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This is the Hogwarts Legacy (Harry Potter) story walkthrough guide. This includes all Main Quests, how to clear the story, story walkthrough charts, tips, step-by-step guide.

Main Quest Simplified Walkthrough Guide

*Click on Quest Name to scroll down to walkthrough guide for each quest

The Path To Hogwarts
▼The Path To Hogwarts【Requirement】None
Attend Your First Day At Hogwarts
▼Welcome To Hogwarts【Requirement】Lv1
▼Attend Charm Class 【Requirement】Lv1

▼Attend Defense Against The Dark Arts Class

▼Weasley After Class 【Requirement】Lv2
▼Welcome To Hogsmeade 【Requirement】Lv2
    レパロ Reparo

Ancient Magic
Ancient Magic Throw
Search The Secrets Of The Restricted Section
▼The Locket's Secret 【Requirement】Lv3
▼Secrets Of The Restricted Section
Live As A Student Until Professor Fig Returns
▼Herbology Class【Requirement】Lv3
▼Potions Class
▼The Girl From Uagadou & Trials Of Merlin
Tell Professor Fig About The Map Chamber
▼The Hunt for the Missing Pages
【Requirement】 Gryffindor exclusive
▼Ollivander's Heirloom
【Requirement】Ravenclaw exclusive
▼Prisoner of Love【Requirement】Hufflepuff exclusive
▼Scrope's Last Hope【Requirement】Slytherin exclusive
▼Jackdaw's Rest【Rewards】
Complete Pensieve Guardian Trial
▼Flying Class
▼In The Shadow Of The Undercroft
【Reward】コンフリンゴ Confringo
▼Room Of Requirement
【Reward】出現呪文 Conjuring Spell
    エバネスコ Evanesco
    Conjuring Spellcraft
▼The Map Chamber【Requirement】Lv10
Get Ready To Find Next Guardian Trial
▼Percival Rackham's Trial
Get Ready To Find Final Guardian Trial
▼The Helm of Urtkot
    デパルソ Depulso
▼Beasts Class【Requirement】Lv13
▼The Caretaker's Lunar Lament 【Requirement】Lv14
【Reward】アロホモラ Alohomora
▼In the Shadow of the Estate【Requirement】Lv15
▼The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom 【Requirement】Lv15
【Reward】Conjuring Spellcraft ×2
▼Astronomy Class 【Requirement】Lv16
▼The High Keep 【Requirement】Lv17
ウィンガーディアムレヴィオーサWingardium Leviosa
【Reward】Flying Mount "Hippogriff"
▼Charles Rookwood’s Trial
Stop Ranrok And Rookwood
▼Fire and Vice【Requirement】Lv19
▼Professor Weasley's Assignment【Requirement】Lv20
▼It's All Gobbledegook【Requirement】Lv21
▼In The Shadow of the Mine【Requirement】Lv22
▼The Headmistress Speaks【Requirement】Lv23
▼Niamh Fitzgerald's Trial 【Requirement】Lv23
Get Ready For O.W.L 1
▼In The Shadow of Mountain【Requirement】Lv24
    ボンバーダ Bombarda
▼Lodgok's Loyalty 【Requirement】Lv25
Read Owl Post from Lodgok
▼San Bakar's Trial 【Requirement】Lv24
Stop Ranrok
▼Wand Mastery【Requirement】Lv24
▼The Final Repository 【Requirement】Lv24
After Ending

The Path To Hogwarts

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Drink the potion
  2. Follow Professor Fig
    ・Break the barrier of Spells
    ・Explore the Ruins
    └ Examine the walls, stone statues, and crystals
    ・Examine Spells
    ・Wake up the Goblin
  3. Learn "Revelio"
  4. Enter the Vault
  5. Stay with Professor Fig
  6. Check Spells
  7. Decide what to do
    └ Use "Revelio" and move it to the surface
  8. After learning "Lumos", cast it
  9. Unravel the Secrets of the Statue
    └ Stand in front of the statue and align its reflection
    Combat: Guardian (Use "Protego" against the enemies 3 times)
  10. Follow the light to find Professor Fig
  11. Move the Statue
    └ Use "Revelio" to move it to the surface
    └ Use "Lumos" to make the three statues stand at the same time
    Combat: Guardian
  12. Follow the light and interact with magic, and check the middle pedestal
  13. Complete the Sorting Ceremony
    └ Recommended House differs depending on your answers
    Daring: Gryffindor
    Curiosity: Ravenclaw
    Loyalty: Hufflepuff
    Ambition: Slytherin
    *It is possible to choose a House that is not your recommended HouseAccio Spell - How To Use / Controls

