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Errands & Tasks - What to Do Daily

Errands & Tasks - What to Do Daily

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Errands guide for Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ). Check Dailies unlock conditions, requirements, rewards for Errands, Weekly Tasks reset time, Custom Schedules, Errand missions and tips, and more!

Table of Contents

What to Do Daily

List of Daily Tasks

  • Receive HoYoLAB Login Bonus
  • Scratch Card
  • Run Video Store Business
  • Use Battery (Stamina)
  • Drink Coffee at Coffee Shop
  • Work on New Eridu City Fund Errands
  • Collect HIA Commemorative Coin
  • Complete Trust Events

Receive HoYoLAB Login Bonus

Zenless Zone Zero HoYoLAB Login Bonus

Login bonuses are being distributed on the official community site [HoYoLAB]. You can also access it from the "Community" in-game, but if you log in every day, we recommend saving the link in your browser.

▶HoYoLAB Official Site (Jump to Site)

How to Get Login Bonus

Zenless Zone Zero Login Bonus Image

Once you login into HoYoLAB, select Login under All Tools. Go to the login bonus reward screen and select today's login reward to receive it.

Scratch Card

Zenless Zone Zero Scratch Card Image

Scratch Cards can be drawn at the Newsstand across from the Video Store. Scratch Cards are guaranteed to give you Polychromes or Denny, so don't forget to draw them every day.

Run Video Store Business

video store

You can earn Denny once a day in the Video Store. List videos that follow three trending genres that appear every day. If you continue to manage your business without fail, the Promoter's special effects will be activated and you will be able to earn more rewards.

▶Video Store Guide

Consume Battery (Stamina)

It would be a waste if your stamina recovers up to the limit, so use your stamina every day. The maximum stamina is 240, and it regenerates 1 unit every 6 minutes. It recovers exactly 240 stamina in 24 hours, so once you use it up, you won't be wasting stamina for a whole day until it becomes full again.

Where to Use Stamina

ContentRequired StaminaReward Examples
Combat Simulation20-100Enhancement Materials for Characters & W-Engine
Expert Challenge40Core Skill Enhancement Materials
Routine Cleanup60Drive Disc

Drink Coffee at Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop Image

When you drink coffee at the Coffee Shop, in addition to recovering 60 Battery Charges, you can also get a boost for the number of certain items you get in Combat Simulation. You can prevent your Battery Charge from overflowing by consuming some Battery Charge before drinking coffee.

Coffee Shop Guide

New Eridu City Fund Daily Tasks

Zenless Zone Zero Image

New Eridu City Fund lists Errands missions for each season. Each time it levels up during the season, you will receive great rewards such as EXP materials and Master Tapes.

Should you Buy New Eridu City Fund?

Collect HIA Commemorative Coins

Zenless Zone Zero HIA Commemorative Coin Image

Give HIA Commemorative Coins to the Trash Can (Sage in a Barrel) to obtain Enhancement Materials. Sage in a Barrel will tell you the location of HIA Commemorative Coins once a day, so visit Sage in a Barrel every day to collect HIA Commemorative Coins.

Complete Trust Events

Zenless Zone Zero Trust Events Image

Trust Level Events are unlocked during Chapter 2 Interlude "Anby's Problem". By steadily increasing your Trust Levels by inviting agents every day, you can unlock Rank-up events.

How to Increase Trust Level

What to Do Weekly

List of Things to Do Every Week

  • Weekly Custom Schedule
  • Purchase Items from the 141 Convenience Store
  • New Eridu City Fund Weekly Tasks
  • Hollow Zero
  • Shiyu Defense (Every Other Week)
  • Notorious Hunt (3 times)

Weekly Custom Schedule

Zenless Zone Zero Image

Custom Errands are missions that you can choose yourself. Although it is displayed next to the Errands mission, it has no relation to your activity level, and if you complete it, you will receive Inter-Knot Credit x300, Ether Plating Agent x2, and Denny x7000.

Errands Guide

Purchase Items from the 141 Convenience Store

Zenless Zone Zero Image

At the Convenience Store, you can purchase materials for character enhancements. The products are reset every week, so be sure to purchase the materials you want before the reset. If you don't have a lot of Dennys or they don't have the materials you want, you don't need to buy anything.

