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How To Earn Points Fast

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Learn how to get points fast with this Resident Evil 3 Remake Guide! Find out how to earn shop points fast & what infinite items to buy after beating the game in RE3 Remake!

Table of Contents

What to Do After Beating the Game Guide

Best & Fastest Way to Earn Points

Recommended Spots To Farm Enemies

Beat Enemies to Gain More Points

The more enemies you kill, the more points you receive. Aim to complete the records that require you to kill as many enemies as you can to get a large amount of points.

Points Per Enemy Killed

Kill 80 enemies with a handgun1200
Kill 200 enemies with a handgun5200
Kill 100 enemies with a shotgun3200
Kill 130 enemies with a shotgun6200
Kill 80 enemies with the grenade launcher6200
Kill 80 enemies with the grenade launcher6200
Kill 120 enemies with the grenade launcher10400
Kill 20 enemies with Magnum6600
Kill 80 enemies with Magnum10400
Kill 200 enemies with assault rifle3400
Kill 400 enemies with assault rifle8400
Kill 400 enemies in total5200
Defeat a total of 800 enemies8200
Defeat a total of 1,100 enemies10400
Defeat a total of 1,400 enemies10600
Kill 2000 enemies in total11000

With the above records, you can earn enough points to get you most of the expensive items in the Shop. You can even earn enough to buy the Infinite Rocket Launcher for 62400P!

Check Out All Records Here!

Recommended Farming Areas

Reload Saves To Get More Kills

Reload Saves

An efficient way to earn points is to reload specific areas of the game and use that area to complete records. Points are tallied regardless of whether you die or if you reload. This is pretty useful if you want to complete the "destroy x enemies" records.

Play in ASSISTED Difficulty

Use ASSISTED mode when farming for points as it makes the whole process a lot easier. In ASSISTED difficulty mode, your enemies have less health and deal less damage, shortening time and giving you greater chances of survival.

Check Out The Different Difficulty Modes Here!

Best Method: Carlos - Hospital Siege

Carlos Hospital Siege
Available Weapons
HandgunAssault Rifle

The final battle in Carlos' Hospital level is the best mission to farm enemy kills. If you don't plant the bomb at the end of the sequence, a near endless horde of zombies will go into the area. Bring Infinite Ammo Weapons so that you don't run out of ammo during the fight.

Carlos Hospital Level
Click to Enlarge
Use this position to fire onto incoming enemy zombies.Check Out The Hospital Walkthrough Here!

Method 2: Jill - Downtown Garage

Jill Downtown Garage
Click to Enlarge
Available Weapons
Assault Rifle-

At the Downtown area after you get the Shotgun, there are enemies found behind the wire fences. Shoot them for easy kills. However, the Carlos area stated above is the better option for kill farming. Just use this to complete the Shotgun-related records.

Check Out The Downtown Walkthrough Guide Here!

Use Garage Save

Jill Downtown Garage Save
Click to Enlarge

Reload your Garage save to make the process easier. From the safe room, go through the red door to reach the fence and kill the zombies.

Kill Zombie Dogs First

2 Zombie Dogs will be around the fenced area during your first visit. Dispatch them first before you save as they can be a nuisance later.

Can Kill 7 In Total

You can kill 7 zombies in total in this area. You can advance a bit further from the fence until you get to the garage area where 3 zombies are present. However, this might take some time compared to just reloading after you kill all the fence zombies.

Method 3: Jill - Underground Storage

Jill Underground Facility
Click to Enlarge

Another farming area is where you have to look for Fuses. The safe room in this place is guarded by a lot of enemies, so you need to ignore them first until your reach the safe room. From there you can reload multiple times to open the door and kill them.

Check Out The Underground Storage Walkthrough Here!

Free Shooting Range

Being inside the Safe Room completely keeps you safe from enemy attacks. Just open the door and open fire at the zombies. There is also 1 Pale Head here so you may have to hit it a few more times before it falls. Farm Magnum records in this area.

Method 4: Jill - Dilapidated Shelter

Dilapidated Shelter
Click to Enlarge

*Available only in ASSISTED difficulty.

The Dilapidated Shelter is also a good spot to farm for kills. The path to the ladder is guarded by 5 zombies in ASSISTED difficulty. Kill all 5 then reload. Rinse and repeat

Method 5: Jill - NEST 2 Laboratory

Jill Nest 2
Click to Enlarge

Another good place to farm is the stairs area in the NEST 2 Laboratory. There are several zombies present here and a couple of Pale Heads. As this is a late-game area, you'll highly be likely to have more ammo for the late-game guns. Use this area to farm for the Magnum and the Grenade Launcher.

Check Out The NEST 2 Laboratory Guide Here!

Other Methods To Earn Points

Other Recommended Records

Click on the record for the detailed guide.

Record ChallengePoints
Complete the game without opening an item box.
I Might Need This Later!
Complete the game using 1 or fewer recovery items.
Complete the game in under 2 hours of playtime.

The above record conditions might be a bit difficult to achieve. However, the points that they bring to the table are something you should consider. Play in ASSISTED difficulty to easily breeze through these records.

Check Out More Records Here!

Auto-Recovery In Assisted

The easiest difficulty, ASSISTED, grants you the ability to passively recover your health. With this, you can easily beat the "Complete the game using 1 or fewer recovery items" record challenge.

What Are Points In RE3 Remake?

Rewards For Completing Records

Rewards For Completing Records
Click to Enlarge

Points are the in-game rewards for completing challenges called Records. To complete records you must accomplish designated feats in the game, such as story progression or killing enemies with certain weapons.

Check out All Record & Reward List here!

Purchase Items At Shop After Beating The Game

Purchase Items At Shop After Beating The Game

You can use your points to buy items at Shops, which becomes available after beating the game. Items range from cosmetics to boosters as well as Infinite Weapons.

Check out Shop Guide here!

Weapons With Unlimited Ammo

Click on the weapon icon for more details and stats.

Check out How to Get Infinite Ammo Weapons Here!

RE3 Remake Points Spending Guide

Purchase Infinite MUP Handgun After First Run

Purchase Infinite MUP Handgun After First Run

As you can see on the previous breakdown , unless you've got skills its difficult to buy the Infinite Assault Rifle (28,400 p) even after the second run. So, It might be less frustrating for your second run if you purchase the MUP Handgun first.

Check out Infinite MUP Handgun Guide Here!

Aim For The Infinite CQBR Assault Rifle

 Aim For The Infinite CQBR Assault Rifle

The most versatile & therefore best infinite weapon is the CQBR Assault Rifle. It can deal with almost all enemies you encounter in the game, meaning you can save inventory space by carrying only 1 ~2 weapon. Aim for this weapon first if you have the skills & points to do so.

Check Out Infinite CQBR Assault Rifle guide Here!

Purchase S.T.A.R.S Field Combat Manual For Easier Runs

 Purchase S.T.A.R.S Field Combat Manual For Easier Runs
S.T.A.R.S Field Combat Manual
While Held, pysical feats such as Perfect Dodge become easier to perform

Dodging is crucial in the game no matter the difficulty, and S.T.A.R.S Field Combat Manual will decrease the difficulty to perform such feat. For 6,400 points, its the best bang for the buck defense wise, so pick it up to go with your runs!

How to Dodge Enemy Attacks Guide

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