Attend Your First Day At Hogwarts

Welcome To Hogwarts

Walkthrough Guide
  1. In the Common Room introduce yourself to 3 companions and meet Professor Weasley
  2. Collect Field Guide Pages
    └ Use "Revelio" on the statue
  3. Follow Professor Weasley
    └ Fast Travel Tutorial
  4. Talk to Professor Fig
    └ Field Guide Tutorial
    └ Cast "Charmed Compass"

Attend Classes

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Head to Charms Class
    └ Learn "Accio"
  2. Attend the Summoner's Court
  3. Talk to Professor Ronen

Defence Against The Dark Arts Class

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Attend Defence Against The Dark Arts Class
    └ Learn "Levioso"
  2. Start a Duel
  3. Talk to Sebastian

Weasley After Class

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Weasley After Class
    └ Choose a student to accompany
  2. Assignment Quest: Professor Ronen's Assignment
    1. Report to Professor Ronen
    2. Collect Flying Page near the Broken Statue
    3. Collect Flying Page in Defence Against The Dark Arts Tower
    4. Return to Professor Ronen
    └ Learn "Reparo"
  3. Meet your companion near the entrance of Hogwarts
    *The companion is either Sebastian or Natty
  4. Follow your companion to Hogsmeade

Welcome To Hogsmeade

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Go to "Tomes and Scrolls"
    └ Purchase Potting Table with A Small Pot Spellcraft
    └ Purchase Small Potions Station Spellcraft
  2. Go to "Ollivanders"
    └ Select Wand *You can customize your own wand *You can customize your own wand
    How To Customize Your Own Wand
  3. Go to J. Pippin's Potions
    └ Purchase Endurus Potion Recipe
    └ Purchase Wiggenweld Potion Recipe
  4. Go to The Magic Neep
    └ Purchase Dittany Seeds
  5. Meet your companion
  6. Protect Hogsmeade
    Boss: Armoured Troll
  7. Repair damage at 7 places
    └ Use "Reparo" to repair
  8. Talk to the Owner
    └ Purchase "Distinguished School Cloak"
  9. Follow your companion to the "Three Broomsticks"
  10. Talk to your companion outside of Three Broomsticks
    └ Fast Travel to the "Common Room" at Hogwarts

Armoured Troll Boss Battle

Some of the Armoured Troll's attacks cannot be defended against with Protego, so dodging is a must. Trolls have high defenses, so Basic Cast is not as effective against them. Use the rubble around town to attack them instead. Note that Trolls will temporarily be stunned if they hit a wall after doing a dash attack.

Armoured Troll Location & Appearance

Search The Secrets Of The Restricted Section

The Locket's Secret

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Read Professor Fig's Letter at the Owl Post
  2. Talk to Professor Hecat
  3. Assignment Quest: Professor Hecat's Assignment
    1. Win 2 rounds at Crossed Wands
    └ If you are not in a club, you must talk to Lucan first
    2. Complete continuous Spells practice with Lucan Brattleby
  4. Return to Professor Hecat
    └ Learn "Incendio"
  5. Return to Professor Fig's classroom

Secrets Of The Restricted Section ~ Tomes and Tribulations

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Talk to Sebastian

  2. Meet Sebastian at the Central Hall at night
    └ Learn "Disllusionment"
  3. Sneak into the Library
  4. Get the key from the librarian's desk
    └ Use the Disllusionment Spell to move around undetected
  5. Unlock and enter The Restricted Section
  6. Find the Book
    └ On the way, use Basic Spells to locate authority figures while you are moving around undetected
  7. Explore the secrets hidden inside The Restricted Section
    └ Examine the light vortex
  8. Enter Athenaeum
  9. Reveal the secrets of the small rooms at the entrance
    └ Apply a Basic Spell to the objects at the top of each entrance to create a path
    Combat 1: Pensieve Sentinel
    Combat 2: Pensieve Sentry, Pensieve Sentinel
  10. Approach the book on the innermost pedestal
  11. Return to Professor Fig's Classroom and show the book to him

Attack Objects Above The Entrance With Basic Cast

The Athenaeum is missing a path to reach it, but if you hit the circular object above the entrance with a Basic Cast, the floor will appear.

