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Deeproot Depths Map - Location & Boss

Elden Ring | Deeproot Depths Map - Location & Boss

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Elden Ring | Deeproot Depths Map - Location & Boss - GameWith

Deeproot Depths Map Walkthrough Guide in Elden Ring. Learn about the mausoleum walkthrough, legendary items, map location, fia cave entrance, merchant, boss, map fragments & items!

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Deeproot Depths Map

ShopGracesNPCGolden Seed
ShopGracesNPCGolden Seed

Move From The Sarcophagus After Defeating The Boss At The Back Of Nokron

Quick Guide To The Steps To Move The Sarcophagus
  1. Advance the story until Radahn is defeated
  2. Nokron, to Siofra Aqueduct at the end of Eternal City
  3. Defeat Siofra Aqueduct boss Valiant Gargoyle
  4. Enter the sarcophagus and warp to Deeproot Depths

Deeproot Depths can only be reached by going beyond the area entered from Nokron, Eternal City, and defeating the boss Valiant Gargoyle. To get to Nokron, Eternal City, you need to defeat Radahn, the boss of Caelid therefore, if you have not yet completed the story, proceed with the story first.

How To Get To The Sarcophagus From Ancestral Woods

It Can Be Reached From A Hidden Passageway In The Forsaken Depths

How To Get To Deeproot Depths
  1. Conquer Forsaken Depths and proceed to Site of Grace Frenzied Flame Proscription
  2. Open the hidden passageway on the wall opposite Site of Grace on the left and right.
  3. Enter the passageway and proceed to the end of the wall behind the treasure chest because the wall behind the treasure chest is a dummy.
  4. Go down and release Site of Grace Root-Facing Cliffs

If Valiant Gargoyle cannot be defeated by any means, it can be headed through a hidden passageway in the Forsaken Depths underground area of Royal CapitalorLeyndell, Ashen Capital. However, this area is not recommended due to strong enemies and complicated roads.

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Route To The Deeproot Depths

A Sarcophagus Will Take You To Nokstella, Eternal City

Enter the sarcophagus west of the Site of Grace Nameless Eternal City to warp to Ainsel River Main. You can move from Ainsel River Main to Nokstella, Eternal City without progressing on the Ranni Questline.

Map Fragment Location For Deeproot Depths

Square North From Site Of Grace Deeproot Depths

Deeproot Depths Map

From the point where you warp out of the sarcophagus, go ahead across the branch and turn right when you come up to the ground. The Map Fragment of Deeproot Depths can be obtained from the bodies in the open square.

How To Get There From Great Waterfall Crest (Warp Point)

Deeproot Depths Strategy Chart

Route To Site Of Grace Deeproot Depths

  1. Go straight from Site of Grace in Great Waterfall Crest
  2. Jump to the left and go straight
  3. Jump to the tree on the right before the top of the tree.
  4. Go straight and continue on land
  5. Turn at the rock and continue to Site of Grace

Route to Site of Grace The Nameless Eternal City

  1. From Site of Grace Deeproot Depths turn left
  2. directions
  3. Go through the trees
  4. directions
  5. Go straight along the waterfall
  6. directions
  7. Turn right to Site of Grace
  8. directions

Site Of Grace Across The Roots And Route To The Boss Fight

  1. From Site of Grace in Deeproot Depths, turn left.
  2. Go straight ahead and jump to the roof
  3. Ride the tree to the left.
  4. Go straight and turn right.
  5. Jump to the tree on the left in the middle of the road.
  6. Rest at Site of Grace
  7. Enter the space on the left to fight the boss.

