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Substation ~ Sewers - Story Walkthrough
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Substation ~ Sewers - Story Walkthrough

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Learn how to clear Subway ~ Sewers in Resident Evil 3 Remake (RE3 Remake) in this walkthrough. This guide includes tips, boss fights, secret item location & more!

Table of Contents

Campaign Progression & Walkthrough

<< Previous MissionNext Mission >>
1.Jill1.Jill's Room ~ Downtown3. Sewer ~ Downtown3. Sewer ~ Downtown
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Subway ~ Sewers Quick Video Guide

Cross-Reference the video with the guide below to beat it fast!

Reset Circuit Breakers Walkthrough

Reset Circuit Breakers Walkthrough Chart

1Go inside the orange door
2Climb the stairs and enter the door to the save room
3Exit through the door at the end and go down the stairs
4Walk towards the corpse at the side of the stairs. Take the Case to get the Lock Pick
5Open the locked gated fence to trigger a cutscene
6Go through the gate and head left until you see the 1st Breaker
7Interact with the breaker
8Head straight then right to find the 2nd Breaker. Interact with it
9Walk back to the hallway where you see the 1st breaker. Go through the left passage in front of the generator
10Continue straight then turn left. You'll need to do another left at the end of the hallway
11Go left at the next passage to find the 3rd Breaker
12Step back a bit then enter the gated fence
13Climb the ladder and move forward in the scaffolding. Climb down the ladder at the end
14Continue straight then turn right for the final Breaker
15Exit the area and go back to the save room

1. Go Inside the Orange Door - Tips

Loot the Lockers for Ammo

Loot the Lockers for Ammo

The lockers on the first floor of the building have some ammo in them. Stock up before heading to the second floor.

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2. Enter the Door to the Save Room - Tips

Pick Up Hip Pouch for Additional Inventory Space

Pick Up Hip Pouch for Additional Inventory Space

Inside the Save Room, you will find a Hip Pouch. Collect it to expand your carrying capacity by 2.

4. Take the Case to Get the Lock Pick - Tips

Use Lock Pick to Unlock Simple Locks

Use Lock Pick to Unlock Simple Locks

Storages, doors, and other items locked by a yellow padlock can be opened using the Lock Pick. Just make sure to have it in your inventory to be able to perform the action.

Check Out How To Get Lock Pick!

5. Open the Locked Gated Fence - Tips

Use Green Herbs to Remove Parasites

The only way you can remove the Parasite status from your system is by using a Green Herb. Even if it's a combination of green and red herb, it will still work!

Check Out How to Cure the Parasite Status!

Not Curing it will Lead to Death

Use Green Herbs to Remove Parasites

When infected, Jill will have a harder time moving and the field of vision will pulse red. If you don't cure it quickly, it will lead to death.

Herb Use Counts Towards No Healing Records

This Herb use counts towards the "I Might Need These Later!" (no healing) record challenge, where you must complete the game using 1 or fewer recovery items. So essentially, no more healing items can be used if you want to complete challenge.

Herb Use Counts Towards No Healing Records
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Check out No Healing Records Guide here!

6. ~ 14. Locate and Activate the Breakers - Tips

Breaker Locations

Breaker Locations
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Check Wall, Ceiling, Floors for Drain Deimos

Be careful as you traverse through the maze because the Drain Deimos will stalk and attempt to attack you. Always check for them in the wall, ceilings, and floors before moving forward.

How To Kill Drain Deimos Guide

Shotgun is Effective Against Drain Deimos

The handgun takes quite a few shots to take out the Drain Deimos, but with a Shotgun, you can get rid of them with one shot as long as they are within short-range.

Check Out the All Weapons Guide Here

Be Careful When Healing

Be Careful When Healing

Make sure the coast is clear before attempting to get rid of Drain Deimos. This is because enemies can still attack you even when you're in a locked action when vomiting.

14. Interact with the Final Breaker - Tips

More Drain Deimos Show Up After Using Final Breaker

More Drain Deimos Show Up After Using Final Breaker

Drain Deimos will literally burst through walls once you've used the final Breaker. Have your shotgun ready to take them out. You can even take out two with a single shot.

Get to the Subway Control Room Walkthrough

Get to the Subway Control Room Walkthrough Chart

1Exit through the door next to the hydrant
2Go out the building and turn left back to the main avenue
3Get to the save room at the end of the alley
4Head back to Downtown. Make your way to the Donut Shop
5Go inside Kite Bros Railway and enter the Subway Control Room
6Check the Route Map and complete the Route Puzzle

2. Turn Left Back to the Main Avenue - Tips

Nemesis Will Begin to Hunt You

Nemesis Will Begin to Hunt You

Starting from this section, Nemesis starting following and attacking you! There's no cutscene so once he appears, he will start gunning after you.

