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Find out helpful beginners tips with this Resident Evil 3 Remake guide! Read useful beginner friendly combat & gameplay tips like how to get loot & use dodge in RE3 Remake.

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RE3 Remake Combat Tips

Aim For Body Parts - Target Zombie Head Or Legs

Aim For Body Parts - Target Zombie Head Or Legs

When fighting zombies and other monsters, prioritize aiming for specific body parts like the head and legs for additional damage or staggers. If the target is moving too fast or is too close, then aim for torso shots so you won't miss.

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Equip Custom Parts To Weapons

Equip Custom Parts to Weapons

Keep an eye out for weapon parts to attach to your weapons! These items are useful for improving the weapon's effectiveness when fighting enemies and even bosses!

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Use Knife On Downed, Stunned Zombies

Use Knife On Downed, Stunned Zombies

Downing a zombie is not enough as it can still crawl or get back up! If you down one by shooting its legs or via the Circuit Box, use your knife to dispatch them. Despite taking a few seconds to switch, it will benefit you later on as it conserves ammo!

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Knife Will Not Break

Unlike in the RE2 Remake, the knife has no durability. It will not break no matter how many times it is used. However, the Knife can't be used to counter enemy attacks anymore.

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Dodge From Enemies & Attacks

You can dodge away from enemies and their attacks with the evade command (R1 + left stick) if you time the command just right. Master this to get through enemies safely without using ammo. Note that in very enclosed areas, there may not be room to dodge to.

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Retaliate While Time Slows After Dodge

When you execute a perfect evade, time slows for around 3 seconds letting you aim weak spots easier. Use this time window to fire back or make increase distance.

Receive Less Damage When Grabbed

Spam X If Grabbed Fro Less Damage

When you are grabbed by zombies or other enemies, the screen will prompt a command key to be pressed. Rapidly press that key to reduce the damage taken by your character with the attack.

Use Explosive Barrels & Circuit Box

Search For Barrels & Circuit Box

Usually, there will be environmental items such as barrels and circuit boxes near Zombie hordes or tough enemies. When shot at, barrels explode while circuit boxes release a pulse of stunning energy. These items can help you control crowds and the flow of the fight!

Circuit Box Reusable

Circuit Box Appears To Be Reusable

Circuit Boxes recharge and can be used again after a while. Pay attention to the light to see if its available for use.

Stay Away From Car Doors

Stay Away From Car Doors

Zombies & other enemies may burst from car doors when you get close. Pay extra caution and have weapon ready when walking near cars.

RE3 Remake Gameplay & Loot Tips

Manage Limited Inventory Space

Manage Limited Inventory Space

The game will only give you a limited amount of inventory space. Make sure to manage this well in order to optimize your loadout during the game! Be sure to have enough ammo, and healing items to sustain you for the next fight! You can even combine items to save on space!

Increase inventory Size With Hip Pouch!

Hip Pouch

A special item called hip pouch will increase your inventory size by 2! These are found throughout the map but some require puzzle solving to get.

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Save Or Combine Gunpowder

Save Or Combine Gunpowder

Combining gunpowder gives you ammo for different weapon types. Gunpowder gives you handgun ammo when combined in the inventory while Enhanced gunpowder gives Shotgun ammo or even Magnum!

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Combine Herbs For Better Healing Effect

Combine Herbs For Better Healing Effect

Mixing Herbs together will create mixed herbs that has better affects than if consumed alone. Healing green herbs with red will create a fully-healing mixed herb for example.

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Crack Safes For Items

Crack Safes For Items

Look out for safe as you explore the area as they contain vital loot to keep Jill fighting. Safe can be opened by playing a dial mini-game where the code can be picked up in the environment.

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Pay Attention To Yellow Padlock Locations

Pay Attention To Yellow Padlock Locations

Supplies like ammo & Gunpowder are locked behind lockers with Yellow Padlock on them. Yellow Padlocks can be opened with lockpicks which will be unlocked later in the story, so make sure to backtrack to these regions when you got the lockpick.

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Get Access To New Areas With Bolt Cutter

Get Access To New Areas With Bolt Cutter

Cut open locks with the bolt cutter to get new items or even weapons like shotgun, as well as opening new alleyways and paths. Bolt Cutter must be in the inventory to cut off locks.

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Break Yellow-Taped Boxes For Loot

Break Yellow-Taped Boxes For Loot

Special boxes wrapped in yellow tapes contain loot that can be picked up once it was broken, usually herbs or even gunpowder. Use the knife to open it without using ammo.

Keep An Eye Out For Collectibles

Keep An Eye Out For Collectibles

As you explore the world, you may come across a Charlie Doll or a file! Destroy the doll or pick up the file to add them to your list of found collectibles! Destroying all Charlie Dolls can give you a special reward, while collecting files can help you learn more about the story!

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