Live As A Student Until Professor Fig Returns

Herbology Class

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Go to Herbology Class
  2. Talk with Professor Garlick
  3. Plant Dittany Seeds on the Potting Table
  4. Meet Leander Prewett
  5. Attack the practice dolls with Chinese Chomping Cabbage
  6. Return to Professor Garlick

Potions Class

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Go to Potions Class
  2. Talk to Garreth Weasley in front of Professor Sharp's room
    └ He will ask you to fetch a feather from the Fwooper
    *Whether you accept or decline his request, the result will be the same
  3. ・Collect Ashwinder Eggs
    ・Collect Mongrel Fur
    ・Obtain Fwooper Feathers (*If you accept Garreth's request)
  4. Return to Garreth with a Fwooper Feather (*If you accept Garreth's request)
  5. Brew the Endurus Potion (Brew Time: 30 seconds)
  6. Return to Professor Sharp

The Girl From Uagadou ~ Trials Of Merlin

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Meet Natsai Onai in Lower Hogsfield
  2. Help strangers
    Combat: Scouts for Ashwinder
  3. Defeat the Bandits
    Boss: Ashwinder's Duellist
  4. Take Mallowsweet from the trunk
  5. Solve the Trials of Merlin
    └ Use Mallowsweet on the center of the swirling ground
    └ Use "Incendio" on the wood of the three pillars to quickly set them on fire
    ▶Trials of Merlin Guide
  6. Talk to Nora Threadwell

Tell Professor Fig About The Map Chamber

The Hunt For The Missing Pages

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Talk to Nearly Headless Nick and follow him afterward
  2. Tickle the Pear to get inside and obtain the Rotten Roasted Beef
  3. Talk to Nearly Headless Nick
  4. Find Headless Hunt's Game and destroy pumpkins
    └ Hidden inside moving pumpkin
    └ Use Revelio to find hidden pumpkin
  5. Talk to Richard Jackdaw

Ollivander's Heirloom

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Meet Ollivander at Hogsmeade
  2. Check out the Owl House
  3. Return the bird sculpture to its perch
    └ Use "Accio" on the handle
    └ Place the Jackdaw statue on the perch

Putting The Bird Sculpture Back On Its Perch

Pull off the stone wall with the handles with the use of "Accio" to get the statue of Jackdaw. Place it on the perch and you are good to go.

Prisoner Of Love

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Talk to portrait of Eldritch Diggory at Hufflepuff common room
  2. Talk to Helen Thistlewood than move to Azkaban
  3. After talking to Anne Thisbe, head to cave
  4. Use "Revelio" find shinning and "Accio" to move forward
  5. Find Jackdaw's Hint and leave
  6. Talk to Jackdaw outside the cave

Use "Accio" On Shining Handle After Using "Revelio"

To solve the puzzle of six handles on blocked road, use Revelio to check the correct handle and then pull it with Accio.

Scrope's Last Hope

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Find the note from Scrope in the mouth of a statue located at Quad Courtyard
  2. Use "Accio" on the box to move it next to the rock with the note to examine it
    └ Obtainable by jumping also
  3. Head to pumpkin field and find hidden note inside pumpkin
    └ Using Revelio will shine note, destroy it to pick it up
  4. Head towards coast, talk to Scrope and move to cave
  5. Place toast on top of pedestal inside cave
  6. Examine Journal on the table inside the cave then an event will start
  7. Talk to Scrope

Jackdaw's Rest

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Side Quest: Professor Hecat's Assignment 2 *Prerequisite Quests
    └ Successfully avoid enemy attacks by dodge rolling (10 times)
    └ Cast "Incendio" on enemies (5 times)
    └ Attend the Defence Against the Dark Arts class during the day
    └ Return to Professor Hecat, learn "Expelliarmus", and finish
  2. Meet Richard Jackdaw at the Forbidden Forest
  3. Follow Jackdaw through the Forbidden Forest
  4. Find the cave where Richard Jackdaw died
  5. Whisper the password to the pedestal in the center
    Combat: Loyalist Sentinel, Loyalist Warrior
  6. Check out the cave where Jackdaw died
  7. Find the torn page
    └ For the door that won't open, quickly attack the three gold symbols in the vicinity with Basic Cast
    └ Burn the cobwebs along the way with "Incendio"
    └ Use "Accio" to move the floating scaffolding with handles
    Boss: Thornback Matriarch x 2
  8. Defend yourself against the ancient guardians
    Combat: Pensieve Sentry
    Boss: Pensieve Protector x 3
  9. Examine the trace of Ancient Magic, talk to the portrait, get out of the Map Chamber

Pensieve Protector Boss Battle

The Pensieve Protector is powerful when it comes to its attacks, but you can also use Expelliarmus to make it drop its weapon. When it drops its weapon, the opponent will be in a stunned state for about four seconds, during which time you can easily attack it one after the other.

