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Hogwarts Legacy | Room of Requirement Guide - Where Is It?

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Guide for where is Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy. Learn how to get to the Room of Requirement.

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Table of Contents

How To Get To The Room Of Requirement

Room Of Requirement Use And Unlock Conditions

FunctionUnlock Quests
Identify GearsCan be done from the start of the game
Brew Potion
Grow Plants
Room Layout Change
Magical Beasts Breeding & Collecting MaterialsMain Quest: "The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom"
Gear Upgrade And Add Traits
Breeding Pen
Side Quest: "Foal of the Dead"

You can unlock functional features in the Room Of Requirements as you progress through the Main Quests. To get the most out of it, you'll need to continue through the story while also completing Side Quests.

All Side Quests List

Return Any Time With Fast Travel

Once you visit it, it will be logged in the Fast Travel list which you can access when you click Secret Rooms → Room Of Requirement on the map of Hogwarts Castle map.

How To Fast Travel Guide

Brew Potions And Grow Plants

List Of Tools For Brewing And Growing Plants

Potions TableBrewing Potions is available.
*The possible number of potions you can brew one time depends on the size of the table.
Potting Table and Potting TableGrow Plants
*Different plants can be grown depending on the size of the Potting Table.
*There are several different types of pots.
Hopping PotBrew a random Potion
Dung ComposterProduce Fertilizer to increase plant yields.
Chopping StationRegularly produce plant-based materials

By using Conjuring Spell, you can conjure up functional furniture that are quite useful in the game. Arranging furniture and decorating is fun, however make sure to prioritize the furniture pieces that can help your progress in the game.

Multiple Potting Table Setup Is Highly Recommended

Recommended PlantsUse
MallowsweetMallowsweet Used in Merlin Trials
Use 5 pieces per location
Gear Slots up to expansion: 260 (52 locations)
Trophies won: 475 (95 locations)
Dittany LeavesDittany Leaves Used to brew Wiggenweld Potion
It can often be used to fight enemies and progress the story
You can increase your experience and improve your strategy in battle if you use it correctly.

It Is Convenient To Have Multiple Potions Tables

The Potions Table is also often used to make recovery potions like Wiggenweld Potion, so having more than one is quite useful. However, since the waiting time is not that long compared to the Potting Table, having more than one it is not that mandatory.

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Other Useful Items You Can Conjure

Desk of DescriptionIdentify unknown Gear and characteristics.
Enchanted LoomGear upgrades and add Traits.
*Advance the Main Quest.
Material RefinerCreate Moonstone.

The Desk of Description and Enchanted Loom are important items that you should consider adding in the room. Material Refiner produces Moonstone only, you can just leave it if you can't afford it yet.

Additional Layout Decorations

Some furniture like chairs and carpets are among the decorative pieces available that can be color-changed. You are free to customize your room to your liking.

Breed Beasts

Use Of Breeding Beasts

  1. Beasts materials can be collected.
  2. Increase the number of Beasts through breeding

Materials can be obtained by petting or feeding Magical Beasts. Beasts resources are used in the Gear Upgrades and adding of Traits, making them a significant mid game elements that you can use to further progress your level in the story.

Items Required For Breeding Beasts
Beast Petting BrushBeast Feed

How To Use Items In The Vivarium

Furniture ItemsFunctions
Beast FeederWhen installed, beasts can automatically eat on it
*Should be installed as a priority.
Breeding PenYou can breed two Beasts to make more offspring
*Requires you to complete some Side Quests

The feeders should be installed first since this will enable you to feed the Beasts, therefore make material collecting much more efficient. To start breeding, you will need to complete Foal of the Dead quest first so make sure to progress the story.

Best Way To Farm Beast Materials

  1. Set up the Beast Feeder
  2. Brush each Beasts
  3. Collect the materials.

Vivarium Can Be Increased Up To 4 Locations

Vivarium TypeQuests Unlock Conditions
MeadowMain Quest: The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom
CoastMain Quest: The High Keep
Side Quest: The Plight of the House-Elf
SwampMain Quest: Charles Rookwood's Trial
Side Quest: Foal of the Dead
*You can start to breed Beasts.
MountainMain Quest: Niamh Fitzgerald's Trial
Side Quest: Phoenix Rising

After advancing through the main storyline and unlocking the meadow Vivarium, you can still expand it by doing Side Quests. However, take note that it is necessary to advance the Main Quest to some extent in order to generate these Side Quests.

Main Story Walkthrough Guide

Gear Upgrades And Adding Traits

Items And Effects That Can Be Enhanced

Enhanced ItemFeature
Gear Upgrade・Enhanced Gear Status
・Gear for different parts of the body have different enhancement statuses.
・There are three stages of enhancement available, with the difficulty of getting the Beasts materials rising with each level.
Adding Traits・Traits must be discovered separately and only those discovered can be selected and added to gears.
・Once the gear has been identified, traits can be added in an unlimited number of times.

You can install Enchanted Loom at the same time you get Beasts. Keep in mind that this is an important element for strengthening in the second half of the story. It is closely connected to magical beast breeding since it consumes Beast materials to upgrade gears.

