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Haunted Hogsmeade Shop (Minding Your Own Business) Quest

Hogwarts Legacy | Haunted Hogsmeade Shop (Minding Your Own Business) Quest

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Haunted Hogsmeade Shop (Minding Your Own Business) is a Playstation exclusive quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Learn how to get your own shops and complete Haunted Hogsmeade Shop quests.

Haunted Hogsmeade Shop

Occurrs After Completing Professor Weasley's Assignment

Professor Weasley Assignments

Minding Your Own Business can be unlocked by completing Professor Weasley's Assignment that occur after the Main Quests "Fire and Vice" are completed.

Main Quests Story Walkthrough Guide

Haunted Hogsmeade Shop Exclusive Features

PlayStation Exclusive Quests

Minding Your Own Business

Minding Your Own Business is a PlayStation exclusive Quests. Please note that it will not be available on other platforms like Steam or XBOX.

Limited Quests For Playstation

Minding Your Own Business will be a Playstation limited quest until February 10, 2024 . Take note that this quest is only exclusive on Playstation so you will not be able to do this quests in other consoles or in PC during this time period.

Can't Go Back To The Dungeon After Completing

You will not be able to return to the dungeon after completing the Side Quests. Make sure to free up some of your gear inventory beforehand since there are many gear equipment you can pick up as you go through.

Point of No Return

You Cannot Defeat Mannequins With Basic Spells Only

Enemy mannequins will appear along the way. Mannequins has no HP bar and cannot be defeated with basic spells, so use damage spells such as Confringo or Incendio to flames to defeat it.

Minding Your Own Business Walkthrough

Required Spells

Road To Dungeon

  1. Talk To Penny On Hogsmeade
  2. Talk to the house-elf Penny in Hogsmeade to unlock the Haunted Hogsmeade Shop quests. The current owner wants to sell the shop, so head to speak with Cassandra Mason to purchase the shop.

  3. Go See Cassandra
  4. Talk to Cassandra east of Hogsmeade and she will ask if you're interested in opening a store. Choose "I'll think about it a little" when you conversation progresses.

  5. Pay 1500g To Cassandra
  6. Quests

    You need 1500 Galleons of money to buy the shop. Try to earn and save up when you don't have enough money yet.

    How To Get Money Fast
  7. Talk To Penny Again To Clean Up The Room
  8. Cleaning up

    After the trading, return to Penny again. In order to open the store, it is necessary to clean up the mess, so use Reparo to fix up the store.

  9. Use The Box Key
  10. box

    Penny will give you a key if you clean up the front area of the shop. Once you acquired it, go to the back room and use the key to the chest then climb down using the ladder.

Underground Prison Walkthrough

Walkthrough Chart
  1. Go to the back and get a "Fairy-sized Headwear" and wait a little in the room
  2. When the room gets dark, use Lumos and wait until the door opens
  3. Enter the hall and approach the small doll
  4. Go down the corridor and down the stairs
  5. Pull the lamp on the right side of the room with Accio
  6. Place the lamp on the table in front of the door
  7. Go ahead and talk to Fastidio
  8. Proceed through the door on the right to begin the Atrium Exploration

Atrium Walkthrough

Walkthrough Chart
  1. Go through the passage on the right side as seen from the door and enter the room
  2. Pull the floating lantern to the table with Accio
  3. Enter the room that appears on the right and proceed forward
  4. Proceed to until you find a giant Wizard’s Chess room in the left
  5. Be careful not to step on squares that turn red when using Revelio
  6. Jump in the white space in front of the treasure chest and proceed
  7. Proceed through the corridor and place the lamp in the room on the table
  8. Go ahead and place the lamp in the center of the room on the table in front of the door
  9. Look from the door and go on the left passage and enter the room
  10. Put the lamp on the left on the room in a room with double doors
  11. Go ahead and enter the middle door and place the lamp on the table
  12. Pull the first lamp with Accio and place it on the back of the table
  13. Go to the back and defeat all Mannequin
  14. Go ahead and take the lamp and place it on the pedestal in front of the door
  15. Enter the door and confront Fastidio again in the entrance

Library Walkthrough

Walkthrough Chart
  1. Enter the Library and go left and go down the stairs
  2. Take the lamp on the right side in front of the door and put it on the table in the middle
  3. Go to the end of the door and place the lamp on the stand
  4. Get down from the small window on the left, climb the stairs and proceed to the destination
  5. Place the lamp in the room on the stand
  6. Proceed through the passage after the rotation and place the lamp on the stand from the other side
  7. Proceed along the aisle and place the lamp on the table in front of you
  8. Go back to the right from the door
  9. Proceed to one of the three doors that appeared (one correct answer is random)
  10. If you go ahead, you will be told that you are passing through the same place
  11. Go to the end of the new passage using Lumos
  12. Turn off Lumos if you are locked in a room
  13. Use Lumos to go to the destination
  14. Defeat all mannequin that appeared
  15. Go ahead and place the lamp on the table in front of you
  16. Enter the door to entertain Fastidio and return to the front door
  17. Fight against the monster Fastidio summoned
    ▼Click Here How To Defeat Fastidio's Monster

Walkthrough After Escaping From The Dungeon

  1. Talk To Penny
  2. Talk to Penny

    When you escape from the dungeon, return to the store and talk to Penny. Penny seems to know the secrets but is forbidden to speak about it, so you will have to talk to a police officer.

  3. Find Officer Singer
  4. Singer police officer

    Talk to Officer Singer in Hogsmeade and talk about Cassandra. When you talk about the dungeon you will be told to go directly to Cassandra to hear the story.

  5. Fight Cassandra
  6. Cassandra

    Go with Officer Singer to Cassandra’s house Officer Singer and a fight against Cassandra will start. The recommended level is 29, so be sure to raise your character's level and bring plenty of recovery potions.

    ▼Click Here How To Defeat Cassandra
  7. A Shop To Call Your Own
  8. Your own store

    Once Cassandra has been defeated, return to the shop to talk to Penny. Once you take ownership, you can decide on a name for your store and the Side Quests will then be completed. You can sell gears in your own store for 10% more.

How To Defeat Fastidio's Monster

Give Priority To Mannequins


When the boss' HP goes down half, a mannequin emerges. Priority should be given to destroying the Mannequin before casting damage spells on the monsters because they are numerous and highly bothersome. The Mannequin in the boss fight can be damaged by basic spells.

The Top And Bottom Are Reversed

flip upside down

The screen rotates up and down when you've lowered the boss HP to its third level. Since the directional keys do not get reversed, stay calm and avoid the attacks while dealing Damage Spells .

How To Defeat Cassandra

Break The Barrier With Rocks

Cassandra's barrier cannot be broken by spells. Cassandra will hurl pumpkins and then rocks, in that order. Avoiding them will allow you to secure the boulders you can throw back to Cassandra and use Protego to deter pumpkins so they can't breach your barrier.

Be Careful Not To Lose Sight Of Them

It might advance immediately following a player's attack or after Cassandra's damage spells. Try to locate them as soon as they vanish from view because if you don't, you'll might be caught off guard with damage spells.

Minding Your Own Business Reward

Cosmetic: Shopkeeper Set (Cosmetic)


Aside from having your own shop, you will be rewarded with a Shopkeeper Set that includes a Coat, Top Hat and Attire by completing Minding Your Business Side Quest. You'll also receive a Felix Felicis Potion Recipe. However, you won't get additional XP.

How To Change Appearances

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