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Treasure Vault Puzzle - How To Open

Hogwarts Legacy | Treasure Vault Puzzle - How To Open

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Treasure Vault Puzzle guide in Hogwarts Legacy. Learn all different types of Treasure Vaults and their location including how to use spells to solve puzzles to get treasure chests.

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What Are Treasure Vaults?

Scattered Across The Map

Treasure Chests are located over the map in caverns called Treasure Vaults. Each of them features challenges that are unique from those in Hogwarts and other locations, ranging from treasure chests that can be easily opened just by entering the vault to more difficult and challenging puzzles needed to be solved.

Treasure Vaults

These symbols, which may be found all over the map, are called Treasure Vaults. Icons disappear from the map after being completed, so completed ones are not displayed.

Find An Entrance

Treasure Vaults are usually have hidden entrances that are hard to find. You can use Revelio to reveal them so you won't miss them.

Recommended For Gear Collection

Because opening the treasure box within requires some work, it is likely to remain there at the end of the game. If you open too many treasure chests and have a hard time finding money for gears, visiting Treasure Vaults in various locations is a recommended option.

Gear Guide - How To Get Clothing & Equipment

List Of Treasure Vaults Puzzles

Types of Treasure Vaults & Puzzle Challenges
Wizard ChessOne of the indoor Puzzles.
Wizard Chess, also featured in the movie, is also available in the game
If you apply Transformation to the objects in the room and create a checkmate to complete it.
CubeOften installed at the entrance.
Place the cubes that have fallen nearby on the pedestal, then cast the corresponding Spells.
WhirlpoolOften installed at the entrance.
A whirlpool forms on the water's surface, and you may enter from the top.
ArchOne of the indoor Puzzles.
Go through the archway and then come back to find the treasure chest.
Automatic WallOne of the indoor Puzzles.
There is a wall that opens when approached, and there is a treasure chest inside.
Wall Opens With AccioOne of the indoor Puzzles.
There are multiple walls that can be opened by Accio and Revelio can be used to reveal the correct one.
Picture MatchOne of the indoor Puzzles.
There is a rock marked with a symbol, which can be solved by placing it in the correct position with Wingardium Leviosa.
Swirling LeavesOne of the indoor Puzzles.
There is a small leaf-shaped tornado that warps when approached.
Treasure chests appear when you approach all warp destinations.
Moving RocksOne of the indoor Puzzles.
There is a device that can be turned by Depulso in the room by moving the rock.
Use Depulso repeatedly to move the rock to its destination.
Magnetic WallsOne of the indoor Puzzles.
Treasure chest appears when other objects (such as the cube at the entrance) are sucked into the wall.

Wizard Chess Puzzle

Required Spells
Wingardium LeviosaWingardium Leviosa

A Wizard Chess puzzle located in Treasure Vaults. By applying Transfiguration to the objects that exist in the room, they will portray chess pieces which you can carry them with Leviosa to participate in the game to Checkmate. The objects in the room change with each load.

Solutions For Each Object

Object (Next to Phoenix Cave)
Object (Cragcroftshire top left)
Object (Cragcroftshire, Upper Right)

Leaf Metal Plate Cube Puzzles

Required Spells
Varies from time to time for each Treasure Vaults.

Puzzles are often placed at the entrance of the Treasure Vaults. After placing the cube on the pedestal with Accio or any another way, then use the spell that matches the cube's pattern to blast it.

Vortex Whirlpool Puzzle

A mystery puzzle in which a whirpool appears on the surface of the water. It may not be detected with Revelio, so go to the Treasure Vaults icon on the map and look for any vortex, then jump in.

Set waypoints for the Treasure Vaults as it may be difficult to spot it outside.

Directions To Treasure Vaults In West Manor Cape

The treasure vaults in the lower right corner of West Manor Cape is difficult to find because the entrances are far apart even when set as waypoints.There is a vortex you can jump into under the bridge in front of you, so enter from there.

Arch Doorways

A type of indoor Puzzle. Enter the building, turn around, or reenter to see a hidden treasure chest.

Automatic Walls Puzzle

Required Spells

Puzzles that appear mainly inside Treasure Vaults that automatically open walls when approached. There is a treasure chest inside the wall, so check all the walls that are highlighted by Revelio.

Wall Switch Puzzle

Required Spells

A kind of puzzle inside Treasure Vaults. Accio can pull out various drawer-like walls, and if the answer is incorrect, an enemy will appear. Revelio displays the exact location, thus just remove the items with Accio that are indicated in blue.

The correct answers are the ones highlighted in blue when you use Revelio. Aim carefully so as not to get the wrong answer.

Picture Match Puzzle

Required Spells
Wingardium LeviosaLevioso

A puzzle with a pile of rocks with symbols on them. The shape varies from one Treasure Vaults to another, but you need to carry the rock to the missing area with Wingardium Leviosa, adjust the orientation so that it is the opposite of the diagonal side, and apply it.

▲Just adjusting the orientation so that it is opposite will be OK. By holding down, you may use Levioso to change both its direction and the distance.

Swirling Leaves

A slightly confusing indoor Puzzle. Revelio does not detect the small tornado which warps when approached, so chase after it! When all are tracked, a treasure chest appears at the end.

Moving Rocks

Required Spells

Puzzle that is solved by using "Depulso" on the object in the center of the room to move rocks. Since the treasure chest is located at a high place, you must move the rocks by consecutively casting Depulso so make the walkway up to the chest.

Floating Candles

Required Spells

Puzzle with candlesticks flying around the room. A treasure chest appears when a candlestick that hasn't been lighted is ignited.

Magnetic Walls

Required Spells
Wingardium LeviosaLevioso

A wall-mounted puzzle that instantly draws the player in. Although nothing happens if the player is alone, a treasure box will appear if you let the wall absorb the cubes used when entering. Use Levioso to move the cubes.

※There is a pattern that appears when a player is dragged into the area. If you have not obtained Wingardium Leviosa, try it a few times.

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