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NEST 2 Facility (Ending) - Story Walkthrough
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NEST 2 Facility (Ending) - Story Walkthrough

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Learn how to clear NEST 2 Facility in RE3 Remake (Resident Evil 3) with this walkthrough. Includes last boss fight (Nemesis Final Form) & railgun tips, items, rewards, & more!

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Campaign Progression & Walkthrough

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8. NEST 2 Laboratory-
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Beat Final Boss Nemesis - Quick Video

Battle Nemesis 3rd Form Walkthrough

Battle Nemesis 3rd Form Walkthrough Chart

1Resupply at Worker's Break Room
2Battle with Nemesis (3rd Form)
3Cutscene will commence after dealing enough damage to Nemesis

1. Resupply At Worker's Break Room - Tips

Bring As Much Ammo As You Can

Bring As Much Ammo As You Can

Needless to say, you should bring all the best guns in your arsenal for the final push. The Grenade Launcher will be your best bet to deal consistent damage, be sure to bring as much ammo as you can.

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vs. Nemesis (3rd Form) - Boss Fight Tips

vs. Nemesis (3rd Form)

Nemesis Uses New Moves

Nemesis Uses New Moves

Although it looks similar to the 2nd form, the Nemesis in its 3rd form uses a variety of new attacks, including the stunning roar and ranged attacks. Time your dodge perfectly to minimize damage.

Nemesis Attacks

Nemesis Attacks
Ground PoundWill smash pound the ground with both arms. Can be evaded by dodging or keeping a good distance. Beware of shockwaves.
Lunge AttackDirectly attacks you. Can be avoided by dodging to the side.
Sweep AttackWill sweep the area in front of it with its arm. Keep distance as this attack has a wide area, but does not reach far.
PounceNemesis will jump forward at Jill. It will pull back before this move so get ready to create distance and evade.
RoarRoars at Jill, disabling her and rendering her immobile. Dodge to the sides to evade.
RushNemesis rushes forward then slams the ground.
Jump AttackNemesis leaps to the high ground and pounces back. Listen to Carlos' callouts to know its location.

Use The Round Stage To Your Advantage

Use the Round Stage to Your Advantage

Similar to the 2nd form battle, this stage too will have a round arena for you to fight the Nemesis. Use the terrain to your advantage, and try to place mines and anticipate its attacks. However, note that there is nothing obstructing Nemesis attacking directly straight at you.

Carlos Will Support Mid Battle

After a while, Carlos will arrive to assist you on your battle. He will spot Nemesis' hiding spot for you, and will yell out warnings such as incoming zombies.

Shoot Tank To Electrocute Nemesis

Shoot Tank To Electrocute Nemesis

After Carlos shows up, the Nemesis will attempt to hide and ambush you from behind one of the tanks. Listen to Carlos' warning and shoot the red lamps on the tank where the Nemesis climbs to electrocute it.

Final Battle With Nemesis 4th Form Walkthrough

Final Battle With Nemesis 4th Form Walkthrough Chart

1Resupply down the hall and pursuit Nicholai
2Final showdown with Nemesis 4th form
3Turn around and interact with the machine to get a Railgun
4Fire the Railgun on the Nemesis, push red power grid to recharge
5Jam the Railgun in its mouth. Finish the Nemesis
6Head past the Nemesis' carcass, use the elevator for cutscene
7Shoot Nicholai. Ending cutscene commences

4. Fighting Nemesis 4th Form - Tips

Turn Around And Grab The Railgun

Turn Around And Grab The Railgun

Once the battle starts, turn around behind you to interact with the machine with an experimental Railgun conveniently ready to fire. You will need to fire this 3 times to kill Nemesis for good. You will, however need to manually load the power grid every time you shoot.

Resupply From Surrounding Boxes

Resupply From Surrounding Boxes

You can also resupply your conventional guns from the boxes littered nearby. Use these to get more ammo when you run out of bullets to damage the Nemesis' glands.

7. Shoot Nicholai - Tips

Missing May Result In Death

Missing May Result In Death

Not making the shot in time or accidentally missing your shot will result in Jill and Carlos being killed by Nicholai, leading to a game over. Make your shot count!

vs. Nemesis (4th Form) - Boss Fight Tips

vs. Nemesis (4th Form)

Shoot The Red Pulsating Gland To Stun Nemesis

Although immensely large, you can still stun the Nemesis by shooting at its red pulsating glands with your guns. Use the time while it's KO-ed to push the red power grid into position to power the railgun. The number of glands you need to shoot will increase each time.

Nemesis Falls When Glands Are Destroyed

Once all of the bulbous glands are destroyed, Nemesis will fall down. During this state, it will not be able to attack you.

Resupply Power While Nemesis is Down

Now that Nemesis is down, it is the perfect time to reset power, and get the Railgun back online. It takes around 6 seconds for one red button to be pushed back in, so it is best to do this only when Nemesis is down.

Shoot Railgun After Resupplying Power

Once the power has been resupplied, you can shoot the Railgun again at Nemesis.

Beware of Roar & Tentacle Lethal Combo

Beware of Roar & Tentacle Lethal Combo

In this form, even a single swing from the Nemesis' tentacles will deal lethal amount of damage. It can also combo the stunning roar and tentacles to guarantee a hit on you. Be sure to keep your health up as much as possible to avoid being crushed.

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Campaign Progression & Walkthrough

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8. NEST 2 Laboratory-
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