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Check out this The Helm of Urtkot Quest for Hogwarts Legacy. Guide includes how to unlock, Sirona, Lodgok, location, The Helm of Urtkot, how to solve puzzles, moth puzzles, and mystery chests!

Table of Contents

The Helm of Urtkot Walkthrough Chart

Walkthrough Chart
  1. ▼ Talk to Sirona, Lodgok's friend located in the Three Broomsticks
  2. ▼Go near to the Witch's tomb and look for Lodgok
  3. ▼Capture the Moth using Lumos
  4. ▼Unlock the door after gathering 3 Moths and proceed inside
    └ The broken door can be opened using Depulso.
  5. ▼Defeat Inferis along the way
  6. ▼1st Puzzle (Click here for the puzzle solution)
    ・Attach one (1) moth to the device in the center and hit it using Depulso to raise the floor.
    ▼Mystery Chest 1 (Click here to see the video)
    ・Go through the door opened in 1st puzzle, and then climb the wall on the right.
    ・Use Accio towards the crushed skeleton bones (2 locations, in front of you and to your left)
  7. ▼Use Depulso on hanging materials and then go down to the broken floor.
    └ You can also use Confringo or Incendio.
    ▼Mystery Chest 2 (Click here to see the video)
    ・Located inside the door in front of the broken floor.
    ・Use Accio to move boxes to help you climb walls.
  8. ▼A combat will initiate once you enter the hall.
    Enemy Type: Inferius
  9. ▼2nd Puzzle (Click here to see the video)
    ・Use the moths to activate the rotating device and elevate the floor.
    ・Retrieve the moths, then attach it to the locked door.
    ・Hit the device using Depulso to activate (elevate) the floor.
    ・Attach the two moths on the left and right, and then the other one on the device up next to the door.
  10. ▼After checking the corpse, report back to Lodgok
  11. ▼Obtained The Helm of Urtkot from the thieves, located at their camp
    Enemy Type: Ashwinder Scout, Soldiers and Assassin
  12. Retrieve The Helm of Urtkot and return it to Lodgok
  1. Talk To Sirona At The Three Broomsticks
  2. Sirona Ryan
    (Three Broomsticks)
    (Hog's Head Inn)
    Sirona Ryan Three Broomsticks
    Lodgok Hog's Head Inn

    After talking to Sirona at the Three Broomsticks, go to the Hog's Head Inn and talk to Lodgok.

  3. Go To Lodgok At The Witch Tomb
  4. Lodgok Witch Tomb Entrance

    After talking to Lodgok at the Inn, proceed to the Witch Tomb, and meet and follow Lodgok towards the tomb's entrance.

  5. Capture The Moth Using Lumos
  6. Once you go inside the tomb, the door in the quest area is still locked, unlock it by catching the Moth and attaching it to the door. In order to catch the Moth, you must use Lumos to attract it.

  7. Unlock The Door Using 3 Moths & Proceed Inside
  8. Use Depulso to open the door

    Upon entering the hall, there will be 2 doors inside, 1. the locked door, and 2. the damaged door. Unlock the damaged door using Depulso, since 1 Moth is located inside, then proceed to unlock the locked door by using the 3 Moths.

  9. Defeat The Inferi
  10. defeat the Inferi

    Inferi's defense performance will be considerably lowered if it is hit by Flame Damage Spells of the flame attribute spells. It is recommended to first hit each Inferius with flame Damage Spells, and then a follow-up Basic Spell. If you do not hit them with Flame Damage Spells, you won't have that much damage to them.

    Spells That Are Flame Attributes

    Spells List & All Magic Learning Requirements Guide
  11. 1st Puzzle - Solution
  12. Procedures
    1Catch Moths by using Lumos. Bring the Moths to the device at the center and one on the door.
    2Go to the platform, and then hit the center device with Depulso.

    Mystery Chest 1 (Puzzle Solve)

    You can check the video below to know how to unlock Mystery Chest 1. Obtain the Checked Gloves upon unlocking Mystery Chest 1.

  13. Drop The Hanging Materials & Break The Floor
  14. hit the hanging material to break the floor

    As you proceed, you will encounter a material hanging above the floor. Shoot the material using Depulso to drop and break the floor. A hole on the floor will be unlocked, go down to the bottom of that hole.

    Mystery Chest 2

    You can check the video below to know how to unlock Mystery Chest 2. Obtain the Clockwork Fedora item upon unlocking the Mystery Chest 2.

  15. A Battle With Inferi WIll Automatically Start
  16. defeat the inferi

    Same with the previous battle, defeat the Inferis with Flame Damage Spells followed by basic spells.

  17. 2nd Puzzle - Puzzle Solution
  18. Procedures
    Get the first Moth, and then transfer it to the next device beside it
    Get the second Moth, and place it on the elevating device
    Go towards the platform, and then hit the elevating device using Depulso
    Get the two moths (left & right) that went up as well when you activated the elevating device, then attach them to the door to unlock
  19. Check The Corpse & Then Report Back To Lodgok
  20. check the corpse

    Examine the corpse and then pick up the Signet Ring, then exit the tomb. You can find the exit behind the corpse. Report back to Lodgok.

  21. Obtain The Helm of Urtkot From The Thieves
  22. アートコットの兜

    You can get The Helm of Urtkot inside Ashwinder's tent, however before you retrieve the helm, Ashwinder Scout, Soldiers, and Assasin will appear in the area, make sure to defeat them first before getting the helm.

    A Forest Troll Will Also Appear

    Forest Troll

    Once you see the Forest Troll, stay away for a while and let the Ashwinders and troll fight each other until their HP decreases, this is recommended for those players who do not want to involve in mob fights.

How To Unlock The Helm of Urtkot?

how to unlock The Helm of Urtkot
Required Level12
▶ How To Level Up Fast
Required SpellDepulso

Depulso Can Be Learned After Professor Sharp's Assignment 1

learn Depulso after professor Sharp's assignment 1
Strategy Chart
  1. Use Focus Potion
    └ You can buy the item or the recipe through J. Pippin's Potion shop
  2. Use Maxima Potion and Endurus Potion at the same time
    └ You can buy the item or the recipe through J. Pippin's Potion shop
  3. Report back to Professor Sharp and learn Depulso

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