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Beginner's Guide & Tips

Beginner's Guide & Tips

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Beginner's Guide & Tips for Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ). See early game tips & tricks, how to play early game tutorial.

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Should you Reroll?

No Need To Reroll

ZZZ requires you to link your SNS account or a new HoYoverse account to start the game, so you will need to create a new account every time you reroll the game.

In addition to that, if you play other HoYoverse games like Genshin Impact or Honkai Star Rail, you will need to use separate accounts. If you consider the time it takes to reroll, it's better if you don't do it and just progress through the game.

Guaranteed S-Rank Agent

You are guaranteed to get one S-Rank character within the first 50 pulls in the permanent Gacha. As you progress through the story, you will be able to recruit A-Rank characters so it's better to just progress through the game than spend your time rerolling.

TipsTips!You can also obtain an S-Rank character of your choice from the lineup by pulling the permanent Gacha 300 times. This can be done once per account. If there is a character you really want, you can obtain it that way.

Best Teams for Early Game

▼ Basic Tips For Team Comp

Ellen Team - Early Game Comp


Soukaku has Great Synergy

This team comp makes use of Soukaku, who has the same attribute as Ellen, to activate the Additional Ability as well handle the powerful Ice Attribute support effect. Although Anby's Additional Ability cannot be activated, Ellen's damage can be greatly increased by gathering enemies and using the Ice Attribute Buff/Debuff.

Anby can be Replaced with other Agents

Anby can be replaced with any Stun or Anomaly or Defense Character that is not Ice, since the Additional Ability cannot be activated. Grace is a highly recommended replacement to apply Attribute Anomaly, and Ben is recommended for his durability.

Rina Team - Early Game Comp


Corin-Centered Team with 2 Attributes

This is a team that's centered around Corin that features 2 Attributes. All members' Additional Ability can be activated, and with Rina's Shock enhancement, you can deal high damage with Anby and Shock Damage even when the enemy is not stunned.

Use Corin after Enemy is Stunned

For this team comp, you will not have Corin in battle a lot because of her low Anti-interrupt and she's mainly for dealing high damage against Stunned enemies. Use Anby instead until you Stun the enemy. Once the enemy is Stunned, switch to Corin using Quick Assist with the PEN Ratio Buff activated to deal high damage.

Grace Team - Early Game Comp


Electric-Focused Team

This is a combination of two supports with Anton who can deal additional damage against Shocked enemies. It is easy to maintain the Shocked state and you can achieve high damage even without Disorder.

Use Anton after Enemy is Stunned

Anton's Burst Mode makes him stop his movement when he attacks, but he can deal a ton of damage when he attacks a stunned enemy. Stun the enemy first, then attack to deal massive damage.

Lycaon Team - Early Game Comp


Double Attribute Team with Corin as the DPS

This is a common team comp with Corin as the main DPS. Lycaon's high Stun ability and Corin's increased damage against Stunned enemies works well together. The team's Additional Ability can be activated without difficulty.

Use Corin after Enemy is Stunned

For this team comp, you will not have Corin in battle a lot because of her low Anti-interrupt and she's mainly for dealing high damage against Stunned enemies. Have Lycaon (and Frosted Banner Soukaku) in battle as much as possible to Stun the enemy. Once the enemy is Stunned, switch to Corin using Quick Assist to deal massive damage!

Soldier 11 Team - Early Game Comp

Soldier 11Soldier 11PiperPiperLucyLucy

Double Calydon Faction Team

This is a team with two A-Rank Calydon Faction Agents and Soldier 11. All players' Additional Ability can be activated, and the Physical Attribute Anomaly Flinch effect makes it easy to Stun enemies even without Stun characters.

Switch to Piper After Burn is Inflicted

When using this team, fight with Soldier 11 until the buff runs out or Burn is inflicted, then use Piper's EX Special Attack to inflict Disorder. Switch again to Soldier 11 then switch to Lucy using Quick Assist.

Koleda Team - Early Game Comp


Koleda & Ben Set Effect

This is a team that takes advantage of the increased stats of the set effect for Koleda and Ben. You will be able to activate everyone's Additional Ability by employing Anton who is also from the same Faction. Since they all have effective Defensive Assist skills, they are able to activate Perfect Assists repeatedly without worrying about Assist Points.

Ben's Participation is Minimal

Ben's role is to buff Koleda's performance and to apply the Shield, so switch him out once he uses the EX Special Attack + Follow-up attack. In order to prevent losing your Shield, Anton, who tends to stop his movements while attacking, should be switched in after Stunning the enemy.

Nekomata Team - Early Game Comp


Cunning Hares Team from Early Game

This team is based on the Cunning Hares team that can be assembled with the initial 3 players you get, except it replaces Billy with Nekomata. Nekomata is a great match with Nicole's short time Buff and Quick Assist, and you can also charge at the enemies to deal with them altogether after gathering them in one spot.

Basic Tips for Team Comps

Basic Comp Consists of 1 Attacker + 2 Supports

Base Team Comp Consists of 1 Attacker + 2 Supports

The basic team strategy in ZZZ is to stun an enemy, then use an Attack character to deal damage. Instead of having multiple Attackers on the team, it's recommended to have two Supports and one Attacker.

TipsTips!Based on the most common "Attack + Stun + Support" team comp, you can replace the Stun or Support with Anomaly and Defense characters.

First Decide on One Character You Want to Use

In putting together a team, first decide on one character you want to use. It's easier if you decide first on your Attack or Stun character who will be in battle most of the time.