2. ~ 6. Survive Against Nemesis - Tips

Extremely Fast, Hard to Outrun

Extremely Fast, Hard to Outrun

You'll need to do more than run away from Nemesis to stop it from killing you. Use different obstacles and always stay at high health so your movement speed won't be slowed.

Check out How To Beat & Escape Nemesis Here!

Dodge Charges, Punches

Dodge Charges, Punches

You can dodge Nemesis' Charges and Punches. Wait for their cues and do the prompts to do a successful dodge. With this, you can move away from it without taking damage.

Check Out the How to Dodge Guide Here

Do Not Fight it Head On

Do Not Fight it Head On

Nothing says suicide than trying to fight out Nemesis with your guns. You won't be able to defeat it and at most, you can incapacitate it for a bit. It's better to just run away than waste ammo.

Use Generators to Stun It

Use Generators to Stun It

Generators found around the street can be used to stop Nemesis for a while. When it is stunned, make your way as far as you can to take full advantage of it.

Use Barrels to Deal High Damage

Use Barrels to Deal High Damage

The Barrels will kill all zombies around it and will incapacitate Nemesis for a while! Lead it towards red barrels and detonate it when it comes too close.

Focus on Dodging Zombies

Focus on Dodging Zombies

Do not shoot zombies at this time. Focus on dodging and weaving away from them. If you stay still and shoot them, you'll most likely get hit and maybe even die by Nemesis' hands.

4. Head back to Downtown. - Tips

Make a Detour to the Toy Shop to Get Green Jewel

The Green Jewel can be found within the locked Toy Shop. You will need the Lock Pick in your inventory to get it. Be careful since Nemesis will still be after you during this part.

6. Complete the Route Puzzle - Tips

Route Puzzle Solution

Route Puzzle Solution
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The goal of the Route Puzzle is to create a route for the subway without any blockades. Use the map for reference when arranging the route. It should be RE 1 - FA 2 - RA 3 - SA 2 - FO 1.

Check Out the Train Puzzle Here!

Return to the Subway Station Walkthrough

Return to the Subway Station Chart

1Exit Kite Bros Railway
2Go through the Donut Shop again. This will trigger a cutscene
3Go up the stairs on the alley to the right of Moon's Donuts
4Make your way through the rooftop and to the other side
5Pass through the gated fence near the blockade
6After leaving the alley turn right and you'll see the entrance to the subway on the right side
7Insert collected jewels on the commemoration clock
8Head down to meet with Carlos

1. Exit Kite Bros Railway - Tips

Mutated Zombies Will Start Appearing

Mutated Zombies Will Start Appearing

Mutated Zombies will have growths on their hands with a long tentacle coming out of it. The tentacle can reach quite a distance. Either close the distance or dodge the tentacle attack.

Learn More On Mutated Zombies Here

5. Pass Through the Gated Fence - Tips

Nemesis Will Show Up When You Approach Fence

Nemesis Will Show Up When You Approach Fence

Get close to the gated fence and Nemesis will show up. This is instant and not part of a cutscene so you'll need to be prepared for it showing up.

Learn More Tips On Escaping Nemesis

Dodge to Get Past Nemesis

Dodge to Get Past Nemesis

At this Part, Nemesis will try to block your way through the fence. You can create space between you by doing a successful dodge. You can also lure him away then make a run for the fence.

7. Insert Collected Jewels in Commemoration Clock - Tips

Clock Gives Reward Depending on Number of Gems

The clock will give up a reward per gem that you insert. No matter which gem you insert or in which sequence, it will follow a fixed reward sequence.

Commemoration Clock Rewards

One JewelFrag Grenade
Two JewelsTactical Stock (Shotgun)
Three JewelsHip Pouch

Lure Nemesis Away Walkthrough

Lure Nemesis Away Chart

1Move through the hallway (use generators to stun nemesis/don't shoot it near you)
2Enter the room and lure Nemesis to the red barrels there. Shoot it when get gets near you
3Kick open the vent and go through it to get to the sewers
4Continue down the metal walkway. Open the vault door to get to the Save Room

1. Move Through the Hallways - Tips

Stun Nemesis with Generator

You can make use of the generator in the hallway to stop Nemesis' movement. Just make sure not to shoot it when you're close to it or you'll take damage too.

2. Lure Nemesis to the Red Barrels - Tips

Incapacitate to Get an Opening

Incapacitate to Get an Opening

While Nemesis is incapacitated, take this chance to kick open the vent. You'll need to do this 3 times before it will open!

Subway ~ Sewers - Secret Item Location

NOTE: This section is currently a work in progress. Come back later for updates!

Item Location Map

Check Out All Item List

Campaign Progression & Walkthrough

<< Previous MissionNext Mission >>
1.Jill1.Jill's Room ~ Downtown3. Sewer ~ Downtown3. Sewer ~ Downtown
Check Out The Story Mission Walkthrough List

>> Pt.2 (Police Station ~ Downtown) In RE3 Original

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