Complete Pensieve Guardian Trial

Flying Class

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Go to Flying Class
  2. Get on the broom and go through the ring around the castle
  3. Follow Everett Clopton

Broom Guide - How To Get, Ride & Fly

Room Of Requirement

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Meet Professor Weasley
  2. Follow Professor Weasley
    └ Learn "Evanesco"
    └ Use "Evanesco" on the chair
  3. Explore The Room of Requirement
    └ Talk with Deek at the far end of the room
  4. Use the Desk of Description
  5. Talk with Professor Weasley
    └ Learn the "Conjuring Spell" and make the Potting Table and the Potions Table appear

In The Shadow Of The Undercroft

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Meet Sebastian, enter the Secret Room
  2. Talk with Sebastian
    └ Learn "Confringo"
  3. Use Confringo, Check on Sebastian
  4. Exit from the Undercroft

Sebastian Sallow Questline Guide

The Map Chamber

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Report to Professor Fig
  2. Enter the Map Chamber, Talk to the portrait of Professir Rackham

Get Ready To Find The Next Guardian Trial

Percival Rackham's Trial

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Meet with Professor Fig at the tower and investigate the appearance of Goblin
    └ Use "Disillusionment" to safely defeat each enemy
  2. Examine the letter inside the tent, the battle will start when leaving the tent.
    Battle:Loyalist Assassin, Loyalist Warrior and Loyalist Sentinel
  3. Explore the tower and talk to Percival Rackham
  4. Find entrance to the first Trial
    └ Examine the trace on the rock wall at the first floor of the tower.
  5. Go further in, investigate on the trace underneath the stairs, then build a bridge and advance
  6. After crossing the arch in the courtyard, investigate the trace.
    └ After checking on the trace, go by the arch on the side of the trace and battle will start
    Battle:Pensieve Protector、Pensieve Sentinel
  7. Use Accio and move with platform
    └ Investigate the trace to increase handles and move forward by using the platform
  8. Battle at the hall
    Battle:Pensieve Protector
  9. 【Puzzle 1】
    ・Climb onto the middle bridge and investigate the trace that is floating in the air by floating the platform as well.
    ・ Cross the arch from the exit (South side) and erase the bridge, then move platform towards the exit.
    ・Cross arch from the entrance (North side) and make the bridge appear, then use the platform to move forward.
  10. Battle at the hall
    Battle:Pensieve Protector, Pensieve Sentinel, Pensieve Sentry
  11. 【Puzzle 2】
    ・Interact with Magic
    ・Move forward using the platform and loot chest
    ・Get back to the platform and cross arch from the entrance/north side and pull the platform towards you.
    ・Change the platform when crossing and move towards the exit.
  12. Go further in and battle mob enemies + Boss Battle
    Battle:Pensieve Protector, Pensieve Sentinel, Pensieve Sentry
    Boss:Pensive Guardian
  13. Take a look at the memory of Percival Rackham

Percival Rackham's Trial Guide

Boss: Pensieve Guardian

The steps are to use Ancient Magic to make the boss go down on his knees, then use Attack Spells to increase combo to keep gaining back the Ancient Magic Meter. The boss will use a wide circular AOE attack right after getting knocked, which can be avoided by keeping a distance with the boss.

Deflect Orb Attack

Yellow Orb (Control Spells)Purple Orb (Force Spells)
e.g. Leviosoe.g. Accio

Deflect the orb by casting a spell that matches the color of the orb. The yellow orb can be deflected by Control Spells such as Levioso. Whereas the purple orb can be deflected by Force Spells such as Accio. It is possible to dodge the orb without deflecting, but it is easier and more efficient to deflect the orb.

