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Combat System Guide - Controls Explained

Combat System Guide - Controls Explained

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Combat System Guide - Controls Explained | Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) - GameWith

Combat system guide for Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ). Includes how the battle system works, how to activate skills, perfect dodges, chain attacks and basic controls.

Table of Contents

Basic Flow of Combat

  1. Basic team comp: Stun, Support, Attack
  2. Use Stun Character to Stun enemy
  3. Activate Chain Attack by attacking a Stunned enemy
  4. Chain Attack via Support Character
  5. Use Attack character with an active buff
Basic Team Comp: Stun, Support, Attack
Basic Team Comp: Stun, Support, Attack

The base 3-character team comp consists of one Stun, one Support, and one Attack character. The main rotation during combat is to first stun enemies, then use your Support character to buff attacks before using your Attack Character to deal damage.

Use Stun Character to Stun enemy
Use Stun Character & Aim to Stun

Stun characters can quickly accumulate Daze. The Stun effect is important because it stops the enemy's movement and increases damage.

Attack Stunned Enemy to Trigger Chain Attack
Attack Stunned Enemy to Deal Chained Attacks

Chain Attacks can be triggered when Daze builds up to a certain level and a stunned enemy is hit by Heavy Attack skills.

Bangboo characterTipsHeavy Attack include the last hit of a Basic Attack, Dodge Counter, Special Attack, EX Special Attack, Chain Attack, and Ultimate.

Chain Attack via Support Character
Chain Attack via Support Character

When using Chain Attacks, it is important to select the Support character to activate buffs and favorable effects to allies.

Use Attack Character with an Active Buff
Use Attack Character with an Active Buff

After the Support character's Chain Attack, let the Attack character fight while they have the advantage. Combined with the increased damage after the Stun, the attack will be more efficient.

Use Ultimate With Attack Character
Use Ultimate With Attack Character

Ultimate can be activated when the Decibel Rating is accumulated from attacks or certain Skills, and the rate reaches Maximum. The Decibels gauge is shared by the whole squad so it is recommended to have the Attack character use it since they can deal more damage.

Combat Techniques and Battle Tips

Stun Enemies with Perfect Assists

Target Stunned Enemies with Perfect Assists

In order to deal more damage, it is important to Stun enemies then launch a Chain Attack. In particular, Defensive Assist, which is a type of Perfect Assist, can greatly accumulate Daze on the enemy.

PointTipsThere are two types of Perfect Assists: Defensive Assist (consumes more points) and Evasive Assist (uses fewer points). Choose carefully which to use so you can avoid running out of points.

Recommended to Include a Stun Character

Strong Stun Specialty Agents

Agents that have Stun Specialty are best for applying Stun to enemies. You want to make sure you always have one in your team.

Utilize Attribute Anomaly

Utilize Attribute Anomaly

Attribute Anomaly is triggered when characters deal Attribute damage and the Anomaly Buildup increases. One of the basic strategies is to trigger the Attribute Anomaly by continuously attacking with the same Attribute.

Attribute Anomaly Effect List

Attribute AnomalyEffect
ShockShock- Triggered by Electric Attacks
- Shocked enemies continuously take additional Electric DMG for a certain period of time
- Using Electric on an enemy weak against Electric, it interrups the enemy
CorruptionCorruption- Triggered by Ether Attacks
- Applied when a target is attacked continuously with Ether for a certain period of time
- When Corruption is applied to an enemy weak against Ether, it interrups the enemy
Assault/FlinchAssault/Flinch- Triggered by Physical Attacks
- Assault interrups the enemy and deals a large amount of Physical DMG
- Flinch increases Daze the target accumulates for a certain amount of time
BurnBurn- Triggered by Fire Attacks
- Deals a large amount of Fire DMG for a certain period of time
- When Burn is applied to an enemy weak against Fire, it interrups the enemy
Freeze/FrostbiteFreeze/Frostbite- Triggered by Ice Attacks
- Freeze stops the target's movement for a certain period of time, and when the effect ends, it interrups the enemy.
- Frostbite effect increases the Crit DMG received by the target for a certain period of time

Use Multiple Attributes to Apply Disorder

Disorder is triggered when attacking with different Attributes, overriding the originally accumulated Anomaly Buildup. Since Disorder does additional damage and can also accumulate Daze, it is a good idea to go for Disorder when you want to prioritize damage and Stun over Attribute Anomaly.

Attribute Anomaly Guide

Combat System - Moves & Combos

Basic Attack

Basic AttackPress Skill

The Basic Attack is an important way to build up Energy. Although it's the Basic Attack, it is also used for Special Attacks and Dash Attacks, so it's very important.

Dodge - Dash

Dodge - DashPress Skill2

You will dodge "Dodge" if the button is pressed when the enemy attacks, otherwise you will "Dash". Dash can also be triggered if you just keep moving.

Dash Attack

Dash AttackAfter pressing Skill2, press Skill

Dash Attack can be triggered by pressing the Basic Attack button during a dash. Some Agents can dash to repel incoming bullets.

Perfect Dodge

Perfect DodgeWhen you are about to be attacked, press Skill2

Perfect Dodge can be activated by pressing the Dodge button at the moment you are about to be attacked. This will allow you to dodge the attack and become invulnerable for a short period of time. However, you cannot keep dodging for a long period of time because there is a short cooldown period.

Dodge Counter

Dodge CounterAfter a successful Perfect Dodge, press Skill

Dodge Counter can be activated by pressing the Basic Attack button immediately after a successful Perfect Dodge, allowing you to deal high damage while becoming invulnerable.

Special Attack

Special AttackPress Skill3

Special Attack is triggered if the Special Attack button is pressed when you don't have enough Energy.

EX Special Attack

EX Special AttackPress Skill4

To use the EX Special Attack, accumulate Energy by hitting enemies with Skills such as Basic Attack or Dodge Counter.

Chain Attack

Chain AttackPress Skill5

Chain Attacks can be triggered when there are 2 or more Agents available and an attack considered as a Heavy Attack hits a Stunned enemy. It can be triggered twice against Elite Enemies and 3 consecutive times against bosses.


UltimatePress Skill6

A character's Ultimate can be triggered when the Decibel Rating reaches maximum. This can be accumulated when attacks hit the enemies and with certain Skills. The Decibel gauge is shared by the whole squad so think carefully which squad member will use it.

Character Switching

Character Switching
Character SwitchingPress Skill7

Character Switching can be done at any time using the Switch button and it can activate various Support Actions. Note that the next incoming character depends on the order the team is organized, so you need to have your characters set in the order you want to use them.

Quick Assist

Quick AssistWhen an Agent is launched, press Skill7

Quick Assist can be activated by pressing the Character Switching button as soon as an Agent is pushed back.

Perfect Assists

Perfect AssistsWhen the golden prompt is displayed, press Skill7

Perfect Assists can be activated by pressing the Switch button as soon as the golden prompt appears during an enemy attack. Assist points are required to activate Perfect Assists.

Assist Follow-Up

Assist Follow-UpImmediately after activating Perfect Assist, press Skill

Assist Follow-Up can be activated by pressing the Basic Attack button immediately after activating "Perfect Assist".

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