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Park ~ Dead Factory: Pt.8 & Maps - RE3 Nemesis
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Park ~ Dead Factory: Pt.8 & Maps - RE3 Nemesis

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Check out this guide for a full story walkthrough of Park ~ Factory (Part.8) from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, including gameplay tips, guides, location maps for RE3 Nemesis.

Story Walkthrough Pt.8 In RE3 Remake

Story Walkthrough Pt.8 In RE3 Remake
Pt.8 (NEST 2 Laboratory) In RE3 Remake

Story Walkthrough In RE3 Original

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Hospital ~
Clock Tower
Dead Factory ~

Map Guide

Story Walkthrough

All Story Walkthrough (Hard Mode)

Park Map

Park Map
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Park Location

1. Park Gate

Notable Loot -
Enemies Zombie x 4
Story Items -

2. Park Office

Notable Loot
Ink Ribbon x3, File 23
Enemies -
Story Items Park Key

3. Main Area

Notable Loot -
Enemies Sliding Worms, Zombies x5 (Appear after beating grave digger)
Story Items Lighter

4. Wooden Plank

Notable Loot Uptown Map, Green Herbs x2
Enemies Zombies x4 Or Hunter x2
Story Items -

5. Park Path

Notable Loot Magnum Ammo x6
Enemies Zombies x4 Or Hunter x3
Story Items Park Key

6. Fountain

Notable Loot Green, Blue Herbs, Park Map
Enemies -
Story Items -

7. Graveyard

Notable Loot Red Herbs x2
Enemies Zombie x6, Grave Digger
Story Items -

8. Park Maintenance

Notable Loot Gunpowder A, B x3, Grenade Round x6, Ink Ribbon x3, File 25, 26
Enemies -
Story Items Iron Pipe, Park Key

9. Safe Room

Notable Loot First Aid Spray x1
Enemies -
Story Items -

10. Drawbridge

Notable Loot -
Enemies Nemesis
Story Items -

Park To Cemetery

City Hall To Cable Car Walkthrough Chart

1 Pick the lock to park office, grab the Park Key.
2 Exit the room, go down and up the stairs to open park doors.
3 Go the path of Jill's right side down stairs, through a wooden panel walkway.
4 Pick Up Graveyard Key from dead mercenary.
5 Backtrack to the park main area, go through the west door to the fountain area.
6 Solve the fountain puzzle, draining the pool to expose a tunnel.
7 Go down ladder, then up the ladder at the end of tunnel.
8 Hug the corners of the cemetery path to avoid the zombies. Go through the path, use Park Key to enter Cemetery office.

1. Use Lockpick To Open Park Office

You'll need a lockpick to get the Park Key necessary to open up the park doors, so have it in your inventory as you were exiting the Clock Tower.

Lockpick: Where To Find - RE3 Nemesis

3. Possible Hunters Ambush At Walkway

Possible Hunters Ambush At Walkway

When you move across the wooden walkway, 2 hunters may jump out the water to ambush you. Equip a magnum or grenade launcher to take them down fast in 1 shot. If not, they will be in the next area.

Best Weapons Tier List

Move Gear Into Position To Solve Puzzle

Move Gear Into Position To Solve Puzzle

To solve the fountain puzzle, get 2 black gear at the top and 2 white gears at the bottom. A hint can be found on the sign above the submerged tunnel entrance.

2 Green Herbs In Area

Green Herbs In Area

2 Green herbs can be found here. Combine them with a red herb for max heal, or just use them up for immediate treatment.

All Mixed Herbs & Combinations List

Cemetery To Factory Station

Cemetery To Factory Walkthrough Chart

1 Use Lighter on the fireplace. Grab the Iron Pipe from the cabinet, and use it on fireplace as well.
2 Crawl through the hole into the secret base. Grab the Rear Gate Key from table. Interact with the communications device.
3 Crawl back out, watch the cutscene, get ready for a boss fight.
4 Beat the Grave Digger. Exit the hole from ramp. Save here so you can replay another endings fast.
5 Backtrack to the park main area, go through the east door to the Rear Door. Zombies will appear near the main area, avoid or take them out.
6 Use Rear Gate Key to unlock door.
7 Make a choice among 2 options, then move on to the factory.

3. Getting Ready To Fight Grave Digger

Getting Ready To Fight Grave Digger

If you walk out the door to the Cemetery Office, a bossfight vs Grave Digger will commence. Make some preparation before heading out.

Things You Can Do To Prepare

How To Beat Grave Digger

How To Beat Grave Digger

Run to and from the narrow alley. A tremor will signal when the Grave Digger will pop out. Avoid the spot of his appearance, then shoot him with Magnum or Grenade Launcher. Rinse and repeat until its down.

Grave Digger - Boss Strategy & Weakness: RE3 Nemesis

Acid Round Most Effective

Acid rounds are the most effective versus Grave Digger, taking it down in 10 ~ 12 rounds. You can make it easily with the grenade round & gunpowder in the Cemetery office.

Alternative: Survive Until The Lights Flicker

Another way to kill Grave Digger without any resources is to survive until the street lights start to flicker. When that happens, shoot the lights to drop it into the pool. Get grave Digger near the pool, and it will die when it appears.

Choice On Bridge Affect Ending

Choice On Bridge Affect Ending

Your choice to push Nemesis down or drop down will affect the ending slightly. Save the game before here so you can play out another ending fast just by loading.

Story Progression & Walkthrough

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Hospital ~
Clock Tower
Dead Factory ~
All Story Walkthrough (Hard Mode)

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Story Walkthrough

Story Walkthrough
All Story Walkthrough (Hard)

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