Get Ready To Find Final Guardian Trial

The Helm Of Urtkot

Walkthrough Guide
  1. *If you have not learned Depulso*
    Main Quest "Professor Sharp's Assignment 1"
    1. Use Focus Potion
    2.Use both Maxima Potion and Endurus Potion at the same time
    └ For 1&2, you can purchase the potion recipes at "J. Pippin's Potions"
    3. Report to Professor Sharp and learn Depulso
  2. After speaking to Sirona at Three Broomsticks, speak to Lodgok at the Inn
  3. Go to the Witch's tomb with Lodgok, then after the conversation go to the cave
  4. Capture the Moth using Lumos and bring to door
  5. Gather 3 Moths to the door and when you proceed battle will start
    └ The broken door can be opened using Depulso or Accio.
  6. 【Puzzle 1】
    ・Attach one (1) moth to the device in the center and hit it using Depulso to raise the floor.
    ・Take the moth that you see after going up from the floor
  7. Use Depulso on hanging materials and then go down the broken floor.
    └ You can also use Confringo or Incendio.
  8. A combat will initiate once you enter the hall.
    Battle: Inferius
  9. 【Puzzle 2】
    ▼Jump to Video
    ・Under the door that is locked, add a moth to the rising device.
    ・Add moths to the device that rotates to raise the floor.
    ・From above the rising floor, hit the Rotating Device with Depulso.
    ・Attach the two moths on the left and right, and then the other one on the device up next to the door.
  10. After checking the corpse, go outside from the back wall, then report to Lodgok
  11. Obtained The Helm of Urtkot from the chest in the camp.
    Battle: Ashwinder Scout, Soldiers and Assassin
  12. Return the Helm to Lodgok

The Helm of Urtkot Quest Walkthrough Guide

Beasts Class

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Head towards Beasts Classroom and attend class
  2. Take care of Puffskein and Kneazel
  3. After talking to Professor, talk to Poppy
  4. Follow Poppy and meet Highwing

The Caretaker's Lunar Lament

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Talk to Gladwin Moon and remove the moon from the statue
  2. Follow Moon and talk to him and learn "Alohomora"
  3. Use Alohomora to open key
    ▶Alohomora - How To Open Doors & Locks
  4. Obtain Demiguise's Moon from Prefect's bathroom
  5. Obtain Demiguise's Moon from Hospital Wing and return to Moon

Demiguise Statues & Moon - All Locations Map

In The Shadow Of The Estate

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Meet Sebastian at Feldcroft and head towards the house at Sallow
  2. Talk to Anne and Solomon, then talk to Sebastian
  3. Battle will start when following Sebastian
    Battle:Loyalist Commander, Loyalist Ranger, Loyalist Warrior, Loyalist Sentinel
  4. After talking to Sebastian, find clues at the scene
    └ Use Revelio to examine objects
  5. Talk to Sebastian, then use "Depulso" to destroy the rock blocking the way.
  6. Using Depulso to explore the basement.
  7. After talking to Sebastian, enter Undercroft
  8. Pick up the note and talk to Sebastian

The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom

Walkthrough Guide
  1. After talking to Deek at Room of Requirement, then move to Puffskein den.
  2. Use Nab Sack to capture Puffskein, then talk to Deek
  3. Heads towards Jobberknoll den, then talk to Deek
  4. Capture Jobberknoll, then talk to Deek
  5. Heads towards Mooncalf den, then talk to Deek
  6. Capture Monncalf that only appears during night time, then talk to Deek
  7. Return to the Room of Requirement, talk to Deek then enter Vivarium
  8. Release beasts and take care of them, then collect materials from each beast
  9. Show materials to Deek and learn about Enchanted Loom
    └ Use Conjuration Spell and select Enchanted Loom from utility tab and place it
    └ Add traits and upgrade the gear
    ▶How To Upgrade Gear & Add Traits

Beast Guide - How To Get & All Map Location

Astronomy Class

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Head towards Astronomy Class, then attend class
  2. Obtain Telescope from storage area, then talk to Amit at the Underlayer.
  3. Head towards Astrology Tables with Amit
    └ Spider Web can be destroyed by Fire type Spells
  4. Line up the outline of constellation with stars.

The High Keep

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Talk with Natty at Falbarton Castle
  2. Climb the wall on the right side of the castle
  3. 【Puzzle 1】
    ・Use Depulso on the device next to the door to open it
    ・Carry boxes to the wall where you can climb with Wingardium Leviosa
    ・Climb the wall by floating the box placed in front of the wall with Levioso
  4. 【Puzzle 2】
    ・Destroy the wood blocking the road with Depulso
    ・The boxes that are blocking the way can be moved with spells like Accio from outside the windows
    ・Use Depulso on the device next to the gate to raise it
    ・Use Accio on the handle in the center while the gate is up
  5. Talk with Natty
  6. 【Puzzle 3】
    ・Drop the box with Depulso
    ・Carry boxes to the wall with Wingardium Leviosa
    ・Climb the wall by levitating a box placed in front of the wall with Levioso
  7. When you climb the wall, you can defeat enemies with Disillusionment
  8. Continue onward to battle
    Battle: Poacher Dualist, Tracker
  9. Further ahead, there will be a battle
    Battle: Poacher Ranger, Tracker, Hunter
  10. Go to the rooftop where a cutscene will occur. Follow Natty on Highwing
    └ Get Hippogriff when you complete this quest

