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Spencer Memorial Hospital - Story Walkthrough
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Spencer Memorial Hospital - Story Walkthrough

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Learn how to clear the Spencer Memorial Hospital as Carlos in RE3 Remake (Resident Evil 3) in this walkthrough. This guide includes tips, boss fights, secret item location & more!

Table of Contents

Campaign Progression & Walkthrough

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Spencer Memorial Hospital Quick Video Guide

Getting The Hospital ID Card Walkthrough

Hospital ID Card Walkthrough Chart

1Exit the Makeshift Sickroom and head deeper into the hospital. When you reach the Lab Reception, pick up the Tape Player on the Reception Desk
2From the Lab Reception, use the left corridor to enter the Emergency Entrace Room
3Exit south of the Emergency Entrance Room and use the stairs to climb up to the Roof
4Head back in and enter the first room to your left, the Records Room
5Immediately upon exiting the Records Room, take the map posted on the bulletin board to your left
6Use the broken windows with police tapes hanging from them to jump down into the Courtyard. Grab the Locker Room Key and unlock the door to head back up
7Trace your way back to the Staff Room and use the key to access the Locker Room
8Open the left-most corner locker to get the Hospital ID Card. Exit to encounter the Hunter β

4. Saving In The Records Room

Save A Lot For The Coming Encounters

Save A Lot For The Coming Encounters
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The second floor is home to the Records Room, a safe room that is located near deadly hotspots. Use it regularly as you will encounter a formidable enemy in this area, the Hunter β.

Get the Map from the Table

Get the Map from the Table

You can get a map of the Hospital from the table. You can use this as a reference as you go around the hospital.

6. Getting the Key To The Locker Room

Jump Down Into The Courtyard

Jump Down Into The Courtyard

You will need a key to open the lost Key in the courtyard to get the Hospital ID Card. Use the broken windows to jump down and get it.

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Get Security Card from Locker Room

Get Security Card from Locker Room

Go back to the Locker Room and use the key to open it. Here you will be able to get the Security Card.

8. Fighting The Hunter β

Fighting the Hunter β

The Hunter β is a very agile mutant that easily kill you with its large claws. Maintain distance and use your surroundings to impede it while you pepper it with your Assault Rifle. Headshots work well against this monster.

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Be Careful of One Hit Attack

The Hunter B has an attack that will one shot Jill if it can grab on to her. Keep your distance when fighting against this enemy.

Use Flash & Grenades

You can incapacitate the Hunter β by using flash grenades and frag grenades. This method is recommended when fighting against multiple Hunter βs at the same time.

Protecting Jill Walkthrough

Protecting Jill Walkthrough Chart

1Exit the Staff Room and eliminate the Hunter β
2Go back to the Nurses' Station and unlock the door to your right
3Enter the Linen Room and go into the Treatment Room. Go through the 2 Hunter β to get the Audiocassette Tape
4Walk your way downstairs and head over to the Lab Reception. Combine the Audiocassette Tape and the Tape Player and use it to open the double doors
5Access the computer. Finish the cutscene and get the Vaccine Sample
6Head back to the Makeshift Sickroom and use the Vaccine Sample on Jill. Finish the cutscene
7Eliminate all enemies while preventing them from entering the Makeshift Sickroom. Restore power by locating the breaker in the room behind the reception desk
8Hold out for 30 seconds

2. Inside The Nurses' Station

Opening The Safe

Opening The Safe in the Nurses

The code for the safe is 9 clockwise, 3 counterclockwise, and it contains a Dual Magazine part for the Assault Rifle. The code can be seen inside the Operating Room after you get the Hospital ID Card.

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3. Entering The Treatment Room

Battle Against 2 Hunter β

Battle Against the 2 Hunter β

Entering the Treatment Room can be difficult as it contains 2 Hunter βs. You can lure one of them out of the room to make the battle easier.

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Use The Doors To Cheese

Use The Doors To Cheese

You can use the 2 doors in this area to cheese the 2 Hunter βs. Open the doors a bit and open fire, then when a one comes close, move back to close it. Rinse and repeat until you dispatch both of them.

4. Going To The Operating Room

Use A Grenade Against The Mob

Use A Frag Grenade

Zombies will burst through the glass doors. Use a grenade to cleanly wipe them out.

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7. Protecting Jill

Stock Up & Get Ready To Defend

Stock Up & Get Ready To Defend

The next segment will require you to defend the Makeshift Sickroom from the zombie horde. Stock up on items and prepare to fend off the waves of zombies and Hunter βs.

Grenades Are Handy

You can kill groups of zombies using the Frag Grenade. You can wait for them to congregate in a single position first, then throw it in to kill multiple enemies in one swift blow.

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Stun Multiple Enemies Using Generators

Generators has a wide range and stun multiple enemies at a time. Lure zombies there then shoot the generator to activate it.

Locate The Breaker

Locate The Breaker

At some point during the battle, the lights will go off. You then need to find the breaker to bring back the power. You can find it in the room behind the reception desk.

8. Hold Out For 30 Seconds

Use Flash Grenades To Buy Time

The last part of this battle will require you to survive for 30 seconds until the charges detonate. Use Flash Grenades to daze and stun enemies for a few seconds. Use the moment to get to a better position or to buy yourself some time until the time lapses.

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Spencer Memorial Hospital - Secret Item Location

NOTE: This section is currently a work in progress. Come back later for updates!

Item Location Map

Cassette PlayerCassette PlayerReception Room
Locker Room KeyLocker Room KeyCourtyard
Hospital ID CardHospital ID CardLocker Room
CassetteCassetteTreatment Room
Tactical GripTactical Grip (Assault Rifle)Courtyard
Dual MagazineDual Magazine (Assault Rifle)1F Operating Room
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Campaign Progression & Walkthrough

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