How To Upgrade Gear

How To Farm Beasts Materials

  1. Catch Beasts and release them into the Vivarium
  2. Brush and feed Beasts
  3. Return to step 2 when some time has passed.

It is crucial to introduce additional Beasts of the desired substance to the Vivarium because there is a limited amount of that material available at any given moment. We should keep more of Jobberknoll and Mooncalf due to the high consumption of materials they produce than the others.

Beast Guide

Number Of Beasts Materials Required For Enhancement

Only the Legendary, Extraordinary, and Superb gear rarities may be enhanced. The number of materials required for each rarity is different, so please check it when collecting materials.

Materials Required For Rare Legendary Gear

1st Time
Offence Enhancement
Jobbeknoll Feather ×3
Defense Enhancement
Mooncalf Fur ×3
2nd Time
Offense Enhancement
Jobbeknoll Feather ×3
Niffler Fur ×1
Toad Warts ×1
Defence Enhancement
Mooncalf Fur ×3
Fwooper Feather ×1
Thestral Hair ×1
3rd Time
Offence Enhancement
Jobbeknoll Feather ×3
Niffler Fur ×1
Toad Warts ×1
Hippogriff Feather ×1
Graphorn Horn ×1
Defence Enhancement
Mooncalf Fur ×3
Fwooper Feather ×1
Thestral Hair ×1
Unicorn Hair ×1
Phoenix Feather ×1

Materials Required For Rare Extraordinary Gear

1st TimeOffence Enhancement
Jobbeknoll Feather ×2
Defense Enhancement
Mooncalf Fur ×2
2nd TimeOffence Enhancement
Jobbeknoll Feather ×2
Niffler Fur ×1
Defense Enhancement
Mooncalf Fur ×2
Fwooper Feather ×1
3rd TimeOffence Enhancement
Jobbeknoll Feather ×2
Niffler Fur ×1
Toad Warts ×1
Defense Enhancement
Mooncalf Fur ×2
Fwooper Feather ×1
Thestral Hair ×1

Materials Required For Gear Of Superb Rarity

1st TimeOffence Enhancement
Jobbeknoll Feather ×1
Defense Enhancement
Mooncalf Fur ×1
2nd Time
Offence Enhancement
Jobbeknoll Feather ×2
Defense Enhancement
Mooncalf Fur ×2
3rd Time
Defense Enhancement
Jobbeknoll Feather ×2
Diricawl Feather ×1
Defense Enhancement
Mooncalf Fur ×2
Fwooper Feather ×1

How To Conjure And Remove Items

Spells To Use

Conjuring SpellSummon objects in the Room of Requirement.
Altering SpellChange the form and features of the target object.
EvanescoYou can get the Moonstone by removing the item.
You will get the initial number of Moonstones required for item placement.
You can freely redecorate and remove items.

How To Create And Remove Furniture Items

  1. Use the Conjuring Spell.
  2. Choose an item from the selection screen.
  3. Items will appear when you decide where to place them.
  4. You can recover Moonstones from removing unnecessary items

As they are acquired, the variety of items that may be placed expands, and Moonstone is used during installation. Moonstone can also be recovered when using Evanesco.

How To Get Spells / Magic?

How To Get Craft

Craft Type
How To Obtain
Useful Items
Tomes And Scrolls
・Obtained from progressing Quests
Treasure Chest
・Rewards from completing Quests
・Rewards from completing Challenges

Spell crafts recipes for Brew stands and other useful items can be purchased from Tomes And Scrolls in Hogsmeade while other decorative furniture items can be obtained from small treasure chests or from completing Side Quests.

How To Obtain Moonstones

  • Break ore outside or in the Vivarium
  • Place Material Refiner

Moonstone can be obtained by breaking ores from the ground outside, so it is best to break them when you see them. You can also get it from Material Refiner in the Room Of Requirement or it can be recovered from the ore in the Vivarium.

Treasure Chest Locations (Vivarium Exploration)

There Are Three Of Them Per Vivarium

The Vivarium can eventually be increased to four locations, with three treasure chests that can be found in each Vivarium. The treasure chests offer decorative Conjuring Spells, so look for them if you are interested.

Treasure Chest In Forest Vivarium

Treasure Chest At The Beach Vivarium

Treasure Chest In Marshland Vivarium

Treasure Chest At The Plateau Vivarium

Where To Find The Golden Snitch [Bonus]

Room Of Requirement Can Be Found During The Attack

A Golden Snitch can be found during the story event on the Room Of Requirement Main Quests. It will suddenly appear if you clear the path with Evanesco, however it will then fly to the rear chamber right away. All that's left to do after that is watch them fly behind you.

You May Not Do Anything Particular With The Golden Snitch

It is not possible to catch the Golden Snitch or apply Spells. Although, it is a fun additional content for nostalgic fans of the original Harry Potter series.

What Is The Golden Snitch?

You Can Never Go Back After Clearing The Event

You won't be able to return to this place after the event is finished. This is one of the game's point of no return element, so you want to watch it, it's a good idea to save before then play the save data.

Save Guide - How Many Save Files?

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