The High Keep Main Quest Walkthrough Guide

Charles Rookwood's Trial

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Talk to Professor Fig at The Map Chamber *Main Quest: Back On The Path
  2. Talk to Professor Fig at Rookwood Castle, then head to castle
    Battle: Loyalist Warrior, Loyalist Ranger
  3. Move the crate using Levioso to get inside the castle
  4. After the event, when you move to the center a battle will occur
    Battle:Ashwinder Executioner, Ashwinder Duelist, Loyalist type Goblins
  5. Progress to the center of the castle, attack 3 symbols quickly to open the door
  6. Advance through the Basement, then talk to the portrait of Charles Rookwood.
  7. Investigate the trace, then enter the second trial
  8. 【Puzzle 1】
    ・Investigate the trace located at the end of the staircase to activate arch
    ・Cross arch from the entrance side and pull the pillar towards the exit side wall
    ・Cross arch from the exit side, then climb onto the pillar to move forward.
  9. 【Puzzle 2】
    ・Investigate the trace in front of the arch to activate it
    ・Activate the circular switch on the right side by attacking to rotate the arch
    ・Cross the arch from the entrance side and pull the pillar toward you
    ・Rotate arch again to move forward
  10. Move forward to battle
    Battle: Pensieve Protector, Pensieve Sentinel
  11. 【Puzzle 3】
    ・Investigate the trace at the centre
    ・Attack the circular switch at the centre to activate and move the arch.
    ・Cross the arch that reactivates the switch.
  12. 【Puzzle 4】
    ▼Jump to video
    ・Interact with Magic to move forward and battle
    Battle: Pensieve Protector
    └ Some enemies are transparent, so utilize arch to battle.

    ・Cross the arch then attack the switch to rotate arch
    ・Pull the pillar from the exit side of the arch using the spell Accio.
    ・Activate switch to rotate arch
    ・Pull the pillar from the exit side to put it back in its original spot.
    ・Rotate arch then crosses from the exit side to climb up the staircase.
    ・Activate the switch by attacking from the top of the bridge to rotate and move forward.
  13. Battle at the hall then move forward
    Battle:Pensieve Sentry
  14. Move forward to battle mobs + Boss
    Mob:Pensieve Protecotor, Pensieve Sentinel, Pensieve Sentry
    └ Some enemies are transparent, so utilize arch to battle.
    Boss:Pensieve Guardian
  15. Take a look at the memory of Charles Rookwood

Charles Rookwood Trial Guide

Walkthrough Guide Video for Puzzle 4

Stop Ranrok And Rookwood

Fire And Vice

Walkthrough Guide
  1. After talking to Poppy, move to find a trace of the Poacher.
    └ Use Revelio to examine objects.
  2. Talk to Poppy, then move to Horntail Hall
    └ Use Disillusionment and attack from behind to reduce as many Poachers as possible
    *If the bridge breaks during the battle, use Reparo to fix it.
  3. Explore inside of Horntail Hall to obtain Dragon Egg
  4. Head towards the captured dragon and battle
    Battle:Poacher Animagus, Poacher, Goblin
  5. Use Accio to release Dragon

Professor Weasley's Assignment

Walkthrough Guide
  1. From Floo Flames at Viaduct Courtyard head towards Underground Harbour.
    └ Obtain Field Guide Page from Underground Harbour
  2. In the Library, talk to Sophronia Franklin and answer her quiz.
    └ *You can progress even if you get the answer wrong
    ▼Answer to the Quiz
    └ After the Quiz, obtain Field Guide Page
  3. Attend Transfiguration Class to learn Transformation

Answer To Quiz

Answer to the Quiz

【Question 1】Before the invention of the Golden Snitch, which magical creature was used in a game of Quidditch?

【A】The Golden Snidget

【Question 2】Which potion is commonly referred to as Liquid Luck?

【A】The Felix Felicis

【Question 3】 The Tale of the Three Brothers involves which magical artifacts?

【A】The Deathly Hallows

【Question 4】Which ball in quidditch is the largest?