Stun Characters

The Other Two are Chosen by Faction and Attribute

Each character has a powerful Additional Ability that is activated when they are paired with the same Faction or Attribute character. After choosing the character that will spend the most time in battle, the remaining two should be chosen to activate their Additional Ability.

TipsTips!It's safe to avoid using three separate Attributes since it will make it difficult to inflict Attribute Anomaly.
Best Team Comp

How to Progress in Early Game

Follow the In-Game Instructions

Follow the In-Game Instructions

During the early part of the game, you will have to complete quest objectives noted on your screen. The story is linear and the next objective location will be shown with a quest marker.

Conversation Choices Do Not Matter

There is no difference to the story no matter which conversation choice you select. Choose whichever dialogue you prefer.

Complete Prologue and Chapter 1

As you progress through the Main Story, features such as Gacha and Enhancement quests will be unlocked. The more you progress through the Main Story, the more features you can enjoy!

Tutorials After Trying New Features

When a new feature is unlocked, a tutorial will be displayed to explain how to use it. This tutorial can be viewed again later at any time from the Proxy Handbook.

Contents Unlocked After The Prologue
GachaWaterfall Noodle Shop
Gadget StoreConvenience Store
Combat SimulationNavigation
Coffee ShopErrands

Story can be Replayed Later

The story can be played again as many times as you want from the HDD system or Video Archive in the main character's house. You can also look back at the storyline, so it's no issue if you skip or forget what happened in the story.

Recommended Ways to Use Energy in Early Game

Combat Simulations

Combat Simulations
How to UnlockGo to the HIA Career Club (HIA)

In ZZZ, stamina can be consumed in Combat Simulations, which can be unlocked in the second half of Chapter 1. To access Combat Simulation, go to the HIA reception desk to use the VR device.

Combat Simulation Guide

Collect Certification Seals

Collect Certification Seal through Promotion Training

An efficient use of your Energy is to take on Agent Promotions. After the battle you earn Certification Seals, which can be used to raise the level cap for Agents. Collect badges that can be used by the character you want.

Collect Components for W-Engines

Collect Components with W-Engine Modification Training as the Next Point

W-Engine Modification allows you to collect Components which are used to raise the level cap of a specific type of W-Engine. Collect components of the type of W-Engine you want to enhance.

What to Do When You're Stuck

  • Strengthen Your Character
  • Check Your Equipment
  • Learn the Basic Flow of Combat
  • Get Buffs with Noodles
  • Change the Difficulty of the Game

Strengthen Your Character

Strengthen Your Character

If you get stuck in the early stages of the game, first raise your character's level. You can only increase your characters level to 10 initially, but as you rank up your Inter-Knot Level, you'll be able to unlock the level cap.

How To Increase Inter-Knot Level

Prioritize Leveling Up Your Attack Characters

When you're not sure which character to level up, start with your Attack characters which greatly increases your damage output.

Enhance Skills after Level 15

Be Able to Enhance Skills at Agent Level 15

Once an Agent's level reaches Level 15, their skills can be enhanced. Refer to the article below to see which skills are most important.

Best Characters Tier List

Check Your Equipment

Match the W-Engine Effect with Your Character's Specialty

Match the W-Engine Effect with Your Character's Specialty

If you equip your character with the right W-Engine for them, they will become more powerful in battle. On the equipment screen, the most compatible W-Engines are displayed first, so equip the one on the upper left. Each character also has a W-Engine that can be considered a Signature Weapon for them.

NicoleNicoleThe VaultThe Vault
- Damage/Energy recovery increased for all allies
- Advanced Stats also increase Energy Regen
- It doesn't last long but her Energy Field can cover for that
Best W-Engine Tier List

Use Equip All feature in the Early Game

Since it is difficult to obtain a sufficient number of Drive Discs until your Inter-Knot Level reaches 20, you can start by equipping what you have on your Attack Character. As the game progresses and you get more Disks, you can start equipping them to other characters.

Drive Disc - How to Get & Unlock

Basic Flow of Combat

  1. Use Stun Character to Stun enemy
  2. Activate Chain Attack by Attacking a Stunned Enemy
  3. Chain Attack via Support Character
  4. Use Attack Character with an Active Buff
Combat System Guide

Use Stun Character to Stun Enemy

Use Stun Character & Aim to Stun

Stun characters can quickly accumulate Daze. The Stun effect is important because it stops the enemy's movement and increases damage.

Attack Stunned Enemy to Trigger Chain Attack

Attack Stunned Enemy to Deal Chained Attacks

Chain Attacks can be triggered when Daze builds up to a certain level and a stunned enemy is hit by Heavy Attack skills.

TipsTips!Heavy Attacks include the last hit of a Basic Attack, Dodge Counter, Special Attack, EX Special Attack, Chain Attack, and Ultimate.

Chain Attack via Support Character

Chain Attack via Support Character

When using Chain Attacks, it is important to select the Support character to activate buffs and favorable effects to allies.

Use Attack Character with an Active Buff

Use Attack Character with an Active Buff

After the Support character's Chain Attack, let the Attack character fight while they have the advantage. Combined with the increased damage after the Stun, the attack will be more efficient.

Get Buffs with Noodles

Get Buffs with Noodles

At the Waterfall Soup Noodle Shop, eating Noodles will give you additional buffs, which can last up to three battles. The buffs can be overridden by eating Noodles again after one battle.

Noodle Shop - Best Buffs

Change the Difficulty of the Game

Change the Difficulty Level of the Game

Set the difficulty level in the Menu > Options > Other > Main Story to Casual Mode. Casual Mode is less difficult than Challenge Mode and you can switch between the two difficulties at any time.

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