New Eridu City Fund Weekly Tasks

Zenless Zone Zero New Eridu City Fund Weekly Image

There are three types of Expansion Tasks in New Eridu City Fund: Daily, Weekly, and Season Tasks. In order to complete the season, which is the objective, don't forget to do the Weekly Tasks as well.

Hollow Zero

Zenless Zone Zero Hollow Zero Image

Hollow Zero will be unlocked by progressing through the 1st interlude of Main Story Chapter. You can use the points you earn to acquire items such as Master Tapes, so it's ideal if you can earn up to the weekly points limit by doing runs here.

Shiyu Defense (Every Other Week)

Zenless Zone Zero Shiyu Defense  Image

Shiyu Defense is a battle challenge that is unlocked in Main Story Chapter 2 where you need to annihilate all enemies within the time limit. Critical Node stages are updated periodically, and you can receive completion rewards every time they are updated.

Complete the Challenge Every Two Weeks

The content of Shiyu Defense will be updated around every two weeks. So you have about 2 weeks to complete Shiyu Defense every time.

Notorious Hunt Boss

Zenless Zone Zero Shiyu Defense Image

Notorious Hunt is a challenge that is unlocked in Main Story Chapter 2. You need to defeat all enemies within a time limit. It is limited to 3 times a week, so don't forget to complete it every week.

Daily Mission & Rewards

Earn 400 Points Every Day

Zenless Zone Zero Dailies Image

Each time you complete an Errands mission, you will earn points for that day. You will receive a reward each time your activity level reaches a certain point.

Errands Mission List

Mission Acquired Activity Level
Log in to the game100
Try 1 coffee100
Check in with a scratch card at the newsstand100
Open the video store for business100
Complete a Hollow Zero combat once400
Spend 60 Battery Charge200
Custom Schedule0

It is best to do all of them, as you will receive various rewards in addition to activity points when you complete them. The fastest way to finish it is to get 400 points from Login, Coffee, Scratch Card, and Video Store.

Better to Consume Battery Before Coffee

Drinking coffee will restore 60 points of Battery Charge (stamina), so you can recover some Battery Charge consumed in other Errands missions. Use some of your Battery Charge before drinking coffee if you don't want to waste any stamina.

Coffee Shop Guide

Activity Point Rewards

Activity LevelReward
100Inter-Knot CreditInter-Knot Credit×150
200Inter-Knot CreditInter-Knot Credit×150
Bangboo Algorithm ModuleBangboo Algorithm Module×3
300Inter-Knot CreditInter-Knot Credit×150
Official Investigator LogOfficial Investigator Log×3
400Inter-Knot CreditInter-Knot Credit×150
W-Engine Power SupplyW-Engine Power Supply×3

Custom Errands Weekly Mission

Zenless Zone Zero Weekly Mission Image

Custom Errands is a Weekly Mission that has nothing to do with your level of activity, and you can receive items by completing two missions that you choose yourself.

Custom Missions Cannot Be Changed Until the Following Week

Missions selected in Custom Errands cannot be changed during that week. The next week, the selected mission will be reset and you will be able to select it again.

Noodle And Arcade Missions Recommended

For Custom Errands, Noodle and Arcade missions are recommended. In addition to being open any time except midnight, the Noodle Shop and Arcade are located across the street, so you can get around quickly.

How To Change Time

Custom Errands Rewards

Activity LevelReward
Custom Errands
(Upon Completion)
Inter-Knot CreditInter-Knot Credit×300
Ether Plating AgentEther Plating Agent×2

How to Unlock Errands & Refresh Time

Unlocked at the End of Chapter 1

Zenless Zone Zero Errands  Image

The Errands mission in Zenless Zone Zero will be unlocked by completing the Story Commission, Earlybird Ticket to Safety. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to progress from the start of the game to this point.

Beginner's Guide & Tips

How to Check Errands Progress

Check The Compendium

Zenless Zone Zero Compendium Image

You can check the progress of your Errands from the Compendium in the menu. Compendium has other tabs such as Target and Training, so when other tabs are displayed, switch the tab to Errands.

You Can Also Check the Video Archive

Zenless Zone Zero Errands Video Store Image

▲On the shelf to the left of the HDD system

You can also check the Errands in the Video Archive room. There is no particular advantage to checking it this way, though. It is easier to use the Compendium, which you can check anywhere.

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