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How To Beat Nemesis In Pursuit & Item Drops

RE3 Remake | How To Beat Nemesis In Pursuit & Item Drops | Resident Evil 3 Remake

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RE3 Remake | How To Beat Nemesis In Pursuit & Item Drops | Resident Evil 3 Remake - GameWith

Check out this guide on how to beat & escape from Nemesis in Resident Evil 3 Remake! See Nemesis's weakness, mechanics, item drops & tips on how to beat and kill it in RE3 Remake!

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Nemesis Defeating Mechanics

Cannot Kill Until Endgame

You cannot kill Nemesis until the end of game as story progression. You can only down it for a while before it returns.

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Can Down it Momentarily

You can down Nemesis by dealing huge amounts of damage to it. How long it remains downed is determined by the way it behaves when down.

Stagger - Head Not Lowered

 Stagger - Head Not Lowered

When Nemesis's is downed but his head is not lowered, he will remain down for approx. 8 seconds. Get ready to run or fight again based on your situation.

Falter - Head Lowered

Falter - Head Lowered

If Nemesis's head was lowered while its down, you get around 30 seconds before it rises again. Run to another region while it can't move.

Will Not Enter Safe Room

Nemesis will not enter a safe room (A room with the container box). It may be waiting for the player when you leave, so prepare to run when exiting.

May Not Enter Certain Map Regions

There are certain areas where the Nemesis will not enter for story purposes. Nemesis does not enter the Railroad Company for example. It also don't enter the Toy Uncle where the green jewel is at.

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Nemesis Moves & Attacks

Nemesis Moves List

Cues Attacks
Ready tentacles on Right Arm Grab the player and pull close towards Nemesis
Charge Do a 3 punch combo
Hold fist together Fist slam
Pulls back right arm Dash forward and punch
Shows its back toward you Jumps to the player
Sucks in air Releases shockwave

Deals Massive Damage For Most Moves

Nemesis attacks deals a lot of damage and can bring Jill's health to Danger very fast. Don't try to just run, but manage its attacks with dodge.

Dodge Attacks With Evade

Use evade to dodge from most Nemesis's attacks. Roll your joysticks to trigger the dodge in that direction.

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Move Around While Under Shockwave

Nemesis's shockwave attack is hard to dodge from but the player can still move around when under its influence. Move away from Nemesis and prepare to dodge its follow-up attack.

Equips Rocket Launcher After Meeting Kendo

Equips Rocket Launcher After Meeting Kendo

Nemesis will bring on the Rocket Launcher after you move on from the Kendo's store. Its not as scary as it looks due to the tracer laser mechanics but the damage is high if you're caught unaware.

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How To Dodge Rockets

Tracer LineWhat To Do
Orange Tracking. Keep running away towards the end of alley
Red The rocket will fire when tracer turns red. Dodge away or break line of sight
How to Dodge Enemy Attacks

How To Beat Nemesis - Tips

Use Environmental Items For Advantage

You can use the environment hazards & items to gain the upper hand in your Nemesis fights.

Stun With Circuit Box

Circuit Boxes when hit will release a stunning wave that affects Nemesis as well. It can be used on cooldown multiple times to make battle easier. Stunned Nemesis can be easily targeted with a Grenade.

Explosive Barrels

Barrels does large amount of damage to Nemesis if you can set it off in time. While its hairy to aim for barrels when Nemesis is chasing you, it might be worth it for the damage.

Target Nemesis Weakness

Nemesis's heart and the metal plate is where its main weakness is at. Shoot it with powerful weapons like Shotgun. In different forms, its heart is still the prime target to hit.

Nemesis Will Hide Heart Sometimes

Nemesis Will Hide Heart Sometimes

Nemesis will use its arms to protect its weakness if you keep attacking it. Wait a bit before targeting it again

Headshot May Also be A Weakness

Nemesis's head may also be a weakness based on in-game dialogues. Its more difficult to hit, so don't target it unless Nemesis can't move like while stunned.

Attack Weakness After A Successful Evade

Time will slow down after a successful dodge. Use this window to hit weakness easily. As dodging is a vital part in fighting nemesis, master the technique to get defense and offense at the same time.

Nemesis Item Drops - Supply Case

Supply Cases Video

Drops Custom Parts When Downed

Nemesis Item Drops - Supply Case

If you down Nemesis while its chasing you, it drops a supply case containing Custom Parts for your handgun. There are 2 custom parts to be had this way.

Nemesis Item Drop Contents

Nemesis Item Drops
Extended MagazineExtended Magazine ModeratorModerator
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When Can You Down Nemesis?

There is a restricted amount of Nemesis chases meaning that the chance to get custom parts drop from him is limited. These opportunities are:

How To Beat Nemesis During Pursuit

Use Grenades To Deal High Damage

Grenades deal massive damage and should be used to beat Nemesis. There are 2 Grenades in the first area.

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Grenade locations

LocationFound In
Railway Company In the locker
Alley Next To Moon Donuts Back Door At the end of the alley. Need Bolt Cutters to access
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Get Handgun Parts From Safe

Get Handgun Parts From Safe

Get the Red Dot Custom Parts in the warehouse safe to make your Handgun's recticle stabilize faster. It will be of aid to defeat the Nemesis.

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Cheese Nemesis With Safe Room Mechanics

By using the safe room in Moon Donuts and the "No-Safe room Entry" mechanics, you can safely cheese Nemesis by using this dash and shoot method, though it may take some time to down it.

Only Fire 1 Shot Each Time

There's only a window of 1 shot before Nemesis can give you a piece of his mind. Don't be greedy.

Other Nemesis Forms Battle

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