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RE3 Remake | Minimalist (No Item Box) - Records Guide | Resident Evil 3 Remake

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RE3 Remake | Minimalist (No Item Box) - Records Guide | Resident Evil 3 Remake - GameWith

Check out this guide on how to get the no item box or "Minimalist" Record in RE3 (Resident Evil 3) Remake! Know tips & techniques, how to clear, items, and more!

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Minimalist - How To Get

Clear The Game Without Opening The Item Box


To get the "Minimalist" record, the player needs to complete the game without opening an item box. Managing your inventory, choosing to get only essentials, and leaving some items are keys to a successful run.

Play in ASSISTED Difficulty

Assisted Difficulty

Getting the "Minimalist" record can be done with any difficulty. ASSISTED difficulty is recommended as it weakens all enemies, gives you an Assault Rifle from the get go, and also gives you 4 extra items slots.

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Not Time Restricted

The Minimalist run does not require you to complete and finish the game in a specific time frame. Take your time to avoid damage and clear the game at your own pace.

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Hip Pouches Are Essential

Hip Pouches

As your item capacity is severely limited, so get Hip Pouches to compensate for the lack. Getting all Hip Pouches increase your item slots by 4.

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You Won't Use Some Custom Parts

Semi Auto Barrel

The Shotgun's Semi-Auto Barrel must left behind in this run as it will cause your shotgun to occupy 2 item slots. This may cause you to be unable to pick up some essential key items.

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Minimalist - Walkthrough & Tips

Substation Walkthrough

  • Use the Bolt Cutters
  • Collect and use the Jewels
Substation Story Walkthrough

Use Bolt Cutters Immediately

Bolt Cutters

Once you get the Bolt Cutters and the Lockpick, return to the Downtown Area. There, you can get Jewels inside the Supermarket and the Toy Store. Collecting all 3 Jewels nets you a Hip Pouch.

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Open All Locks With Lockpick


The Lockpick that you can get in the Substation can be thrown away once you open all locks. As it also occupies 1 item slot, the Lockpick can be thrown away once you reach the Underground Storage stage.

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Sewer Walkthrough

  • Get the Grenade Launcher
  • Get the Hip Pouch in the Security Room
  • Leave the Semi-Auto Barrel
Sewer Story Walkthrough

Get The Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launcher

The Grenade Launcher can be found in the Sewers. Although it takes up 2 item slots, the Grenade Launcher is a great weapon when fighting against bosses. Pick it up once you find it.

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Don't Forget The Hip Pouch

A Hip Pouch can be found inside the Security Office. The Battery Pack needed in this stage occupies 2 slots, so getting this one is a must.

Leave The Semi-Auto Barrel

Semi-auto barrel

The Shotgun's Semi-Auto Barrel permanently increases the Shotgun's item slots to 2.As you will be playing in ASSISTED, you can go without the advantages of the Semi-Auto Barrel.

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RPD Police Station Walkthrough

  • Get Hip Pouch in the West Office
  • Don't take the Electronic Gadget
Police Station Story Walkthrough

Get The Hip Pouch

RPD Hip Pouch

The RPD's West Office has a safe that contains a Hip Pouch. Get it as it can be carried over to the Hospital level.

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Leave The Electronic Gadget

Electronic Gadget

There is no need for you to pick up and carry the Electronic Gadget found in the Shower Room. If you mistakenly took it, you can still return it by interacting with the wall.

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Clock Tower Plaza Walkthrough

  • Get the Mine Rounds
Clock Tower Plaza Story Walkthrough

Get The Mine Rounds

Mine Rounds

The fihgt in the Clock Tower Plaza is made easier with Mine Rounds. Get 4 of them in the Dilapidated Shelter.

Hospital Walkthrough

  • Leave the Tape Player
Hospital Story Walkthrough

Do Not Take The Tape Player

Tape Player

The Cassette Player is needed in order to play the Audiocassette Tape. However, as the Tape Player is in the same room as its corresponding puzzle door, there is no need to carry it around the hospital.

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Underground Storage Walkthrough

  • Leave the Burst Handgun
  • Discard the Mine Rounds
  • Discard the Lockpick
  • Leave the Magnum
  • Get the Hip Pouch in the Office
Underground Storage Story Walkthrough

Leave The Burst Handgun

Burst Handgun

In the Makeshift Sick Room, a Burst Handgun can be found lying on the table. As your Handgun is more than enough for the rest of the game, there is no need to pick it up.

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Discard the Mine Rounds

Mine Rounds can be thrown away as there is no need for them in the coming battles.

Discard The Lockpick

You can throw the Lockpick away once you have opened all locked doors in the Hospital.

Do Not Pick Up The Magnum


While the Magnum is undoubtedly a high-powered gun, carrying it in ASSISTED mode is not necessary. This gives you 1 free item slot to use for other more essential items.

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Don't Forget The Hip Pouch

The Underground Storage has a Hip Pouch that you can pick up. Seek it out as you may need to carry a lot of items during the final battle.

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Anonymous 2

"You Won't Use Some Custom Parts"
What about pistol G19 silencer that enhances critical hit? it turns pistol into 2 slot item as well...

Anonymous 1

You can throw away the lockpick once you reach the underground regardless of whether or not you opened all the locks.

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