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RE3 Remake | Resident Evil Resistance Mastermind Tips - How To Play | Resident Evil 3 Remake - GameWith

Read this Resident Evil Resistance guide on how to play Mastermind mode. Including Mastermind tips, how to win, and how to defeat Survivors.

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How To Win In Mastermind Mode

Prevent Survivors From Escaping

The main way of achieving victory as the Mastermind in this mode is to prevent your Survivors from escaping. This is done by attacking them through zombies, traps, and more.

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Attack Survivors To Decrease Time Limit

Attack Survivors To Decrease Time Limit

When your zombies or traps attack a Survivor, the time limit they have to escape will lower, giving them shorter time to win.

Mastermind Mode - How To Play

Use Security Cameras To Monitor Survivors

Use Security Cameras To Monitor Survivors

You can switch between security cameras in the facility to watch the movements of the Survivors.

Security Camera Controls

Control Function
L1 / R1 Switch between security cameras
L3 Zoom camera
R3 Up, down, left, right, operation
X Open map & press X to jump directly onto specific security camera

Interact With Environment

Masterminds can interact with the environment to make it harder for Survivors to complete their own objectives. Some of these interactions have a brief cooldown so they can't be used in rapid succession.

Environment Interaction List

  • Turn off lights
  • Lock doors
  • Activate lifts & traps
  • Control creatures

Use Cards To Attack Survivors

Use Cards To Attack Survivors

Masterminds mainly use skill cards to attack survivors. These not only refer to zombies, but to traps and weaponizing security cameras as well.

Choose 1 Out Of 4 Masterminds

Choose 1 Out Of 4 Masterminds

There are 4 Masterminds in Resident Evil Resistance. Each character has their own unique Ultimate Skills & Passive Skills. Make sure to learn each character's capabilities to play well as the Mastermind.

All Available Mastermind Character List

Mastermind Passive Skill
Ultimate Skill
Daniel Daniel Fabron Bloodlust / Puppeteer
Increased damage by controlled creatures. Creatures regen health after successful attacks.
Tyrant Bioweapon
Can summon & use the Tyrant
Annette Annette Birkin Genetic Mutation / Zombie Apocalypse
Lower cost of creature cards. Increase effectivity of creature buffs. Restores creature HP when hit by Enhancer rounds
G-Birkin Bioweapon
Can summon & use G-Birkin bioweapon
Alex Alex Wesker Biohazard / Residence of Evil
Increases zombie infection rate. Reduces cost of trap cards.
Yateveo Bioweapon
Can summon & use Yateveo bioweapon
Ozwell Ozwell Spencer Umbrella Tech / Bioactivation
Uses variety of traps & gimmick in each stage. Recharges Bio Energy when interacting with environment.
Disintegration Field
Place disintegration field in chosen space that can deal major damage.

How To Use Mastermind Skill Cards

Using Skill Cards Costs Bio Energy

 Using Skill Cards Costs Bio Energy

Using your skill cards as a Mastermind will have Bio Energy costs. You can check the cost of each card at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

How To Regen Bio Energy

There is no confirmed information yet on how to recover Bio Energy once spent. More information will be updated once confirmed in the game.

All Skill Card List & Category

Skill Card Function
Creature Cards Spawns creatures
Trap Cards Places traps on the ground
Firearm Cards Places firearms on security cameras to attack Survivors or buff creatures
Effect Cards Provides various effects when used
Mod Cards Provides passive buffs such as regen of Bio Energy

Skill Cards Have Time Limits

Skill Cards Have Time Limits

When activated, skill cards will have a specific time limit. You can check the lower-left corner of the screen to see how much time you still have in using this card.

Control Creatures To Attack Survivors

Move Creatures Around

When you target and control a creature, you can move them around freely. You can command them to run after & attack any Survivors.

Target & Highlight Creature To Control

If you want to control a creature, you need to highlight or target that creature then press & hold the button. You'll keep control until the creature is killed or you let go.

How To Control Zombies

How To Control Zombies

Zombies have 2 attacks - scratch and bite. You can do 3-hit scratch attacks while the bite attack has a cooldown, so it cannot be used continuously.

How To Control Tyrant

How To Control Tyrant

The Tyrant has 5 commands that you can use to attack Survivors and rush towards them. You can also command the Tyrant to defend itself, however, in this mode, you cannot attack.

Tyrant Attack Command List

Hook Punch
O Bull Rush
L1 Rampart
R1 Stalker

How To Control G-Birkin

How To Control G-Birkin

G-Birkin has 4 attack commands that are extremely powerful. Overkill can instantly defeat a Survivor and send them to respawn. Most attacks are dealt with his metal pipe.

G-Birkin Attack Command List

Wild Swing
O Impact Slam
R1 Enrage

How To Control Yateveo

How To Control Yateveo

Yateveo can deal high damage with Self-Destruct. With Devour, it can eat a Survivor and send them to respawn. It can also turn invisible, making it hard for Survivors to track until it's too late.

Yateveo Attack Command List

L1 Constricting Vine
X Reel In
R1 Slime Shot
L3 + R3 Lurking Menace

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