson AweHDD: Crimson Awe×9
DennyDenny ×60000
Finale Dance ShoesFinale Dance Shoes×3
Higher Dimensional Data: Crimson AweHDD: Crimson Awe×15
DennyDenny ×100000
Finale Dance ShoesFinale Dance Shoes×4
Higher Dimensional Data: Crimson AweHDD: Crimson Awe×30
DennyDenny ×200000

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