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Post-Game Content - What To Do After Beating The Game?

Hogwarts Legacy | Post-Game Content - What To Do After Beating The Game?

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Learn about Post-Game/End-Game Content in Hogwarts Legacy (Harry Potter). Guide includes what to do after beating/completing hogwarts legacy, and more.

Table of Contents

Post-Game Unlockable Contents

Post-Game Walkthrough

  1. Complete the ending
  2. Two main quests will be added
  3. Complete Weasley’s Watchful Eye main story quest
  4. Complete The House Cup main story to see the end roll.
Weasley’s Watchful EyeThe House Cup

After completing the main story, you will receive Weasley’s Watchful Eye & The House Cup main story quests in the post-game but in order to proceed with The House Cup, you need to complete Weasley's Watchful Eye first and must be level 34.

There Are 2 Possible Endings

There are 2 possible endings in the story. If you have the pre-clear data, you can use that to see the other ending but if you do not mind not seeing the other ending, you can just continue with your post-game save file.

End Credits After Completing The House Cup Quest

You can see the closing credits when The House Cup main story quest has been completed. Also, there is a cutscene of events before the closing credits which you can enjoy.

Field Guide Is The Same

There is no additional content for Field Guide in the post-game; the available areas, namely Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, & the current world map stay the same. This is easily misunderstood because in the post-game quest scene, there is a O.W.L preparation that includes finishing Field Guide.

What To Do In Post-Game?

Obtain Achievements

Once you completed the game, you can now focus on aiming for the trophies. There are a lot of trophies you can collect which could take some time.

Difficult Trophies To Get

A Forte for AchievementAchieve Level 40
シルバーCollector's EditionGet all collections
※Likely the most difficult to obtain
シルバーThe Good Samaritan
Complete all side quests
シルバーMerlin's Beard!Complete all Trials of Merlin
ブロンズ Demiguise DreadFind all Demiguise Statues

All Trophy List & How To Get

Free Roam At Post-Game

Obtain All Collectibles

Hogwarts Legacy has 613 collectibles in total, some are involved in Appearances & Traits. By the time you have acquired all collectibles, you are likely done with all available content in the game.

Complete All Side Quests

Once you are done with the main story quests but still want to know more about the game's lore, you can proceed on completing the side quests. Currently, a total of 57 side quests are available in the game.

All Side Quests List

Complete All Trials Of Merlin

Trials of Merlin can be found in various areas. Completing these trials increases the number of stored gear and will also give you a trophy after completing all 95. Once you got familiar with the mechanics involved in the trials, you can breeze through all of it.

Merlin Trials - Locations Map & How To Solve Puzzles

Complete All Demiguise Statues (Moon)

Some quests involving Demiguise Statues allow you to learn Alohomora. By collecting a certain number of moons, Alohomora can be upgraded in two stages which can unlock higher levels of doors & locks and lets you explore more areas, especially those restricted with high-level doors & locks.

Demiguise Statues & Moon - All Locations Map

Maximize Your Character

Level Up Character
Up to level 40
Acquire Powerful Traits
Recommended Trait: Concentration III
→ Increase the damage of all Damage Spells
You can also try to collect them all
Maximize Gear
① Get Legendary Gear at level 40
② Enhance Gear in the Room of Requirement
Learn Unforgivable Curses
Learn the following curses:
アバダ・ケダブラAvada Kedavra

Recommended Methods For Gaining EXP

  1. Win in Battle Arena
  2. Collect Field Guide
  3. Complete Trials of Merlin

You can gain EXP from the listed methods above. The battle arena is the most efficient method. If you want the fastest method, purchase the deluxe edition to be able to participate in the Dark Arts Battle Arena.

How To Level Up Fast & Tips

How To Unlock Powerful Traits

  1. Obtain treasure chests in the field
  2. Complete challenges

Since you can randomly obtain traits from the treasure chests found in the field, it is recommended that you explore the fields to locate as many treasure chests as possible. As you explore, you could also encounter challenges that involve combat.

How To Upgrade Gear Up To Max

  1. Raise the level to 40
  2. Legendary Gear → Rerolling treasure chest is recommended
  3. Upgrade gear with beasts material
  4. Give powerful traits

Gear status depends on your level so it is better to reach the max level before maximizing your gear. If you already reached level 40, it is recommended to reroll a treasure chest until the ideal gear appears.

How To Reroll Treasure Chest - Types & All List

How To Learn Unforgivable Curses

Detail & How To Get
アバダ・ケダブラAvada Kedavra- Defeat the target with 1 strike
- Can be used without disadvantages
- Has 1.5 minutes cooldown
- There are enemies that are immune to this spell
Learn from In the Shadow of the Relic quest
クルーシオCrucio- Deals continuous damage for a certain period of time
- Increases damage due to curse effect
- Range is improved with Crucio Mastery
Learn from In the Shadow of the Study quest
インペリオImperio- Temporarily make the enemies into allies
- Increases damage due to curse effect
- Controlled enemies can curse other enemies
Learn from In the Shadows of Time quest

If you complete In the Shadow of the Bloodline quest line from Sebastian, you can acquire the 3 famous Unforgivable Curses in Harry Potter. However, you need to select the specific options to learn it as you progress with the quest line.

Complete All Challenges

There are various rewards for completing challenges including traits that can be used for gear upgrades, limited appearance from challenges, and spellcrafts. You can also get EXP reward which is required for leveling.

Collect All Daedalian Keys

Collect all 16 Daedalian Keys that have dragonfly-like wings to get a token and open the House treasure chest. You can get your House's exclusive Relic House clothes from the House treasure chest.

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