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Best Team Comps & Building

Best Team Comps & Building

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Best team comps in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ). This guide includes best team build, meta comps, how to build strong party/squad, comp tips, and more!

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Best Team Comps & Building

Ellen Housekeeping Team

The best team in ZZZ is the Housekeeping Faction Team with Ellen, Lycaon and Rina. This squad has 2 Attributes, Ice + Electric, and can activate additional abilities of all members. Can also inflict Disorder to enemies.

Bring Out Ellen after Lycaon Stuns Enemy

The basic rotation in this team comp is as follows: 1. Daze enemy with Stun Agent → 2. Quick Assist by Support Agent → 3. Deal DMG with Attack Agent. It is better to accumulate Ellen's energy or Flash Freeze Charge first in order to deal more damage against the stunned enemy.

Alternative Characters

- Can replace either Lycaon or Rina
- When replacing Lycaon, Shock's damage increases significantly
- When replacing Rina, it is easy to aim for Disorder
- Stun character who can replace Lycaon
- Additional Abilities that can be activated by everyone
- You can also aim for applying Shock + Disorder
- Support character that can replace Rina
- Ice-Support that will buff Ellen's damage
- The problem will be the team comp will become a single Attribute team

Recommended Team Comps & Building

Nekomata Main Attack Team

Extend Nekomata's Time in Battle with Continuous Buff

This is a formation where Nekomata continuously deals damage by taking advantage of Lucy and Piper's sustained buffs and Nekomata's own damage buff. Physical Attribute Anomaly 'Flinch' and 'Disorder' allow you to Stun the enemy frequently even without a Stun character.

Attack With Nekomata as Long as the Buff Lasts!

Lucy and Piper's buff lasts up to 15 seconds/12 seconds and Nekomata has her own damage buff so keep switching characters to have at least one of those buffs activated during the whole battle. Since Nekomata takes damage relatively fast and will spend a long time in battle, it is important to always use Dodge and Dodge Counter.

Alternative Characters

Soldier 11Soldier 11
- Can be swapped with and used in almost the same way as Nekomata.
Using 2 Fire units + Physical Anomaly makes it easier to aim for Disorder.
- Additional Ability also activates if you don't change the supporters
- Switch with Piper
- We recommend replacing the Lucy as well.
- There are many candidates for the 3rd slot since many characters share the same Faction/Attribute.
- When using Anby, replaces Lucy.
- A powerful Penetration buff enhances Nekomata's attack
- Extending Shock Anomaly makes it easier to aim for Disorder.
- Switch with Lucy
- Gather enemies before switching to Nekomata to clear out enemies.

Stun & Firepower Soldier 11 Team

Deal Massive Damage during Stun

This is a combination of two Fire characters that has an additional ability which increases damage against Stunned enemies. With 2 Fire Agents and Grace's Electric Anomaly, you can also aim to increase the damage by applying Disorder.

Grace Enters Battle after Applying Burn

The main strategy is to have Koleda stun the enemy, then have Soldier 11 attack with Chain Attack, with Grace coming in between to inflict Disorder. You can switch to Grace when Soldier 11 inflicts Burn to the enemy.

Alternative Characters

- Switch with Grace or Koleda
- Enhances Koleda's stats while increasing the team's survivability
- If he replaces Grace, you'll only have one Attribute in the team so be careful.
- Switch with Soldier 11
- Team becomes a Shock Anomaly Team
Sons of Calydon

- Switch with Koleda
- Long Duration Buff is a good match with Soldier 11
- Also include Piper in the team when using Lucy
Sons of Calydon

- Switch with Grace
- Long Duration Buff is a good match with Soldier 11
- Also include Lucy in the team when using Piper

[Low Rarity] Stun Focused Team

Take Advantage of Corin's High Firepower Attack

This lineup features Corin, who excels in high burst damage against Stunned enemies but has minimal Anti-Interrupt (Invulnerable) effects and cannot move during the attack. All characters can be considered an Attacker in this team and they can deal decent damage before Stunning the enemy.

Deal High Damage to Stunned Enemy

Focus on applying Physical Attribute Anomaly and let the Guard Boars attack until you can Stun the enemy. Corin comes in to deal high burst damage after Stunning the enemy. Minimize Corin's time in battle until the enemy is Stunned, favoring Piper as the primary character while switching characters with Perfect Assist.

Alternative Characters

- Switch with Corin
- Can deal damage before the enemy is Stunned
- Ultimate deals high damage

How to Build Teams - Comp Tips

Base Team Should Consist of 1 Attacker + 2 Supporters

The base strategy in ZZZ is "Stun, then Attack". Therefore, instead of having multiple Attackers on your team, it is better to have a single Attacker with two supporting characters instead.

TipsTipsBasic combination is Attack + Stun + Support. Anomaly and Defense characters can replace the Support character.

First, Decide on One Character You Want to Use

To form a team, first decide on one character that you want to use most. It is especially helpful if you decide on a character who is either an Attacker or Stun Agent that spends most of the time in battle.

The Other Two are Chosen by Faction and Attribute

Each character has a powerful Additional Ability that is activated when you have characters of the same Faction or Attribute. For the remaining two characters, look for candidates whose Additional Ability can be activated.

Disadvantage of Single Attribute Teams

Disorder is a powerful Attribute Anomaly in ZZZ that occurs when multiple Attribute Anomalies are applied to enemies at the same time. Unless there is a specific Attribute Anomaly buff you want to use, it is recommended to aim for applying Disorder with two Agents of the same Attribute + one character that is quick at applying their own Attribute Anomaly.

tipsTipsOn the other hand, if you have 3 different Attributes, it makes it difficult to apply any Attribute Anomaly so it's better to avoid that.

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