How To Get Valuable Items From Deeproot Depths

Available Items
▼1 RouteStaff of the Avatar, Golden Land, Elden Stars
▼2 RoutePrince of Death's Cyst, Vacuum Slice, Prince of Death's Staff
▼3 RouteStonesword Key,Siluria Equipment Series,Mausoleum Soldier Ashes

1 Route

Staff Of The AvatarErdtree Slam is attached as an initial Skill
Golden LandGolden LandAfter the weapon is thrust into the ground, it produces an explosion and golden crush that becomes Holy.
Elden StarsElden StarsCountless golden meteors are created and attack the surrounding area.
  1. From Site of Grace's Great Waterfall Crest, turn left
  2. route
  3. Defeating the enemy on the left drops Staff of the Avatar
  4. route
  5. Go uphill
  6. route
  7. Defeat Teardrop Scarab on the top and get Golden Land
  8. route
  9. Go down and turn left
  10. route
  11. Use your horse to jump up behind a tree
  12. route
  13. Go straight and turn left
  14. route
  15. Move forward a little and jump to the tree on the way
  16. route
  17. Cross the tree and enter the cave
  18. route
  19. Proceeding through the cave
  20. route
  21. Go down the left step
  22. route
  23. Go left again
  24. route

    If you have enough time, defeat the big ants to drop Numen's Rune and Rune Arc.

  25. Elden Stars obtained from the corpse
  26. route

2 Route

Prince of DeathPrince of Death's CystGreatly increase Vitality tolerance
Vacuum SliceVacuum SliceThe sword blade is raised high to create a vacuum, which is then used as a blade to shoot forward.
Prince of DeathPrince of Death's StaffEnhances Sorcery of Death
Increases the power of Intelligence in Faith as well as Intelligence.
  1. From Site of Grace's Deeproot Depths go left
  2. route
  3. Go left through the trees
  4. route
  5. When you see the waterfall, go left
  6. route
  7. Enter the waterfall at the far end
  8. route
  9. Defeat Runebear inside and get Prince of Death's Cyst
  10. route

    Since the inside of the waterfall is narrow, lure them to the outside to fight. Prince of Death's Cyst drops when defeated.

  11. Go straight from the waterfall where Runebear was
  12. route
  13. Go inside the building on the way
  14. route
  15. Get Vacuum Slice at the back
  16. route

    Leave the building as soon as you get Vacuum Slice because the enemy is right in front of you

  17. When you exit the building, go right
  18. route
  19. Go straight ahead
  20. route
  21. Jump up and get on the roof
  22. route
  23. Go to the left and climb the ramp near the trees to get to the top
  24. route
  25. Go straight, then turn right
  26. route
  27. Go up and to the left
  28. route
  29. Obtain Prince of Death's Staff from the corpse
  30. route

3 Route

Stonesword KeyStonesword KeyBreaks the seal on the Imp Seal Statue, but is lost when used
Crucible Tree HelmCrucible Tree HelmObtain a complete series of equipment from Siluria
Enhance the Incantation of the Aspects of the Crucible
Mausoleum Soldier AshesMausoleum Soldier AshesSummons 5 Spirit of Mausoleum Soldier Ashes
  1. From Site of Grace's The Nameless Eternal City, go left
  2. route
  3. Turn left when you get to the water's edge
  4. route
  5. Go straight and turn right
  6. route
  7. Ride the Spiritspring and land on the roof of the building on the right
  8. route
  9. Obtain Stonesword Key from body on rooftop
  10. route
  11. Use Horse to dash and double jump to land
  12. route
  13. Get the armor series from the treasure chest in the tree
  14. route

    The Crucible Knight Siluria is present, but the armor series can be obtained without defeating him. Siluria's Tree can be obtained by defeating Siluria.

  15. When you get out of the tree, go to the left
  16. route
  17. Go down and go straight
  18. route
  19. Going to the right
  20. route
  21. Get Spirit Ashes of Mausoleum Soldier Ashes under the tree
  22. route

How To Enter The Mausoleum Of Deeproot Depths

Jumping From The End Of A Branch

Mausoleum in Deeproot Depths has dirt in a position where you can't aim from below, similar to Real Aria.There is a branch nearby that extends toward Mausoleum, so you can climb it by going around from the west of the Site of Grace "Nameless Eternal City" and jumping from the end of the branch.

List Of Boss Locations In Deeproot Depths

Deep Roots River Boss Update
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