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How To Beat Nemesis Final Form (3rd Form) Boss Fight

RE3 Remake | How To Beat Nemesis Final Form (3rd Form) Boss Fight | Resident Evil 3 Remake

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RE3 Remake | How To Beat Nemesis Final Form (3rd Form) Boss Fight | Resident Evil 3 Remake - GameWith

Check how to beat Nemesis 3rd Form & Final Form (Stage 3, 4) boss fight in Resident Evil 3 Remake! See its weakness, mechanics, patterns, tips on how to beat & kill in RE3 Remake!

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How To Beat Nemesis - Stage 3 Boss Fight

Bring All The Firepower You Got

Bring All The Firepower

You'll need all the firepower you got for this fight. Bring every weapon and ammo for this fight. The Grenade Launcher and Magnum is a must.

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Follow Up Grenade Launcher Attacks

Explosive Rounds from your grenade launcher will stagger Nemesis. Follow up this attack with shotgun blasts or Mag shots.

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Carlos Will Arrive To Help Spotting

After Carlos appear to help, listen to the number he calls out. Shoot the red panels on the cylinder of that number to stun Nemesis.

Get Rid Of Zombies Fast

Zombies will sporadically appear when fighting Stage 3 Nemesis. They will latch on to you allowing nemesis attacks to hit so take them out quickly if you can.

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Beware Of Roar Combo

Nemesis roar attacks are now more deadly as Nemesis will combo it with his charging attacks. Move away as much as possible even when slowed.

Focus On Dodging When Berserk

After being dealt a lot of damage, nemesis will enter a nimble enraged stage and will attack with its wide left arm attack. Focus on evading or you'll die fast. Use any leftover grenade launcher ammo here for staggers and damage.

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Nemesis - Stage 3 Boss Attack Pattern

RoarImmobilizes you for a moment, usually combo-ed with other attack
Rotate your stick to recover faster
TackleRushes toward you into the wall
Usually coupled with Roar, be sure to dodge to the side.
Tentacle SwingSwings its mutated tentacle arm forward or in an arc
Telegraphed by it lifting its tentacle upwards
Very long reach, time your dodge or keep extra distance
PounceShort distance pounce
Not much telegraph, but are easy to dodge
Claw AttackSlashes its claw at you from the side or smashes vertically
Body SlamOnly after Carlos regroups
Nemesis will hide behind the tank and attempt to body slam you
Shoot the red lamp on the tank it's climbing to knock it down

How To Beat Nemesis - Final Form Boss Fight

Handgun Is All You Need

Handgun is all you need

Unlike all other fights, a handgun is all you'll need for this battle. You'll be pinpointing weak spots on Nemesis to stun it. A Dot Sight is a must.

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Bring More Healing Items

Final stage Nemesis deals more damage than other forms, bring you down to Danger easily. Bring all the healing items you have left for this fight.

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Fight Using The Rail Gun

rail gun

This fight will revolve around the Rail Gun. Interact with it first to start the real fight.

Recover Power By Pushing In Power Cylinder

Rail Gun can be recharged by pushing in the power cylinders on the walls. Hold down to push it in. There are 3 cylinders you need to push in.

Down Nemesis First Before Attempting

Nemesis will not stop his attacks when you push cylinders in. Shoot all the weak spots on Nemesis to stun it so you can push cylinders without dying.

Avoid The Acid Attacks

If you pop one of the weak spots, acid will spurt out. Pay attention to where acid land and dodge if needed.

Nemesis - Final Form Boss Attack Pattern

AcidSpews acidic projectile
Also fired when a weak spot is destroyed
Arm SwingSwings its arm 3 times in a row towards you
Relatively slow and easy to time your dodge
One Arm SmashSmashes one of its arms repeatedly
Can be evaded with a perfect dodge
Two Arm SmashSmashes both of its arms repeatedly
Can be evaded with a perfect dodge
Swinging SmashSwings its arms, then smashes it at you
Keep your distance for the initial swing, then evade the smash
RoarImmobilizes you for a moment
Attempt to move away from its area of effect
GrappleInstantly kills you upon hit
Only used when pushing the Power Cylinder
Be sure to down the Nemesis before pushing the cylinder

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