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Learn how to unlock & solve the puzzle and riddle in Hogwarts Legacy (Harry Potter). Includes a list of puzzles, solutions, required spells for each puzzle, rewards, & more.

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All Puzzle List & Types

※ This list will be updated with Puzzles as they are discovered

Common In All Maps

PuzzleHow To Solve
Flying Page/Book
アクシオ Use Accio to draw the pages to you
Transparent PageレべリオUse Revelio to reveal the pages
Dark Mirrorsルーモス Start the puzzle by using Lumos. Butterflies will appear near the vicinity of the mirror. Find them and bring them to the Dark Mirror
Eye Chest目くらまし術 Close and open with Disillusionment
Locks With Different Levelsアロホモラ Puzzle is started with Alohomora. Locks have different levels and with higher level ones requiring the upgraded Alohomora spell

Hogwarts Campus

Solo Puzzle

PuzzleHow To Solve
Arithmancy Door・Each symbol represents a number and by rotating the correct symbol to "?" and "??"
・If you add yo the three corners of the triangle, you will get the number needed for the middle number
CandlesticksインセンディオUse Incendio
コンフリンゴ Use Confringo
Stone Statue With A Ballレヴィオーソ Use Levioso to levitate the spears

[Challenge] Solve Hogwarts Secrets

PuzzleLocations & How To Solve
Manhole & CandlestickNearest Point: Great Hall → Viaduct Courtyard
インセンディオ Use Flame-based spells, such as Incendio
Pendulum & DoorNearest Point: South Tower → Clock Tower Courtyard
アレスト・モメンタム Arresto Momentum
アロホモラ Alohamora (Level 1)
※ The first door does not use Alohamora
Headmaster's Office DoorNearest Point: Grand Staircase → Grand Staircase Tower

アロホモラAlohamora (Level 3)

Quest-Related Puzzles

PuzzlesLocation & How To Solve
Hall of HerodianaNearest Point: Astronomy Tower → Charms Classroom
Parts of Sophronia's Side Quests
デパルソ Depulso
アクシオ Solve the puzzle with Accio
Depulso Puzzles[Complete Hall of Herodiana]
There are two puzzle rooms
①Nearest Point: Library Annex → Central Hall
②Nearest Point: Bell Tower → West Tower
デパルソ Depulso
アクシオ Solve the puzzle with Accio

Puzzles With World Map

PuzzlePoints Of Solving The Mystery
Trials of MerlinゼニアオイUsing Mallowsweet activates the Puzzles
Each puzzle has a different puzzle that requires different spells to complete

Treasure Vaults

There is an entrance, but it is difficult to find
レべリオEasier to locate with the use of Revelio
Different spells are needed for each puzzle

Puzzles Common Across All Maps

Flying Page/Book

RewardField Guide
80 EXP

They appear mainly in Hogwarts and Hogsmeade and can be solved by using Accio to get them. Since you get EXP with each one, it's useful for gaining experience in the early stages of the game so if you see one, take it!

Transparent Page

RewardField Guide
80 EXP
These appear mainly in Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. These pages are transparent, but they can be seen from a distance away. It can be obtained by using Revelio on them at close range.

Dark Mirrors

RewardField Guide
80 EXP
  1. Use Lumos in front of the Dark Mirror
  2. Go to the location projected in the mirror
  3. Use Lumos to attract butterflies and return them to the mirror
  4. Shoot spells at the mirror

They appear mainly on Hogwarts campus and in Hogsmeade. The location in the image projected in the mirror will be nearby, so the trick is to look for them.

Eye Chest

Reward500 Galleons

It appears mainly on Hogwarts campus and in Hosmeade. You can use Disillusionment from a short distance away and then approach it to open. This will get you 500 Galleons each, so it is recommended as a good way to make money at the early stages of the game.

How To Open Eye Chests - All Locations Map

Locks With Different Levels

There are locked doors and treasure chests, but you need to learn Alohomora to open them. It cannot be learned without advancing the main story, so it's recommended not to bother with them at early game. There lock levels (1 to 3), and you need different levels of Alohomora to open them.

Alohomora - How To Open Doors & Locks

There Is A Simple Puzzle When Unlocked

  1. Turn the outer dials (1), (2), (3), and (4) in no particular order
  2. Fix at the position where the bottom right dial moves
  3. Turn the inner dial
  4. Fix at the position where the middle dial moves
  5. Wait a few seconds to release the puzzle

Each time you open a lock, a Puzzle is triggered so if you find the puzzle difficult, you can set the difficulty level to "Story" to quickly unlock it.