【A】The Quaffle

【Question 5】True or false: Polyjuice Potion allows the drinker to change species


It's All Gobbledegook

Walkthrough Guide
  1. If you are at your required level but the event does not occur, then you can read Lodgok's letter in Owl Post and then the quest will appear.
  2. Talk to Amit at Astronomy Tower
  3. Talk to Lodgok at the entrance of The Mine's Eye, then enter the mine
    └ To open the door with an eye, cast .
  4. Use "Confringo" on the boiler and activate the elevator to go down
    └ You can also use "Incendio"
  5. Use Accio on the handle
  6. Use Disillusionment to open the door with an eye.
  7. Examine scrolls and move forward
  8. Move forward solving the boiler and handle puzzle
  9. Examine the scroll on the table in inner most room
  10. Solve boiler and handle puzzle to lower the elevator
  11. Exit mines to talk to Amit, then talk to Lodgok

In The Shadow Of The Mine

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Meet Sebastian at Overlook, then head toward Mines
  2. Pass through the first campsite
    └ You can use Disillusionment to avoid battle
  3. Pass through the second campsite and enter the mine
    └ There is a secret passage you can use to avoid battle
  4. Move forward then slide down the slope for battle
  5. Use Wingardium Leviosa on the box to climb up the wall
  6. Fix the bridge using Reparo located at the end of the slope to move forward and battle. Battle:Venomous Scurriour, Venomous Shooter
  7. Move along the road, then fight at the hall
    Battle:Loyalist, Venomous Shooter, Venomous Matriarch
  8. 【Puzzle】
    ・Spider Nest can be destroyed by Fire-type spells such as Confringo
    ・Use Wingardium Leviosa to move the box to high ground
    ・Destroy the Spider Nest at the locked door
    ・Attack 3 Symbols quickly to unlock the door
  9. Obtain a piece of a canvas from the chest, then talk to Sebastian
  10. Use a magical route to teleport to Undercroft
  11. Place the portait on the 3 piece art then talk to Sebastian

The Headmistress Speaks

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Talk to Professor Niamh Fitzgerald's portrait at Map Chamber
  2. Talk to Professor Fig at his office, then talk to Madam Kogawa
  3. Go forward and talk to Scrope
    └ Select "Purity of blood" (*Does not matter even if you get it wrong)
  4. After changing back, head to Headmaster's Office
    └ The door in front of Headmaster's Office requires "The Key of Admittance" that can be found at top floor of Headmaster's Offices
    ▶Solve Hogwarts Secrets Challenge Guide
  5. Whisper to statue the password to enter to Headmaster's Office
  6. After talking to Professor Niamh Fitzgerald's portrait, examine the book

Niamh Fitzgerald's Trial

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Without getting seen move through the town and examine the Mysterious cloak.
    └ Move when they're facing away
  2. Go further in the back you will teleport, pick up the Mysterious Wand and move to the next area
  3. Use Bombarda to break rock to move forward, then battle will occur
    Battle:Death's Shadows
  4. Move forward for battle
    Battle:Death's Shadows、Shadowy Mongrels
  5. Move forward for 2 rounds battle
    Battle 1:Death's Trolls, Death's Shadows, Shadowy Mongrel
    Battle 2:Death's Trolls, Death's Shadows, Shadowy Mongrel
  6. Move forward to teleport, then pick up Mysterious Stone to move to the next area
  7. Move to the back, then talk to Professor Fitzgerald
  8. Take a look at Niamh Fitzgerald's memory
  9. Get back to Map Chamber to talk to the new Keeper

Get Ready For O.W.L 1

In The Shadow Of Mountain

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Talk to Sebastian at the coast
  2. Walk up the mountain road
    └ Be careful for Loyalist enemies on the way.
  3. Move further for battle at campsite
  4. Walk up the road for battle, then enter the cave
  5. Battle as soon as you enter the cave
    Battle :Thornback Scurriour, Thornback Matriarch
  6. Break the rock blocking the way by using Confringo
  7. After a battle at the hall, attack 3 symbols quickly to unlock the door.
    └ Recommended to use Confringo as it has long range
    Battle:Thornback Scurriour, Thornback Matriarch, Thornback Ambusher
  8. Move forward for battle
    Battle:Mountain Troll, Thornback Scurriour
  9. Fix the broken staircase using Reparo to move forward
  10. Use Wingardium Leviosa to move box to climb up the wall
  11. Use Confringo to break walls to move forward
  12. Attack 3 symbols quickly to unlock the door
    └ Recommended to use Confringo as it has long range
  13. Pick up the canvas which can be found on top of the table
  14. Use Magical pathway to teleport to Undercroft
  15. Place the canvas with the 3 pictures

