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All collectible collections in Hogwarts Legacy. Learn how to get collections, find chest locations, how to complete the collection quests and unlock the Collector's Edition trophy.

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What Are Collections?

Collectibles In Hogwarts Legacy

Collections are the collectible element in Howarts Legacy. This includes collecting different items, including Tools, Ingredients, and enemies in the game. Each one has a detailed description, allowing you to enjoy the world.

List Of Items In Collections

ToolsCollect a total of 10 Potion and Magical Plants
Can be used in Combat
EnemiesEncounter 69 unique Enemies
No need for combat but just encounter them
AppearancesCollect 89 types of Appearances
You can change the appearance of the Gear
Revelio PagesCollect 150 Field Guide Pages
Gain 80 XP for leveling up
BeastsCollect 13 types of Beasts
No need to catch them. Simply encounter them.
TraitsCollect 75 Traits
Enhanced by attaching it to Gear
Wand HandlesCollect 42 Wand Handles
Change the appearance of your Wand
Conjuring SpellsCollect 140 Conjuring Spells
Spells can be used in the Room of Requirements
IngredientsCollect 16 types of Ingredients
Used to create Potions
BroomsCollect 13 types of Brooms
There is no performance difference between the Brooms. This is only a visual change

Benefits For Completing Collections

You will get a Silver Trophy for completing all the Collections. You need to collect 603 Collectibles to get the trophy, but it can be done with patience.

Collection & Collectibles Guide

Get Tools

Get Potion & Plants

Tools requires collecting total of 10 Potion and Plants. All of them are required for Main Quests and Side Quests, so they can be completed by simply progressing through the story.

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Encounter Enemies

Enemies Are Marked With Icons On The Map

Enemy locations are marked with an icon in the map. Fast travel to the nearest enemy to battle and defeat them.

Map Symbols - All Icons & Location Markings Explained

Enemies Are Marked Red On The Mini Map

Enemies are marked in red on the mini-map, found in the lower left corner of the screen. However, this does not show what type of enemy it is. You will need to approach it to find out.

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Enemies In The Battle Arena Also Count

In the Battle Arena, you can fight multiple enemies at the same time. The enemies that show up here are those that are more frequently encountered on the map, so this Collection may be completed easily.

Dark Arts Battle Arena Guide

How To Fight Specific Enemy Is Explained

All enemies registered in the Collection has the description as well as how to defeat them. Trolls are especially tough, so if you lost once, learn how to fight them in Collections before fighting them again.

All Enemies List & Location

Collect Appearances

Available In Challenges

Appearances can be obtained by completing Assignments in the Quests section of the Challenges, or by progressing through the Main Story. They can also be obtained from Side Quests.

List of Challenge & Rewards

Can Be Obtained Through Additional Content

Appearances from the Dark Arts series is available as a pre-order bonus for the Deluxe Edition of the game. If you have purchased the Standard Edition, you can still purchase the additional content.

Deluxe VS Standard Edition - Prices & Bonuses Guide

Appearances Can Be Changed

Getting Appearances allows players to change the way their Gear looks. This will allow you to change your look even when using the Gear you like.

Gear Guide - How To Get Clothing & Equipment

Collect Revelio Pages

Find Field Guides

Revelio Pages can be obtained by collecting Field Guides scattered around Hogsmeade, Hogwarts Castle, and the Highlands. These are the largest amount of Collectibles since there are a total of 150 of them.

Field Guide Pages - All Locations & How To Open

Use Revelio To Find Them

Field Guides are transparent but can be seen if you look closely. It can be revealed and obtained by using Revelio near it.

May Be Available Through Puzzle Or Riddle Solving

Some Revelio Pages appear when you light a torch or cast Levioso to a statue. In that case, Revelio can be used to make the Puzzle appear.

All Puzzle Guide - How To Solve & Unlock

Can Be Used To Level Up

Revelio Pages gives 80XP when you collect them. You don't have to beat enemies or complete quests, so you can level up more efficiently.

How To Level Up Fast - What Is The Max Level?

Encounter Beasts

Not Required To Catch Them

Beasts are registered to your Collections when you encounter them. It is easy to fill up this Collection because you can encounter Beasts even at the beginning of the game by going to their dens.

Magical Beasts Guide

Beast Den Icon

Map Symbols - All Icons & Location Markings Explained

Learn To Catch By Progressing Through The Main Quest

Beasts can be caught by completing the Main Quest "The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom". You can get materials by keeping them in the Room of Requirement.

Main Story Walkthrough Guide

Collect Traits

Available At Challenges Combats

Traits can be obtained in Combat Challenges. If you fight a lot of enemies or doing quests to defeat several specific enemies, you can gain Traits and achieve this Challenge.

How To Upgrade Gear Level - Add Traits Guide

Get It From The Bandit Camps

Traits can also be obtained from chests in bandit encampments on the map. It is not necessary to defeat enemies, so you may run away after obtaining Traits from Chests in Bandit Camps.

All Bandit Camp Location

Gear Can Be Enhanced With Traits

Traits can be attached to Gear items to increase Spell damage and reduce damage from certain enemies. Gathering and gearing them will help you get the upper hand when in combat. Traits are unlocked after completing the Main Quest "The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom".

Best Build - Strongest Gear & Traits

Collect Wand Handles

Collect From Chests

Wand Handles can be obtained from chests in various locations. Please refer to the images below for the chests you can find in the game. However, not all of them contain Wand Handles.

Elder Wand Guide - Can You Make Elder Wand?

Chests That Contain Wand Handles

Pointed Side ChestCylindrical Chest

All Collection Chests

Can Also Be Obtained As Quest Rewards

Some of the rewards can be acquired for Side Quests, such as Wand Handles for completing the Gobstones collection in the Gobs of Gobstones Side Quest.

Collect Conjuring Spells

Can Be Purchased From Tomes & Scrolls

Conjuring Spells can be purchased at the Tomes and Scrolls in Hogsmeade. However, they are expensive, so collect them gradually while you are collecting money.

Spellcrafts - Use & How To Get

Available In Challenges

"Rescue Bests" in the Room of Requirement section of Challenges will give you a Conjuring Spell. Beasts can be caught after completing the Main Quest "The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom".

Can Be Used In The Room Of Requirement

Conjuring Spells you obtain can be used in the Room of Requirement. This allows you to cultivate herbal plants needed for brewing Potions.

Room of Requirement Guide - How To Unlock & Use

Get Ingredients

Collected From The Ground Or As Enemy Drops

Ingredients can be obtained by collecting plants or defeating beasts and enemies that can be found in the Highlands region. Make it a habit to obtain them when you come across them while you explore the ground.

How To Obtain Ingredients Guides

Ashwinder Eggs
Dittany Leaves
Dugbog Tongue
Fluxweed Stem
Horklump Juice
Knotgrass Sprig
Lacewing Fly
Leaping Toadstool Caps
Leech Juice
Shrivelfig Fruit
Spider Fang
Stench of the Dead
Troll Bogeys
Mongrel Fur

Collect Broom

Available At The Sporting Goods Store

Brooms can be purchased from the sporting goods store in Hogsmeade or from traveling merchants. However, each one costs 600 Galleons, so don't collect them in early game.

Make Money Guide - How To Get Money Fast

Available As Challenge Rewards

Brooms can also be obtained as challenge rewards.

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