Puzzles In Hogwarts Campus

Arithmancy Door

RewardTreasure Chests inside the room

An additional puzzle that appears in Hogwarts, but it does not require spells to complete. You can start solving the puzzle as soon as you find it from the beginning. Discover the rules of adding the triangles and patterns corresponding to the numbers.


RewardField Guide
80 EXP

Dragon-motif candelabra found in Hogwarts castle. It can be lit with spells, such as Incedio and Confringo.

Stone Statue With A Ball

RewardField Guide
80 EXP

The puzzle is unlocked by using Levioso on the ball and raise it to the statue. The statue disappears after the puzzle is completed.

Manhole & Candlestick

RewardLegendary white treasure chest

This is a puzzle in which you need to light all four candelabras on the bridge, as well as match the patterns on the pedestals and manholes. Switch the numbers on the pedestals according to the patterns and numbers on the manholes.

Pendulum & Door

RewardLegendary white treasure chest

This puzzle is linked to the pendulum in the Clock Tower. When the pendulum is in the same position as the door, use Arrest Momentum to unlock the puzzle. There are four locations, all but one of which can only be accessed after learning Alohomora.

Headmaster's Office Door

The Key of Admittance is needed to open the door in front of Headmaster's Office. It can be obtained at the door that opens in Alohomora (Level 3) in the Headmaster's Office. It is necessary to progress in the main storyline and collect Moon (statue) of Demiguise.

Demiguise Statues & Moon - All Locations Map

Hall Of Herodiana & Depulso Puzzles

RewardRandom Gear

How To Solve Hall Of Herodiana Puzzle

  1. Nearest point: Astronomy Tower → Charms Classroom
  2. Quest line will take you to the Hall of Herodiana
  3. Use Depulso on the button on the wall to enter the room
  4. Solve the riddle of the square block

How To Solve Depulso Puzzles

  1. The Depulso Puzzles are unlocked by completing the Hall of Herodiana
  2. Nearest Point: Library Annex → Central Hall
  3. Solve Depulso's Room 1
  4. Nearest Point: Bell Tower → West Tower
  5. Solve Depulso's Room 2

In the Hall of Herodiana and Depulso Puzzles, three-dimensional puzzles with blocks. The puzzles are simple, using both Depulso and Accio, but they are deep and challenging.

Puzzles With World Map Markers

Trials Of Merlin

Reward80 EXP
Challenges progress
※ Gear slots expansion for each challenge cleared

The Trials of Merlin has a total of 95 locations with a wide variety of puzzles. You can expand your Gear Slots with rewards, so it is recommended that you make it a priority to clear them.

Merlin Trials - Locations Map & How To Solve Puzzles

Requires Different Spells To Complete

During the Trials of Merlin, there are many spells needed to complete them. If you take them on after the following spells are complete, you will be able to complete them easily.

Needed Spells
Basic CastルーモスLumosデパルソDepulso
レパロReparoウィンガーディアムレヴィオーサWingardium Leviosa

Treasure Vaults

RewardTreasure Chest (Gear)

There are also puzzles when entering Treasure Vaults located in various parts of the world map. There are different types of puzzles, such as those that are solved inside the vaults and those that are solved to enter the vaults. They are not to be missed if you are looking for good rewards.

How To Proceed With Puzzle-Solving Elements

Take Advantage Of Revelio To Explore

Revelio will highlight any puzzle in addition to enemies and treasure chests. It is important to use Revelio each time to look around, as the area could have hidden puzzles you may not see quickly.

Enhance It With Talents To Make It More Efficient

Revelio can be enhanced by using Talent points. It is recommended to learn "Revelio Mastery" when you reach level 16 or above to expand its area of effect.

All Traits List - Effects& How To Get

Recommended To Clear Puzzles Early On

It is recommended to clear puzzles early on in the game. Collecting simple puzzles will help you gain experience and level up efficiently in the early stages of the game. Some quests are locked behind Main Story progression so it's good to level up early!

Some Puzzles Require Story Progression

Various puzzles and puzzle-solving elements appear during main story quests. Some of which can played right from the start of the game, while others require Spells to solve the puzzle and some require story progression.

Main Quests Story Walkthrough Guide

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