Lodgok's Loyalty

Walkthrough Guide
  1. If the required level is met but the event does not start, read the letter from Lodgok from the Owl Post and the quest will start.
  2. Get inside the mines where Lodgok is at, them use the tram to move forward.
  3. Light up the boiler to activate it, then get on to platform with the handles to move forward
    └ Use Fire type spells like Confringo
    *Activate boiler to open the door to chest
    └ Use Accio on the floor with handles
    【Stop By】
    Activate the boiler at the stop to get off elevator
    └ Legendary Chest can be found
    *Use Disillusionment to get off safely
    Battle:Fortified Troll, Grodbik, Loyalist
    └ Grobik can be easily defeated if you can stealth kill
  4. Use floor with handle to drop down more
    └ There will be bunch of Loyalist enemies so be careful
    【Stop By】
    Take tram to the room with chest
    └ If you activate the boiler in step ②, you can open it.
  5. Activate boiler to use lift to go up.
    Battle:Armoured Troll, Loyalist
    └ The battle can be easier if you can stealth kill to reduce number
  6. Use spell such as Confringo to break 5 pillars
  7. Exit Mines

San Bakar's Trial

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Talk to Professor Fig at The Map Chamber
  2. Head towards San Bakar's Pensieve Chamber, then talk to Professor Fig
  3. Find clues to get into Pensieve Chamber, then talk to Professor Fig
    └ Use spells like Confringo on the leaves covering the wall
  4. Defeat The Lord of the Shore at Southeast of Clagmar Coast
    └The choices you have to make after battle does not matter
  5. Get back to Pensieve Chamber, then unlock while mounting the Graphorn
    └ While mounting, stand on top of circular pattern at the center
  6. Take a look at the memory of Pensieve, then head back to Map Chamber to talk to Keepers

Graphorn Will Be Duelist Attack Battle

As Graphorn does not get effected by Force Spells and Control Spells, Attacking Spells and Ancient Magic will be a method of battling. Almost all the attack cannot be guarded, so try to dodge. There will be some object you can use Ancient Magic Throw to deal damage.

Graphorn Mount Guide - How To Get & Ride

Stop Ranrok

Wand Mastery

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Talk to Gerbold Ollivander
  2. Walking out the store to battle
    Battle:Victor Rookwood, Ashwinder Enemies
    *1vs1 against Victor Rookwood in between fight

Battle Against Large Amount Of Ashwinder

In this battle, you will have to face off against a large amount of Ashwinder. Once Victor is defeated, all the other enemies will disappear, so once Victor appears, try to focus him with Ancient Magic. If completing the quest seems a little difficult, try using enhancement potions, plants and upgrading gears.

How To Upgrade Gear Level - Add Traits Guide

Enemies to Look Out For

Enemy Name
ExecutionerUses wide AOE lightning Spell
Use Expelliarmus to disarm
→ Loses control of the Spell and self destruct
While casting lightning Spell, cast Arresto Momentum
→ Slows down the time it take for lightning to fall
RangerUses Full Body-Bind Curse
Use Accio to bring into close combat
→ Pull down from the high ground
AssassinSummons Inferius
Protego (Purple), so use Fore Spells to cancel
Against Inferius, use fire type Spells to deal damage.

The Final Repository

Walkthrough Guide
  1. This Quest contains a large number of battles and boss battles, so prepare your gears and potions before challenging.
  2. Talk to the keeper at Map Chamber then enter The Keepers' Caverns.
  3. Move forward for battle
  4. Move forward more for battle
    Battle:Fortified Troll ×2, Loyalist
  5. Break walls to move forward and battle
  6. Break walls to move forward where the event will happen
  7. Move forward for battle
    Battle:Fighter Troll, Loyalist
  8. Talk to Professor Fig
    └The ending will be different depending on the choice of this conversation
    *For more detail about each ending refer to "Choices and Final Boss Battle".
  9. Ending after Defeating the Final Boss
Tap Here for Choices and Final Boss Battle

Get Ready for O.W.L

Weasley's Watchful Eye

Walkthrough Guide
  1. Talk to Professor Weasley
  2. Level required to challenge next quest is level 34
    ▶How To Level Up Fast & Tips

The House Cup

Walkthrough Guide
  1. When you go to the Great Hall, an event will start

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